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  1. I want him to be a Damage Dealer with Survivability so here we Go (sorry english isnt my first language and i tend to have alot of typos) 1st: Absorbtion : Tendrils shoot out of the Brokens Body pierceing enmies in a cone infront of him healing him and damagin his foes (while dissembled the tendrils drain is increased) 2nd: Disassemble : The Boken falls into pieces while in this state the broken damages any enemy comeing close to his body the boken is unable to movie in this state (the damage is radiation) (The Broken takes no damage in this state) 3rd: Hard Reset : (scaleing with shield) The Boken Sacrifices all of his current shield for a powerful AoE blast (The Damage is Radiation) (he can still use this ability while dissembled) (if more then 4 enemies are affected by hard reset his shields regenarate to 100% immidatly) (The ability does not need line of sight) 4th: Boken Song : while dissembled the boken unleashes waves of sound attracting enemies into his damaging field - while outside of disassemble - Broken Song destroys enemy projectiles during the song waves (Efficency would increase the frequency of sound waves) (the ability does not need line of sight) Passive: State of Disrepair - health pick ups dont heal him but give a small amount of energy instead and grant energy during an active ability (Energy pick ups themselfe still dont) Augment ideas: Critical mass (For Disassemble) - The longer the Broken remains Disassembled the higher the damage becomes but also the higher the energy cost overtime Draining tendril (For Absoption) - instead of multiple enemies only one is affected in return the duration and drain is increased (unaffected while dissembled) Nullifying Song (For Broken Song) - while Broken Song is active any allies in range recharge their shields faster and negative status effects gets removed (he doesnt need to be Disassembled for this effect) Resort (For Hard Reset) - Hard Reset grants overshield for any ally in range
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