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  1. yeah just tried that too. Both the Rare Gems and Rare Fish dont count. Mission says Plains of Eidolon, not Orb Vallis (that was last week)
  2. servers are a bit wonky at the moment. kicked me out twice now and ruined a nice Relic T_T
  3. I have to say, Hildryn is the first frame in a long time that i actually like. Last one was Ivara. I love her tanking style and that she actually uses a different kind of modding meta for once. PASSIVE: Her passive feels great, but the ingame description could need some work. I didnt know that there is actually a damage threshhold or that her overshield completely blocks damage to health until i read that wall of text on the wiki page. Also, how high ist that Threshold? BALEFIRE A great weapon, the only thing i would love to see gone here is the "slowdown" while charging. It feels a bit wonky when moving. Also switching back should remember which weapon you had used. Usually it switches to my Pistol when i disable it. SHIELD PILLAGE Could need some love to be usable against Infested too, as they have no Armor and no Shields. it also has issues against armor as the stolen value seems to be 1:1, which means that armor refills not really much at all EDIT as shown here HAVEN Just great, feels nice to support the team, especially the squishy "i dont need shields" frames. Would be nice if it would also kickstart their shield regen. AEGIS STORM Has a few issues with height difference. Even though the field is shown, enemies below you (like down some stairs) are usually not affected. BONUS She gave me a reason to use a Moa! With 5800 Shield those weaklings can actually survive for a while!
  4. As mentioned a few times before: - More Vauban tweaks? Im not talking about rework questions, i really mean tweaks like the ones we got recently with Tesla and Bastille. Vortex and Minelayer would be interesting I wouldnt be mad about a balance tweak on Vortex to atleast compete with Nidus who can reach 3x the range for the cost of a 1 ability. Yes Vauban can spam Vortex and it has a higher duration, but does that really justify the 4 slot when there are frames that can do it better and cheaper? - How will Channeling work in Melee 3.0?
  5. lets hope that its enough this time, and not another "Minelayer" but whatever it is, i will enjoy that armor o.o
  6. Deluxe AND tweaks AND a passive?! Thats rain, im not crying, its definitely raining
  7. - Any change to how we use combo animations? Personally i wish for an easy and intuitive "directional" system. Hold Forward while attacking -> Charge at the enemy. Hold Back while attacking -> Perform a defensive strike while backing up. Hold a Left/Right while attacking -> Perform a sideway strike, start to spin your heavy blade/hammer. something like that. - Will it be possible to wield a Sword and Throwing Knives? - Covert Lethality on Dual Daggers? - Zaws are nice, Zaws are strong, Zaws look...weird. We cant equip skins on them, is there any way that this could be changed? Even if the Hitbox wouldnt align with the model...Primed Reach and Rivens allready do that anyway
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