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  1. Found an issue with the ability details for Gauss' Mach Rush. I'm unsure if this is an actual bug or an oversight, but the Distance/Energy metric does not seem to be accurately displaying. I tested two vastly different builds, one with 12% Duration & 175% Efficiency and another with 119% Duration & 175 Efficiency. The ability tab shows both builds having a drain of 3.75 Energy, Range of 12m, and a Distance/Energy of 8m. One would assume looking at those stats that the rush would have equivalent initial rush distances as well as being able to travel equal distances on a full energy tank. In application though as one might assume, the Distance/Energy is actually massively different favoring the higher duration build. The low duration build tested at just under 1.2m per energy while the slightly over baseline duration build tested at 7.7m per energy. There's clearly some goofiness going on with the displayed distance/energy stat on the ability tab that's not being calculated or is being calculated incorrectly. I would guess that duration isn't actually being calculated into the distance/energy stat, and fiddling with dropping and raising the duration stat on the builds seems to confirm this. Tested each build 20 times over the same path with baseline energy and ensured no energy was regained during the test. Pictures linked here -> https://imgur.com/a/cHbZ7DT including builds used to test, ending distance results that most closely match the test average, and starting location and direction traveled.
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