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  1. Maybe forums are not for you.Read posts you quoted,read your response,make a connection.... We are saying how matchmaking on public works and you say we are promoting solo play.Get real man.
  2. Index is the best way to get credits and you get them ez there.You seem like someone who wasn't around when those were hard to get and you had to do Infested survival on some Dark sector node with farming team of Nekros,Speed Nova and 2x Chroma to only get around 50k-100k of credits for 20 min . As for getting them in the game ,I didn't notice it was that bad to get credits now.I don't play Index and my credits amount is growing constantly.Also I sold my junk yesterday,mainly oberon,ash and orvius parts and I got 2 million credits for them.Its not like I been holding them in inventory like forever,I usually clean my inventory every month.
  3. RistN

    Log in Error. Check your info

    I can login too.Lets see if this lasts...
  4. Sentinel weapons are best used to apply status effect on enemies.They are not that useless and if you know how status effect works then you can see that they are moru useful in higher lvl than dmg pets do. What makes them useless however is that they require their own set of mods that can't be shared with equipped weapons. Thats why I don't have any equipped.
  5. Your ip is blocked by some sort of server protection.Number of people is affected by this including me.I can't login normally for a month now.I can login using vpn but there are also vpn servers that have their ip blocked too so you have to find one thats not. Issue is month old and there is still no official response from DE. Take a look at pc bug page of forum.
  6. RistN

    Log in Error. Check your info

    Whats wrong in this picture is that Kaspersky labs are one of the leaders in battle against botnet.I have it installed too and servers that are blocked are:UK,Germany,Netherlands.Servers that work are:Spain,Ukraine,Hungary. I will contact support of Kaspersky and ask them what do they think of DE servers registring their servers as botnet.I think awnser will be very interesting.
  7. RistN

    Log in Error. Check your info

    Actually what you said was dumb.If DDOS attack was going on everyone would have issues or it would at least be affecting certain servers in certain regions.That is not the case here.As a matter of fact my clan mates are all from same country and few of us has issues and majority of them doesn't. It is a known fact that these kind of connection issues always come with large number of online players usually on updates and events.It is also a known fact that now servers are intentionally blocking certain ip addresses without any reason.
  8. RistN

    Moa pet issues

    Issue No.1 Moa pet legs have default gray metalic colour that we cant change.With legs making 50% of whole Moa this is a real fashionframe nightmare. Issue No.2 In Arsenal or Appearance tab we can't see whole Moa.View is cut somwhere below Moa's knees.I think that they just used view for sentinels which are floating and floor is not visible. Issue No.3 All Moas can use each others Percepts.I don't believe that was meant to work that way ,what would be the point of having 3 different Moa's if they have same percepts... Issue No.4 This is more like bug.Sentinel weapons below lvl 30 dont level up when they are equipped on Moa's.Tryed equipping them on Carrier Prime and they recive affinity and level up just fine.
  9. RistN

    Arcane Pulse isn't Useful Enough.

    Arcane Pulse not usable enough....70 % of arcanes aren't used at all,at least this one has one usage.
  10. I think that people who have no one to play with and are incapable of doing some missions solo ,so they run them on public and whine on forums if other random players don't play as they imagined they should is also some form of leeching.
  11. If it's any consolation to you ,me and many more others can't even login normally for over 15 days now.After Fortuna went live DE upgraded their servers with some kind of "hi-tech,NSA,CIA,DEFCON4" protection that is banning certain ip addresses for reasons that are unknown because support is second guessing all the time and DE is not saying anything officialy.Only fact is that our ip is banned. I guess that server protection technology is so advanced and hush-hush because no other developer and other online game have it(sarcasm ofc)
  12. RistN

    Idea for new type of daily mission

    There are not that many trolls in this game and with difficulty of this missions hardly anyone would dare to play it on random.Doing all 10 in one go is what makes it so interesting,going back to previous mission would only make it like extended Sortie mission run. ofc ,because this is a mission for more advanced team of players.I don't know about your choices but some rewards worth of playing it because in the end it all goes down to rewards...
  13. I had idea about new type of Sortie-like,Raid-like, daily mission that would be appreciated and welcomed by many veteran players. This mision would consist of 10 missions by order of missions difficulty.For example one of the first missions would be Exterminate and Capture and last ones would be Defence,Interception,Spy and final,10th mission would be Boss fight.It would be something like Mortal Kombat campaign,ladder mission. Now challenging part of this will be mission conditions: -if you fail one mission,you fail all and get back to mission no.1 again. - all missions are lvl 100 -all missions have random Sortie-like conditions:Energy reduction,Elemental dmg resistance... -you can't change warframe and weapons -when you finish all of them you get 1 out of 3 rewards you can choose from.This rewards should be something valuable that would attract players. I think that these missions would be very fun and challenging given that there are many limitations,many unknown things and failure is not an option.
  14. RistN

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    What about this @[DE]Drew? Will this ever be fixed?DE keeping quite about this problem is the worse thing of all.I cant login for 15 days now normally without using VPN.