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  1. Literally nothing the same except zenurik. I guess that answers that. Thank you!
  2. What frame/weapons are you using and what MR? Seeing if there's any exterior reasoning or if it was all internal code issues.
  3. Yup I created a topic about this a few minutes ago, and others have reported it broken as well.
  4. Looking in the logs, I'm not sure if this is related but I found this line repeating: 417.943 Script [Error]: Script Error: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value: In VoidMode(1144) originating from /Lotus/Scripts/OperatorVoidMode.lua::VoidMode with owner CombatOperatorAvatar27
  5. Operator void abilities seem bugged for me after hotfix. Voide Mode does nothing other than make the operator pose differently. Void dash still moves the operator but no energizing dash field. I've restarted the game multiple times. I've de-activated void abilities and re-activated them. It happens in every mission I've tried.
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