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  1. Thanks to PS4 User AbBaNdOn_ for helping to sort this out. The issue was that I simply needed to bind the ability menu function to a buttion (previously unbound), so that it could function as the gear sub menu button. Hopefully this helps anyone else who runs into this issue.
  2. Hi, I recently came back to the game after taking a break after fortuna released, and one of the many changes was the gear wheel. However, I seem to no longer be able to access baits/pheromones when I have the corresponding piece of gear equipped? There is a pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen that says "Hold RB for actions ", but this does not work, as it simply triggers my melee. I haven't found any option to re-bind the sub menu access to a different button, and would prefer not to have to re-bind my melee. I was also unable to access echo-lures also, but i've managed a tem
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