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  1. Bring back the old controls, the only thing missing was to split the switch to primary/secondary key to two other keys. Make autoblock a togglable option to help new players but having it permanently on is no good. Just like some of the best Beat Em Up games, they have an option for one-key-combo for novice players, which disables the advanced combos. Block is fake, you still get hit a lot from ranged fire, especially in high level missions but still it's a nice jedi trick, so it should be there but not permanently. It also makes you move slower, so it should not be always on, We only need to press it on certain occasions, for a couple of seconds, like when we want to save frame from being kicked on the floor. It also messes with hunter adrenaline. Also, before the 'melee 0.5' (because this is not 3.0) we could jump ahead from 20 meters away and while still airborn press block, pass inside the explosion bubble as it grew and slash kill the target. You did know that, naturally. You did that all the time, and now you just want to simplify the game and target the 4 year olds gaming industry. Unless the original controls were made from someone that left DE around 4 years ago, and the guy in charge of melee 3.0 now has only seen warframe in pictures. Play the game before, respect 'loyal' players, it s not a new room decoration thing. I'll say it again, melee is the endgame way to fight, elite onslaught, arbitrations, etc. You can't have it removed from the mouse buttons, just to give left click to rifles to shoot lvl 15-35 mobs. No one can fight arbitrations by pressing E, and we don't want a kinder suprise left mouse button that we flip the coin to see if it's gonna fire a ranged weapon and which one or swing a sword. Neither we want to have to press E so we can use the left mouse button for melee, NOT on level 80-100+ missions. Why? Because with the old system the ranged to melee switch action was pressed when we were away (eg 5-10m) from the target and as we were on the move toward it, holstering wouldn't interrupt actions. Now in order to bind the melee to left mouse ('the input option joke') when doing the same there are 2 ways: 1. Try to repeat the same situation - frame runs, stops far from target, swings melee to hit air and stops moving, start running again to target. 2. Don't switch weapons in a smart way like before, run to target with autoblock delaying run action, and when you re next to mob's face press E and then spam left mouse slash, the level 100 mob will just stand and wait there till you re ready to start the fight. That one mob, and its 6 friends around it along with the arbitration shield drone. You see what I mean? You have never played the game before. Or if you did, you did so with god and 1 hit kill modes on. Channeling should also be bindable on a mouse button too, and to have a toggle option. You claim you hear what the players say, -sorry I can't second that, it was long ago and for the 2 3 times you did you gave an interview about it- so listen to the experienced warframe players, not the tourists who are happy with everything and leave game in a month. Prove it and don't say 'we erased it, can't return' - do you remember this line? Take a look at this post and my previous one about how my old setup was and see what you did and call it 3.0 improvement. This is serious, it's not about a frame, nerf or an ability that some of us don't like. Make simple controls for those that want them and advanced for rest. And no, I don't want to have to use my 18 buttons naga mouse and load it with key binds and macros in order to play a game with 4 abilities in a decent way close to how I used to. Does it make sense to you? Congratulations to the guys here that post about how their prisma/vandal weapons are not tradable yet. No offense, serious warframe game problem detected.
  2. I may be wrong, correct me. I believe the new controls system may be more fancy but in the end it's worse than before. I also see tweets with hypes and hails, but I think veterans might think otherwise. Why? Let's have a look at my old setup, 4 mouse buttons, E, F, Z, C. Left mouse: Fire weapon, fire amp, melee slash. Right mouse: zoom range weapon, zoom amp, melee channel. middle mouse: ranged secondary fire mode, amp secondary mode E: (also) melee slash (it would fire redeemer/sarpa without switching like it does now, or just slash for when I'm bored), F: Melee block, Z switch primary/secondary, C switch melee, fourth mouse button: 'semi-slide-macro'. (and mouse roll up air barrel, mouse roll down ground barrel, L shift slide/crouch - for the whole picture, these still work) -- So, how the new system, even with 'melee fire input' can be an improvement? We don't actually know what is what, it doesn't work right and things get even worse when we fight endgame, we fight controls. How to channel on demand to have a life strike heal at the right moment, without wasting energy or delaying actions. Where is a key dedicated block? Newbies may don't know, but before when melee weapon was at hand pressing block could save your frame from dropping on the floor, being hit by a slam attack, explosion, blast 'aura'. Melee is the only endgame, simply cause there is no damage cap and you get heals, so holding swords and blocking those kinds of hits was a casual thing on high level missions. At the moment there is no way to avoid them unless we put primed sure footed on every frame (players who have one), and even handspring is a silly spring move on repeat now, when it used to be an extra safety switch. We just watch the inevitable. I'll just play the card of the old time classic, why you guys never show consistency between the old and the new and you just remove and dismantle everything to introduce something else, without at least giving players a chance to choose. Why not enrich and add more customization. And why you just didn't remove holster speed from the old switch weapon style. You removed holster anyway, the whole thing was about that. Or was it about pausing combos? Finally, I know it's not my game, I don't make the calls, but from the aspect of a player who invested a respectable amount of time, and paid willingly for the product, I just felt like saying something. My usual common response to ^those kind of improvements^ is ok they messed this, and that, and that, I can handle and find a new way around. How about you, just to switch places. How many veterans are left atm? And to be sincere, I sometimes wonder if there is an actual player in your stuff or you only design / code this thing. I see 'improvements' and think 'didn't they know about it?' Where it is random-important-missing-stuff. Is warframe still a beta really? The disclaimer is there for what I know, but really you still think it's in beta? The new material, worlds, alerts are always welcome, and I know the last 3 hybrid frames (it actually started from Gara & Khora) introduce a new era, looks and abilities wise. Consistency. Continuance. Bubble wrapper. I (we) appreciate the job done, you can do even better.
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