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  1. Don't care about ephemera, pm me here, ingame, or on discord Dxbbb#0531
  2. PM me here, ingame or on Discord: Dxbbb#0531 Edit: Zarr, Nikana(with range) sold
  3. Need one of the following, +55% only, will pay more if it has an epherma: drakgoon - electric or toxin hind - toxin karak - toxin kohm - toxin & magnetic ogris - electric & heat quartakk - toxin tonkor - toxin brakk - toxin kraken - toxin nukor - heat & magnetic seer - toxin or cold stubbas - toxin chakkur - toxin or electric shildeg - cold ayanga - radiation & cold Pm me an offer preferably with a picture if you have any of these, thanks.
  4. -Arrogante-

    Riven Mod

    No that is normal because in the mods machine it shows stats for regular akjagara, and when you equip it on akjagara prime it shows lesser stats. This is because akjagara prime has lesser disposition than normal akjagara. But buzlok only has one variant.
  5. -Arrogante-

    Riven Mod

    Hi, This is an older pic of my buzlok riven, newer one on the right. When I checked on it again recently I saw its stats have decreased. I went and checked wikia and it never showed buzlok disposition getting nerfed. Is it a bug or some disposition nerf I'm unaware of?
  6. Sorry, still not able to link pictures for some reason. Dm me on discord "Vanto#0531", in-game or here on forums to see them. Prices are negotiable ^^. Vectis: DMG MS CC -IMP 5K Rubico: DMG MS CD -INF 3K Hek: DMG MS CD -INF 2.5K Zenith: DMG CC CD -MAG 1.5K Zhuge: DMG MS CC -MAG 2K Lenz: DMG CD TOX -IMP 1.5K Plague Kripath: RANGE AS CD -IMP 3K Kohm: DMG MS FR -INF 9K Kuva Bramma: DMG MS CC -IMP 5K Ignis: DMG MS CC -MAG 2K Euphona Prime; DMG MS CC -AMMO 3K Buzlok: MULT CC CD +RECOIL 5K Aklex: MULT CC CD -MAG 1k Atomos:
  7. Negotiable, PM me Euphona: 3000p Rubico Sati-Visitis (not able to link pic, msg me ingame to see): +101.2% Damage +61% Multishot +71% Critical Damage -24% Infested Damage 3000p Kohm Visi-Satidra (not able to link pic, msg me ingame to see): +210.5% Damage +145.4% Multishot +101.2% Firerate -45.5% Infested Damage 9000p
  8. Stats I'm looking for (only these nothing else): +Damage +Multishot +Crit Chance/Crit Dmg/Punch Through -Impact/Zoom/Flight Speed I've listed stats in order of price in descending order(Means I will pay more for -impact over zoom and pay more for crit chance over punch through) Looking for no other stats, must have good grades Pm me here or ingame IGN: shravan9432 Discord: Vanto#0531
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