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  1. Whatever happened to 'you can only get reward X (what used to be 2000 endo, now is the ayatan anasa sculpture) from the sortie twice in a row'???
  2. One thing that I have noticed since updating to the creators update is that my touchpad on my laptop got considerably more sensitive to touch, and considerably more annoying (ASUS ROG GL552-VW). I'm using a Corsair M65 RGB (non-pro edition). Edit: After testing the mouse checking package provided by [DE]Glen, I can confirm that Windows does not recognize that there are 5 buttons on my mouse. However, Planetside 2 recognizes that my mouse does have 5 buttons
  3. Is there any way that I could tweak my Glaive Prime build to be more effective? http://imgur.com/AM2r3Fu
  4. I can't seem to get the game to register that they even exist :/ But they work on other games (e.g. Planetside 2, The Witcher 3, etc.)
  5. Still no fix for mouse thumb buttons not working in-game (and/or Windows 10 Creator's Update support).
  6. Not sure if this is a new idea or not (probably isn't), but considering how rare nitain is and given the invasion reward pool, why not put nitain into that pool? Nitain would still be pretty rare since it has all the vandal/wraith parts, and compound resources - e.g. Mutagen Mass, Fieldron, etc. - to out compete to be an invasion reward.
  7. Still no fix for mouse thumb/side buttons (and/or W10 creator's update support)
  8. In the CC build, I would swap out Combustion Beam for Fire Storm as it increases the area of effect significantly.
  9. I too have been having this problem, it seems that thumb buttons haven't worked since the most recent hotfix because I remember being able to use both buttons before the hotfix prior to the current one.
  10. As of the most recent hotfix (at the time of writing) - and possibly since U20.0.0, I can no longer use my 5th mouse button (Corsait M65 RBG), and that extends to binding a function to that button as well.
  11. 1) What will the title of the next major update be as well as estimated deploy time? (Update 20.0) (^^Along with this, will Umbra be released alongside the next big update?) 2) Will the Worm Queen be involved in another, later, quest? 3) Operators feel kind of clunky to play with, so can we un-ckunkify them the future? 4) Rough plans for the next year of development?
  12. At this point...I almost think that DE should just release what they have done and smash all the bugs after release :| (If in fact that is what they're doing right now)
  13. Um...chat is still broken at 0900 Eastern time on October 31, 2015