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  1. R31N

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    so it s not a bug it s a feature : P still if it's not a mistake that going to be fixed, those extra ranks have to be visible.
  2. R31N

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    paracesis is bugged, you can tell from when it's leveling up, its progress bar keeps looping at rank 30. atm it shows 78 capacity with catalyst, and 88 with stance. I like it : P
  3. R31N

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    new arbitration mode issues: 1. host dies and decides to abort, team breaks and all back to orbiters. missions take (wasted) time. 2. host extracts and others decide to go on, after migration the bonuses (eg 300% str for using a specific frame) disappear.
  4. R31N

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7

    it s a new old saryn, so good job
  5. I'd like to add a few more things, some thoughts i have. I've played wow(warcraft) from vanilla and for many years and expansions, the key to why players massively abandoned it was 1st when they introduced rotations for every class, from a priest (healer) to a mage, to paladin and rogue etc, so freedom of movement and imagination replaced by macros and a specific order of moves/actions. 2nd when from a game that when released a player could select to play the features he liked (if he wanted pvp then he could play only the pvp games he liked and get rewarded) it forced the players to do everything in order to be competitive (dungeons, epic dungeons, all pvp types and arenas). You guys are following the same steps, forcing players to play the way you like, not their way. To play an ember you have to turn wof on and off, you made her a.. buffer? you don't even know what she is now. To play saryn you have to chase a counter (rotation), etc. You also force players to go to plains if they want arcanes, or to unlock rivens that require some crazy conditions, farm like crazy elite onslaught with a 2% drop chance, split on an item pool of 15 items etc. You should offer alternatives, more than 1 way to do the important things in game. What I know about reworks is that they re not scheduled for monday, I have to main saryn for 1k hours or more, and by doing different mission types, trying weapon combinations, getting experience with her then I could see something, have an idea about how to improve her in a certain aspect, and for sure I wont erase everything to start from 0 cause it's a trademark frame, I d change only one thing. If i wanted to change the way all abilities work, i'd create a new frame. It's not like the number of frames is limited or something. You may want to think about that focus ring, it s a lock in a different level that will keep players from nuking when they shouldn't, keep the fun in game and make them play with weapons too. -And you could add some more amazing nukes that would ^open^ at the right time, instead of cutting the hands and legs of frames- You were so successful on ember that you wanted to repeat it.. : ) Fix operator hair, it s like they placed a dead ferret or a broom on their head.
  6. You 're talking alone, the nuking problem is when a frame wipes every mob in a map and the rest of the team can't do nothing but watch. What DE is supposed that is trying to do is balance the frames so they don't wipe mobs on a button press, and make room so players won't only rely on spamming abilities but use weapons too. Reworked frames are poor and they don't make sense, they're crazy calculated. Currenty an ember needs 160 or more efficiency to be played, saryn 45. A Saryn with 250range has 35m spore radius and 45m miasma. Instead of kicking the <3 out of the original and primary role frames they can create a new spore frame, or a buffer frame. This way they would have more freedom to adjust new ability ideas too. Btw thank you but I don't need your help, and I m not gonna spam the forum either. If you get it then you get it.
  7. You can read my post above. The rework didn t help the nuking problem, they just did it. If i have to chase mobs to hit spores, I can kill the mobs as well with my sword, spores or no spores. What word of the 'builds become narrow, available builds become less when at the same time we have more mods than ever' you don't understand? You think this is for the game's good?
  8. Thank god you re not one of those dorks too, who can t handle energy management. And I guess you re a healthy part of the community that changes. I'd add that everything is good if you want to see it that way. Saryn has changed for worse, at least she s good at extermination missions now. It's not on saryn's job description tho, she has another role. And you know what else, it's obious that the man behind these changes haven't thought it so well, not in this case, or ember's too. it's like 'got rework things to do, i don t know why, i don t like stationary saryn, I don t like nukes either, let s give her super nuking spores, because the general idea is to make players use more rifles and swords. You know what? Keep the super spores but make them don't last? what do u guys at our community think? we re already working on a change but please do say, we don t watch'. No, they don t have a big plan, the man just needs to 'rework'. The only big plan is frame abilities become narrow, and where there used to be 10 different builds for every frame, now they re only 2.
  9. About a year ago i posted on a patch update that mass nuke abilities were ruining the fun for the rest of the team, banshees used to enter sedna hydron for 5-10 rounds, get all kills by just spamming 4 and then extract cause she couldn't handle higher mobs. I suggested as a solution to this, that the focus ring at the bottom right of the corner (that has no reason to exist most of the time) could be used as a loading bar, and when it's full then the 4th ability would achieve the ability's max strength. So depending on the mission type and mob level, a sedna hydron banshee could use her old resonating quake on full strength in about 10th wave, and before that, as the ring would be still loading her 4th skill would be weak. This was an easy solution that wouldn't require lot of changes on frame abilities as we knew them, it would protect the gameplay experience for others in parties with nuking frames, and would sustain all the fun too, cause nuking abilities are fun indeed, they have to be in the game, it's the bad use of them that makes them bad. 4 old embers running around the stage at wave 15 is a nice thing to see, it's warframe. Well obviously it didn't happen. We know what happened to ember, when you lay an eye on the end of year statistics i bet you ll see that nobody plays with her anymore. So much for the 'original aoe frame'. You know what makes this even worse? You turned her to dust at the same time you unvaulted her in packs of 45euros. People that wanted that p flamed syandana paid for it to finally use it on their ember, and in the end they just paid for something they don't use. Consumers also tend to remember this kind of behavior. Now it's saryn's time, Saryn was the perfect and only example of balance and how all frames should be in this game, 1st ability could be casted on the 2nd, the 3rd had a meaning and even using the 4th would respect the action around. Saryn could mass kill mobs over time, but was also giving a chance to teammates to claim and kill the mobs on their own. Another amazing thing was that one could ground slam spores on decoy/mobs to make them spread everywhere. These are unique ideas. I don't know why you thought to change saryn, there are so many frames that trully require your attention, but now I don't know how this can be fixed. You know that it's no fun at all if the spores don't spread after they dot-kill mobs on their own, right? Of course you can just do what you did on ember too, release a quick fix-tweak and burn saryn, case closed. You make the game complicated for no reason at all, -don't take away abilities add more even if they're ^useless^- and what's worse is that you ruin the fun too. Who cares if an ember can cast an ogris like fireball? world on fire and firequake was her style. To play this new saryn is to try to catch your shadow, running around like crazy for nothing, well to catch a spore. Why we need spores anyway? we already kill everything with swords, right? Just keep the fun on the game, cause if you complicate and ruin all frame abilities in the end it impacts the game itself. ps. I m not against changes, I 'd love a 'fresh twist - twist not earthquake', if it's fun indeed and doesn't make a mess for no reason, and the gaming experience worse. You can use new ideas not to rework trademark frames but to make new ones.
  10. R31N

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.6

    There might be a memory leak, when game is idle for 30-60 minutes, item pictures (eg foundry) won't load and when this happens missions fail to load even when playing solo. You have to hit alt + f4. Also p Saryn's 300 armor doesn't feel correct, it's like 30-60, are there any weaknesses scripted by accident? corpus flux rifles cut through her even at low (20-30) levels. Updated: it's not corpus flux rifles, more like armor won't be correctly applied in random missions.
  11. R31N

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3

    why not add to /unstuck a 'reset ui' function to being freed from weapon/ability bugs when they happen. let them all load again from 0. this would end the 'let me die - don t revive me' bug too. also wouldn t /dnd command alone be enough to turn it on/off? what is /normal anyway.
  12. R31N

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.1

    A syndicate standing console for dojo would be much helpful in trades. As it is now, there are 2 options: -the easy one-: use all rep to buy stacks of one mod that sells much (like resonating quake) or -hard- keep the reputation and wait for messages to get what the buyer is looking for, that makes trading very difficult cause as u get spammed with messages, you have to cycle from orbiter to dojo and back again, for each one augment/msg. Imagine the mayhem when you set a small average of 10 mods available, msgs, trying answering every1 with quotes like 'i ll invite in 4 minutes cause i have 3 other pending trades', and going back and forth. This trade handicap also causes the prices to go up, cause not popular augments are rare and people who are looking for them often have to pay more. When the first dojo rework was announced, i was expecting that the syndicate console would be a standard thing to come. Decorations and jumping around are nice but functionality is more important, and dojo's main functions are trade and research. -- A riven icon to the arsenal weapon list similar to how many formas are placed into a weapon would be also helpful. The riven cap is 90 and the riven console is a jungle. -- Finally a cosmetic suggestion: make khora's mask metallic, it's a pitty that such a design can't support a golden sun / ninja mask look (remember the general in 'the promise 2006', or mordred from 'excalibur 1981' movies?) Good job, keep it up
  13. R31N

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    the eidolon run is once again bugged, on extraction it gets stuck to forever loading icon with only option available to alt f4. no closed ports and stuff. 4 bugged runs on 6 total, 2 hours solo runs wasted. But i remember a red text making fun of ppl with closed ports, strange how things change (for once, right?)
  14. R31N

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

    Good job with the dojo decorations. A syndicate console is also much needed. It could be placed next to the trade consoles, so by using rep we buy augments and other stuff to trade directly without having to cycle between orbiter and dojo all the time.
  15. R31N

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.2

    what are u talking about? first of all u just needed 1 distiller to use it forever, it wouldn t be consumed, because some ppl speak without knowing. secondly, ranked arcanes should be splittable so u can trade them cause not all ppl need a max ranked one as they might have farmed a few on their own. end of story. i don t get why all the big fuss about it, can t u ppl just not argue for random reason in every hotfix? you re only looking for an excuse to fight to be more specific DE is always like 'we release the raw content now, and let s see if they start complaining so we fix it'. starting with octavia's release when we couldn t mute the music and as she was a new frame, every game u'd join it was like the zoo. This is an oldie but goldie example that they don t give much thought about functionality in the first place (same goes with chat fonts a few days ago), but it'd be normal to consider that these things should always come adjustable by default. When they released cetus, we had the new mote amps, where no one informed the players that they had to max them up 2 times. I was one of the first few that farmed standing alot to buy the T1 amp fast just to see how it performs, and gladly sold the 'junky' mote only to hear a few days later that i lost the affinity and can t buy it back anymore, but anyway after a point you just lose interest to contact the support, this is how it is. Now in arcanes' case people had it for granted that we fuse arcanes-we split arcanes when we want to, it used to work this way and there was nowhere any info about that fusing them is irreversible. So no, it's not some ppl's mistake, it s DE's ps1 use some sense, an arcane energize now costs about 200p or 2000p for a maxed one, finding a buyer will be really difficult, but if u sell it piece by piece then it s easy ps2 i want 8 arcanes, i speak to some1 but he tells me he has only a max ranked one. So i give him the 2 i already have + the plat for 8 and he gives me the maxed. do u like how it works? cause it s far from simplified, smells like exploit material. ps3 a lovely one: when the 'slots' released you couldn t place the same arcane in both slots, so some ppl sold their extras. a few hours later they took it back, now you can