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  1. vor 16 Stunden schrieb PhoeniixFiire:

    Still no fix for: Doors not opening for some players, even with good connection. My ping was only around 100, which is pretty normal, but doors just stopped opening completely. My team had to do 2 console defenses in mobile defense without me because the doors just refused to open. I really can't believe this is still an issue to this day. Doors opening should be client side not host side, or if you're going to do it that way, maybe put in some logic to open a door if one player is a certain distance from said door for a certain amount of time. That should bypass whatever check isn't being satisfied from the client. Idk, but whatever you do, please fix this as it's one of the most annoying, longstanding bugs in this game.

    Try moving away from the door, entering the operator mode and to go through it then. It often seems to fail to recognize some entities. The Operator-mode thing even worked for me at extremely high ping.

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