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  1. Basically i wanna go corrosive/heat on my nukor, i have 2 options: 1. Toxic element with primed heat charge with proc prio: 1.heat 2.corr 3. rad 2. Heat element so i can replace primed heat charge with magnum force and get proc prio: 1.corr 2.rad 3.heat When i replace primed heat charge i got less dmg with magnum force. So is it worth to go with 60% toxic and put primed heat charge on this for max dps? And how should be to proc prio first?
  2. ignis wraith is top weapon right now, so can't became kuva, some forget stuff should get it first
  3. What should be better for weapons like Trumna,Kuva Bramma and Ignis?
  4. ye i got 46% toxic bramma with catalist and 4 formas and now i rolled 49%.
  5. How it exactly works with kuva weapons when i upgrade them with another one. I knew 40%+25% give me 44%, but how it works with 46%+49% i'll get like 60? Can i check it somehow?
  6. 1. Which is better arrow mutation or sniper mutation? 2. Did ammo mutation stuck with vigilante supplies ? 3. Can i put this supplies mod on carrier weapon?
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