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  1. You can use this tutorial for tint masks. He has a smart material in the description that has the tint masks setup that is used as a template for your textures. That's the one i currently use for my tennogen skins.
  2. This would also make the job easier for DE's artists in charge of tennogen, when they do reviews.
  3. I kinda hope warframe dies one day so they can make warframe 2 and start fresh. DE is too scared of changing some of the core mechanics like mandatory mods, or things that makes challenge possible, because it could provide enough salt from the playerbase that it could fill an entire ocean.
  4. I think it's fine as it is. Assymetry is part of the grineer aesthetic.
  5. It came out last week though, idk what you're talking about
  6. Yes, i'm resculpting the entire body. I was asked to add more focal points to it. The tints are still mostly the same.
  7. Imo difficulty in a game if done right gives it so much more replayability. Because if skill is involved, that means you always have something to improve on, and that makes it more engaging. That's the reason games like dark souls, monster hunter world, or any other pvp game is still being played today. I've recently been playing deep rock galactic and even though alot of the missions are the same, it's still alot of fun and less repetetive because i can actually feel like i'm improving.
  8. Hey there, i'm the creator of the draugen skin. I got feedback from DE, saying that i'm very close to getting it into the game, so i'm pretty confident it'll get into the next round. Hitsu san is also making one, and judging from his track record, that one might get in too.
  9. Can confirm, haven't recieved feedback either. We will mostly likely get it with the second batch this month.
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