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  1. 100% agree, and I imagine Steve would agree too as he shows his love for PSO2. They are surprisingly similar games and if PSO2 had come out in the west years ago there would be a huge following. For all the doubters - find a way to play it and go do a Mining Base Defense. Tell me that isn't mind numbingly stressful. I love both dearly, for nearly the same reasons and yes, Warframe would be pretty much solid for me if they had dedicated servers.
  2. Same issue. I play with a friend and we took turns being mission host and only the host gets any rewards. Makes me not want to play because we have to do double the work for us to both have a chance at parts.
  3. Its there. Search for warframe, scroll to the bottom and you'll see it in the various listing for DLC. I've already purchased mine.
  4. Same issue as the others on consoles - just being taken to the nintendo switch website store page for the game :C
  5. Not sorting through all the pages but the MOA looking left and right before going into the Michigan J Frog dance but if anyone moves towards it the MOA is suddenly inactive and resting
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