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  1. Yep, same here. Thought it is an upgrade over my Zetki MKII But Nope... The only thing that works over the regular Sigma Engine is the Boost, which increases from 2.0 to 2.2, but my Zetki with 1.8 are rounded up too...so no difference at all
  2. Immortal Outriders are the worst. Once the weakspots are gone, you just cant kill them anymore. They need some kind of weakspot that stays, so that we have a way to actually destroy them when they get healed.
  3. A few things i noticed so far: The Intrinsic to watch your team and support them with Abilities sounds nice at first...until you notice that the enemies are scaled up Grineer with even more Health and Armor than the regular ones. This means that even high power abilities (like Vaubans Photon Strike) can only tickle them. There is just no way that they will deal damage. CC and Support Abilities are the only usable ones here. So i dropped my Vauban again and use my Hildryn. She wont die from a single hit and her Ability kinda works...just not how i expected. I wish it would refill the Shields of the Player im watching, not my own. Most Archwings are trash. First i tried my favourite, Elytron, but he just doesnt work. His Nuke cant explode because of aaaaall the open space. His other abilities cant hit. Then i tried Odanata, Seeker Missiles, Shields...and they dont work either. What about Itzal? Only his Stealth Field is kinda usable. Amesha? Seems like the way to go... Even Archwing Weapons are bad. As some others have noted already, Status is King. There is no reason to use any other Weapon. Pure Damage doesnt work, short range doesnt work. It would also be neat if the Gunnery Aim Indicator would work.
  4. Just a minor one: Just like with Archwing at release, the "Move Down" Keybind is fixed. I set my Move Down to C, the same as Crouch, but in Railjack it doesnt work.
  5. I dont know if this will ever get read...but lets give it a try. Overall i like the Vauban Rework, he is more usable now than before, but sadly the main problems were still not adressed. His survivability and flow.# The new Animations look nice, but they are so insanely slow. With Natural Talent they are good to use, but without? If the base speed would be like that, then it would be good. But currently it just doesnt feel like Vauban anymore with his one-handed casting. Tesla Nervos is neat. The Augment is also pretty fun to use. Some say that it outclasses Photon Strike, but for that you need to deal that damage first. So i stay with the scaling damage from Photon Strike. Minelayer is still trash. Sorry. Tether would be great, if the amount of targets would scale with Strength. Flechette needs some form of Utility. It is outclassed by just shooting an Enemy instead. Speed Pad...really? It has no use at all. No one "walks" anymore. Movement abilities like Excals Jump were removed for a reason, so why is there a need for a static, ground based movement ability? A two-way teleport pad would have been a movement ability that i would actually use (if it has unlimited duration, like Wisp´s) Overdrive nice on Paper, buffing Damage...sadly not for Abilities. It would be a great tool to give him that extra bit of Oomph that he needs now besides Range, Duration, Efficiency...but only buffing Weapon Damage? Why? We deal overkill damage anyway. Its our Abilities that usually need more power. Photon Strike is great, i love it. The Visuals are nice and the damage is ok...sadly here we can notice the Armor Problem again. It is great against Corpus and Infested, but totally stinks against Grineer. Also i wish the corpses would be scorched...also i dont know why i would use its Augment. I cant use it against the same group because of the delay. So its only really usable to "bank" one Strike for later...but usually i have enough Energy by then to cast it anyway. Bastille/Vortex the Buff to both Bastille and Vortex is great. Armor Stripping is neat, and the added range and duration for Vortex is nice to have too. The Armor Buff is nice, but Vauban is still too squishy to notice that. So it doesnt really matter if it is there or not. So...Minelayer could really need another look...hopefully not in another 6 years.
  6. For once i have indeed a Question...three actually. I know that Melee 3.0 is coming "soon", but one thing bothers me for long time now. Dual Daggers. Single Daggers can use Covert Lethality, which makes them actually quite nice. Dual Daggers on the other hand are pretty bad. Would it be possible to make that Mod work there too? The second and third questions are about Zaws and Kitguns. We get more and more Tennogen, Deluxe and other Skins, so its a bit sad that we cant use them on the modular Weapons. I would love to play more with One Handed Swords and Nikanas, but i dont like the Zaw Skins... Do you have plans to adress that, so that we can look fancy and still play with a strong Weapon? Also, Kitguns and Zaws are insanely strong, "normal" Weapons cant really compete with them. The ability to use Arcanes on those Weapons doesnt help with that either. What are your plans to balance newer Weapons against the Kitguns/Zaws? Will there be a point where those modular Weapons are no longer the best choice? Will we someday get the ability to add an Arcane Slot to a regular Weapon too?
  7. see. there are only so many things you can do, and sometimes things overlap. Vaubans Bastille and Khoras Strangledome, Vaubans Vortex and Nidus Larva...also abilities that are very similar, but still unique.
  8. you could say the same about Gauss and Rhino both can run fast when they press a button both can become invulnerable both can knock enemies down there are so many frames now, that it becomes hard to not overlap with a few ability mechanics. there are only so many "elements" and "styles". so its not really hard to have for example two abilities that deal fire damage in a similar fashion. Ember and Nezha will still have enough differences to make them unique.
  9. I fully agree that Boost Pad should be replaced with something that we actually use. But atleast for me, i rarely stay inside Bastille. I dont care about the Armor Buff, the interesting part is the Armor Stripping. I throw my Bastille and Vortex where it is needed, not centered around myself.
  10. Well, its a damage buff for 25 Energy for whoever picks it up and players around him. I think that it is better than having that damage buff on a 100 Energy ability that is stationary, forcing players to stay inside bastille. With it as a Minelayer, you can throw 4 of them, one for each player, and still be mobile.
  11. Technically, it has. Stripping Armor increases damage, and Vaubans Passive adds 25% Damage while they are in CC. Also, i disagree. DE isnt making him a DPS Frame. Saryn is a DPS Frame. Equinox is a DPS Frame. Ember is a DPS Frame. Vauban is still a CC Frame. They just changed things we complained about. "Why has he two CC abilities that are so similar" "Tesla is useless and weak" "Minelayer is useless, give us Grenades or a Turret" Tesla could be a good change, we will see. I wonder what happens with Tesla Link then. Minelayer is meh, but atleast it was changed to the better. Cost reduced to 25 is good for spamming. Tripwire that actively takes out enemies with its new "Sticky Ripline" form could be ok, as you dont have to waste 100 Energy to take a single enemy out. Nail Grenade could be good. The build used there was a 130% Strength one, and a single Nail Grenade dealt 400dmg per hit. 25 Energy means that we can spam them. So they could be nice for Defense. Boost Pad is still as useless as Bounce was. Damage Amp atleast gives him some Teamplay. Shred is no longer needed as Bastille now strips 100% Armor over time. Concuss was never needed as it was just another, inferior CC. I really wouldnt mind if Tesla would become part of this instead of Speed Pad, and Minelayer overall becomes his new 1, making a space for a new 2. Orbital Strike. Yes, Vauban is not a DPS Frame, but this is not a DPS Ability. There were many complains about how Weapon dependend Vauban was. The best CC is useless if you cant kill. Other, newer frames got exactly that, a way to kill with abilities. Orbital Strike solves this and still fits his theme. Bastille is "too good"? Seriously? And giving Nail Grenade for 25 Energy the 100% Strip? Bastille was garbage since its nerf that added the cap, and was still garbage for a long time because of random dropouts. Repelling Bastille was a bandaid fix Augment for it, and even that was still bugged for a long time with enemies running into it. Only waaaay later we got the change that it pulses the repelling, making Bastille atleast decent again, but still not good. Look at Khora. Her Strangledome is a CC, like Bastille, that splits damage between captured enemies, multiplies damage, deals damage over time, enables friendly fire, synergizes with Whipclaw to share damage, and with augment, drops additional loot. And you really say that BASTILLE is too strong with the Armor Stripping?! There is a reason why you take her to Excavation and not Vauban. So really, im not worried at all. Vauban still stays a CC frame, but has more Offense now to actually use that CC.
  12. the same reason why Vauban is considered squishy. Ranged Enemies. Waaaaay back then he had the only Hard-CC against the pure Melee Infested. No more. All factions have ranged now to shoot him from outside, Bastille has a target cap that lets enemies in. But anyway, 1000 Armor is just a Bonus. The real killer is the CC with the Stripping.
  13. One thing you need to consider is, that we dont know which type of Build they were running. All the values were different from what we have. 23s Bastille would be around 150% Duration, yet Vortex was only 4s instead of 18s. Then again, collapsing Bastille gave it 23s too So we dont know how Mods affect the abilities. We dont even know what happens with his Augments. EDIT: It was 155% Duration, 130% Efficiency, 160% Range, 130% Strength So pretty much a Cookie Cutter Build with everything a bit, but nothing maxed. And for that, the values looked great. For Sticky Ripline we dont know the restrictions. Can enemies resist it? Whats the range? Does it retarget? Does it have priority Targets? We know that you can stick it on your Kubrow, atleast they said we can. You cant do that with Vortex. Its also a lot cheaper. Could be useful to take out a few big guys. Nail Grenade was at around 400 damage per hit on those level 200 Butchers. Yes, Butchers are not the strongest enemies in the game, but so are most enemies except high level Grineer Soldiers with Armorscaling of Doom. Since it is a 25 Energy Ability, it means we can spam them. Could work. Completely agree with Boost Pad. We have Bulletjump, K-Drive, Archwing, and enough other Frames with universal Movement Speed Buff. Even merging the new Tesla into it would have been better than that, since they are both 25 Energy now. Would have made space for a new 50. Personaly, i would like to have a Shield-Wall like those Corpus dudes. Orbital Strike - Totally in love with it. Yes, its too slow compared to weapons like Plasmor...but to be honest, most abilities are. You cant really compete against those Weapons unless you nuke the whole level like Saryn. Raw, Scaling Damage is fine for me. Finally Vauban joins the "Scaling Damage Club" with a Heavy Hitter. Also consider that Vaubans Passive works well with the Vortex - Orbital Combo then. OS alone was at slightly over 9000dmg, inside Vortex it was at 11000. Thats with a 130% Build. So around 7000 at 100%. I think thats still the hardest hitting ability we currently have, except for Saryns DoT and such things. Considering the Buffs that Bastille gets, Armor Stripping and Armor Buffing, its deserved that it is now his 100 Ability. The Armor Buff capped at 1000 after around 10s. 1000 Armor means 77% Absorb. I think its 10% Strip and 100 Armor per second in the video, atleast the Butchers were naked when the Buff capped. Stripping 100% of the enemies armor with just 130% Strenght sounds strong.
  14. so do most of the other non-Grineer enemies. only Grineer have that insane armor scaling. 9000 damage for a 3 ability isnt bad if it scales with the enemies level.
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