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  1. Appears Synth Charge is completely broken on Catchmoon Kitguns. Tested on two different builds with 7 and 10 magazines and neither would proc the bonus damage. Tested with and without Pax Charge as well to rule that out, and wouldn't work either way. Retested it with Tombfinger kitgun with 23 magazine and worked properly. Appears Catchmoon specifically isn't triggering the 200% bonus damage.
  2. With the introduction of seperately modded Exalted weapons, any chance we'll see a rework of regular Warframe abilities that still utilize weapon mods with Melee 3.0? Currently these abilities aren't uniform in how they act as some exclude stats others use (Gara doesn't use Crit, Excalibur only properly uses stats when Exalted weapon is unsheathed, etc). They also require a player to mod a weapon specifically for the skill which often times makes the weapon itself less than useful outside the skill forcing a player to give up melee weapon use in exchange for optimizing thier Warframe abilities.
  3. Hey there, great work you're doing. This thread has been an absolute treasure trove for a recently revived Octavia player. Here's a couple requests, with the second only because I highly suspect the first is a lost cause, but then again I'm musically challenged so I thought I'd ask anyway. Digital Drive (Va-11 hall-a) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK2O2ec8n6g A New Frontier (Va-11 hall-a) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmc4nNwyepk Keep up the good work you amazing groove master.
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