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  1. Whats next after itzal nerf and k-drive still sucks? Nerfing operators?
  2. Ability 1: Unlike most here I really like this gun. It will kill most anything and it has high status chance. What I dont like about it is: -If you fire from the ground you can't jump, but if you already jumped you can fire from the air. That just makes it a bit inconsistent -There is a animation when you fire the gun. I have a problem with it, the part after the shot where animation slows down everything and it feels like more like lag then animation. This is the biggest problem I have with it. Ability 2.It is ok I guess but biggest problem it has is that it affects only enemies in your los making it not practical for any serious usage in indoor maps. I feel it would be great with more range and if los thing was removed. Ability 3.Worst ability of all. Very expensive to use and doesn't give you anything in return.I honestly don't see any difference with this ability on. This should be only support ability and dmg to enemies should be removed because right now it only drains shields fast and does very little dmg to enemies not being able to be built for anything serious dmg past lvl 20. Ability 4.Maybe the worst ult in this game. CC is bad and indoors it is very inconsistent .This ability should be maide so it affects everything, even behind walls in its range in order for it to work properly. Dmg it does is also very low. It feels like this ability was created more to look good than actually do anything.
  3. What about this @[DE]Drew? Will this ever be fixed?DE keeping quite about this problem is the worse thing of all.I cant login for 15 days now normally without using VPN.
  4. Who knows...Maybe DE is the one cutting costs on their servers.One thing is for sure,since Sacrifice update and every major update that followed after that I can't log in for days.I get new update,new hotfix comes out and boom "Login failed.Check your info" for 7 days.I play Warframe for long time now and it never was like this.
  5. RistN

    Update Failures

    Don't touch anything and wait for the day you can log in.As far as I know this game after 3,5 years of playing is that most likely DE servers can't support this many players, usually when some new update comes.New thing however is that "Login failed Check your info" which started to happen from Sacrifice uptade and every major update after that. Non the less this is also server side issue. So don't try to fix it when so many people are reporting this problem.Certanly not if you have other online games and they run fine.
  6. RistN

    Strict Nat

    I have strict Nat and it is confirmed by my isp.Only trouble I have is that other players can't invite me to squad but I can invite them.
  7. Still can't log in.4th day in a row.Only way to log in is by using VPN.Guys from my clan that have same issues are all using Steam version as me,dont know if there is some connection to this. I have sent support ticket few days ago.
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