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  1. If bonus was to high atleast give like 5 murmur for a teammate trying that way its not as fast but still rewarding.
  2. Condition overload has the same problem as the old one but worse.. infinite scaling while doing less dmg. should have kept old mechanic with stacking with itself and end dmg BUT made it a max of 3 stacks with 120% each.. that way its not as hard to get (makes it more accessable) and doesnt break the game as hard as old one.
  3. The Bullet Dance Combo is broken now. old: press e while moving(w) for quick shot was good aswell as the hold e for 2 shots. was good new: press e while moving(w) now swings the weapon( which would fit highnoon more)
  4. Gunblades feel wrong now please give us the old hold E for 2 shots back and also tap e for 1 shot EVEN when running 😞 my fav weapon is borked right now
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