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  1. You absolute mad lads. Thank you, but please sleep ❤️ we're concerned for your health. But also maybe Aegis Storm could use that sweet custom dash animation? And maybe the Balefire Launcher could get the Chroma 1 treatment so we can do more than walk? Maybe, just a maybe. But sleep first.
  2. I'm frothing at the mouth. Anthem is fun, but so broken and a bit light on things to do right now T_T I'm so hyped to have things to do in Warframe again. Thank you, everyone at DE, for staying up so late working on this update. Ya'll're excellent.
  3. Sweet, I was wondering what was up with lakes deflecting bullets and spears. And the elevator fix is huge, thank you! The same thing happened with Operators and the door to Cetus, and I'm glad this one was fixed as quickly as it was.
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