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  1. I am still unable to favorite any colors that are on the grey scale permanently. I can favorite them while online but as soon as I log off they clear in both the favorites tab and on any frame or equipment that is using that color.
  2. I was wondering if anything could be done about my favorites color pallet continually getting cleared of certain colors, I am getting a little tired of having to reset my color schemes every time I log on.
  3. While out on the plains I noticed a rather large friend decided to stay out and enjoy some fresh morning sunshine with me. It was fully interactive except it could not move, though it did have subtle idle animations and the only attack it could perform was its aerial burst tracking shot. I'm sure it just got lost on its way back to the lake, but I'm worried it might get some sunburn. Note; I was on the plains during the night/day transition, so the plains never did a full reload before I found it.
  4. Something I have noticed is that since the mainline my favorited colors keep getting cleared everytime I log in, specifically the shades of red, gray, purple, and white that I use. This forces me to have to go back constantly and re-favorite the colors as well as re-apply them to any frames or equipment that used them (basically all of my equipment).
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