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  1. EternalOdyessy

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8 +

    Oh my god. I hope they never fix it and leave it in as a easter egg
  2. EternalOdyessy

    TennoCon Digital Pack Pre-Orders: Live Now!

    It's an oddly specific number. Maybe they'll release a warframe on that day? The priest, who will so happen to be 370p? Who knows.
  3. I have almost 40k endo. Maybe I'll be able to make some plat off this, if I understand correctly.
  4. EternalOdyessy

    Devstream #80 Overview.

    Becca did make a legitimately funny vacuum joke.
  5. EternalOdyessy

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 2

    - The radial burst from Syndicate weapons and mods is now silent and won't alert enemies. YES I CAN FINALLY USE MY RAKTA CERNOS IN A SPY MISSION AND KEEP THE STEALTH BONUS WOOOO
  6. EternalOdyessy

    Gif Thread

  7. EternalOdyessy

    Gif Thread

  8. EternalOdyessy

    Ask Morec0 Stuff

    Rest easy, Morec0!
  9. EternalOdyessy

    New Contest: Warframe Ornaments!

    Why don't we just make a tree out of Frost, and decorate it with helms of Warframes? That'd be the ultimate winner.
  10. EternalOdyessy

    Ask Morec0 Stuff

    That's... ...that's a very, very good question.
  11. EternalOdyessy

    Update 18: The Second Dream

  12. EternalOdyessy

    Update 18: The Second Dream

    Well, I posted twice. Woo?!
  13. EternalOdyessy

    Would You Press The Button? (Forum Game)

    Thankfully I stole a Super Shotgun from doom. :3 -SLAM BUTTON- You get to drink a magical potion that lets you open holes in space and time. BUT Someone has to *@##$slap you to close these portals, and they constantly spam homing bullet hell on any passerby.
  14. EternalOdyessy

    Would You Press The Button? (Forum Game)

    Psssh, that's insanely good for someone like me. I hardly use my browser besides forums and youtube. Steam's my platform for game, so HECK YES. SLAMS BUTTON You can shapeshift into any object you're looking at. BUT "Prop Hunt" initiates with people in a one mile radius, everyone plays real life Prop Hunt. Nobody dies truely from this.
  15. EternalOdyessy

    Would You Press The Button? (Forum Game)

    What if my powers are mental? I wanna be like Reisen Inaba. Time to go insane. SMASHES BUTTON Someone who desperately needs the bullet will take it, it can even be of your choice. BUT You have to get shot, yourself. You will not die from it.