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  1. After playing around a bunch i have went from kinda enjoying it to practically hating it because of particular things that make it annoying. Lets start with what was changed 1. Manual block turns to auto block. 2. Manual aim glide to aim glide on auto block? 3. You have to swing your melee to pull your melee out as opposed to holding a button to pull it out. 4. Combos are easier? 5. Channel might have gotten something but i forget. 6. Aiming a gun will take you out of melee. 7. Down slams are now slant slams. These changes were introduced a while ago. I feel kinda like the cons out weigh the pros to go further into detail i will describe below. We had a auto block mod which was made pretty much useless i also enjoyed the manual for personal taste. Aim glide had some fun to it on melee appealing like view and guns have it so why wouldn't melee? Also the Exodia Contagion used aim glide to work apparently which makes it unfunctional in its current state and has not been fixed yet? (those arcanes were not exactly easy to obtain if i recall 10 arcanes would equal around 100 cetus wisps?) I used to hold F to bring a weapon out but now i tap E to bring it out and attack at the same time which does not look as appealing if i just wanted to bring it out... However i did not enjoy holding F and i had synced my mouse 1 button to melee when melee is out which i like quite a lot. I feel like combos are easier but i can't say by how much or if its 2 much i don't have much to say although i remember hearing about animations forcing the player to stop so they could swing in a stationary position which sounded a bit tedious not sure if this was already fixed or if people just went silent about it. I don't use channel usually however i do have it synced as a toggle to Z which makes it nice if i ever want to use it. Aiming guns while in melee takes you out this can be both a blessing and a curse, however i don't see much point in holster mods if there isn't really any need for them? Down slams are not down slams anymore you fling yourself across the air somehow using the mass of your melee weapon not only did people not really use the old version at times but this one makes it harder to know where you are gonna hit and just simply does not look appealing. This last problem has to do with switching to guns while a exalted weapon is out what happens is if you activate for example exalted blade on excalibur and switch guns you have your gun like normal but you also have your energy draining even though it isn't exactly active. I tried to enjoy the changes i really did but i can't sorry if any of this is feedback is taken in a negative way i just don't like it. I have a pretty big 5000 hours into the game i love it a lot got excitement for future things know you wanted to freshen melee up but i didn't see many problems with the old system. Keep up the great work! -Slayer116
  2. I know there is quite a bit of stuff that was in past devstreams that seemed to go off the horizon if possible would like to hear about whats happening with it. Are there any plans to do some make visual changes to the powers on nyx? not a fan of the those braton shooter holograms and would like to see physic bolts green coloring to not being locked to just green.
  3. I feel like profit taker takes more to take it on not only do players have to get top rank in fortuna standing to fight it but that the exploiter orb even though you need resources it seems more easy to fight, the attacks don't seem often or powerful and its not locked which for some reason also gives more standing from lazul vs crisma? This does not have much to do with the feedback here for thermia but i feel like thermia should be harder overall considering the above like what was it 12k standing for the exploiter orb toroids? I do see how thermia can be boring because it feels like a mobile defense / excavation with a small twist as for ideas maybe harder for less time?
  4. After gathering some input from others and giving it a bit myself the system seems pretty great so far the only feedback would be: allowing old system style 1 key bind for all 3 weapons option for the players that want it. I am unsure how i feel about aim glide melee being gone and the auto block is nice but makes some mods useless i believe an auto guard mod when it already has built in auto guard? I would love seeing guarding animation changed so it looks less trigger happy if that might make sense.
  5. Can you do midna's theme from legend of zelda? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXEnAuzjgKU I don't see the first few seconds and ending working very well i'd like it to sound continuous and not like a restart. Thank you for your time.
  6. We ever gonna expand on pets and have our very own hyena/zanuka or any different plans for new pets? along with this any plans to change how mods work through sentinel weapons and player weapons -right now we need a copy of a mod to use it on both. I am excited for nyx and atlas deluxe and hope we get a little quest like about a year ago when apostasy prologue launched. One last thing please change how the visuals of nyx 2nd power looks the green aura makes me think theres a healer ancient neaby healing those enemies when its actually me or someone else using the power also the coloring when reinforcing tectonics with atlas.
  7. Are there any plans to introduce ways to obtain the old quest warframes?
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