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  1. Stalker is....BATMAN!!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=154594742
  2. I think what you are asking for is a Wolf-themed warframe. I recommend you click edit on you first post and click full editor options to change the title and reflect that, seeing how some of the previous posts have misunderstood you. Anyway, I think it would indeed be cool to have something like this.
  3. Hayden Tenno and yes, that's a bow not a scythe.
  4. That's the lobby in Dungeon Defenders.
  5. I agree with most of what OP said. This thread's suggestions are worth a look. The suggestion of introducing new mods into the system might be a bit difficult because mods deal with sentinels, weapons and warframe attributes and there are only so many attributes (hp, shield, dmg, rate of fire, ammo .etc) that can be done. However, that is not to to say it cannot be done but once a week might be too rushed. The suggestion of "nightmare" and "hell" difficulty is something I won't agree on. This is only assuming you meant a mode where we get the same enemies but with higher HPs, shie
  6. Yes, this is a good suggestion. The 2 empty slots should be filled by something.
  7. Developers: New weapons and other stuff Players: *Pulls out sword* Developers: What?! No man, no man threathens a developer. Player: You gave us an update that spoiled the game, you talk about other stuff not regarding the problem..oh I've chosen my words carefully. You should have done the same. Developers: This is blasphemy, this is madness! Players: Madness?! THIS IS WARFRAME!! *Kicks developers down a pit*.
  8. Actually why don't they just make blueprints disappear if you abort or fail. You can keep the rest.
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