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  1. LazerusKI

    K-drive Death Racing

    That would be the first PVP mode that i would actually play. K-Drive is fun to use but compared to Archwing still not mobile enough. So a mode where the K-Drive is the main feature? Hell yeah! Who remembers Snowboard Kids for the N64?
  2. LazerusKI

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    As mentioned a few times before: - More Vauban tweaks? Im not talking about rework questions, i really mean tweaks like the ones we got recently with Tesla and Bastille. Vortex and Minelayer would be interesting I wouldnt be mad about a balance tweak on Vortex to atleast compete with Nidus who can reach 3x the range for the cost of a 1 ability. Yes Vauban can spam Vortex and it has a higher duration, but does that really justify the 4 slot when there are frames that can do it better and cheaper? - How will Channeling work in Melee 3.0?
  3. LazerusKI

    FYI: Update 23.3.0 Tomorrow (probably)!

    lets hope that its enough this time, and not another "Minelayer" but whatever it is, i will enjoy that armor o.o
  4. LazerusKI

    FYI: Update 23.3.0 Tomorrow (probably)!

    Deluxe AND tweaks AND a passive?! Thats rain, im not crying, its definitely raining
  5. LazerusKI

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    - Any change to how we use combo animations? Personally i wish for an easy and intuitive "directional" system. Hold Forward while attacking -> Charge at the enemy. Hold Back while attacking -> Perform a defensive strike while backing up. Hold a Left/Right while attacking -> Perform a sideway strike, start to spin your heavy blade/hammer. something like that. - Will it be possible to wield a Sword and Throwing Knives? - Covert Lethality on Dual Daggers? - Zaws are nice, Zaws are strong, Zaws look...weird. We cant equip skins on them, is there any way that this could be changed? Even if the Hitbox wouldnt align with the model...Primed Reach and Rivens allready do that anyway
  6. Nidus? What about Full Metal Vauban?
  7. LazerusKI

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    Since now Vauban receives his Deluxe, can we expect some real changes to his skillset someday too? There are still bugs that were reported around 4-5 years ago that were even marked as fixed (like the Vortex ball Splitting which should have been fixed in 14.0 so 2014). Not to mention that his abilities (Tesla and Vortex) still scale on the old damage 1.0 level, back when a fully modded Dread dealt around 500dmg. Vortex deals 600 over its entire duration while for example Khoras Strangledome deals 5000. Nowdays we have weapons that can easily reach 15k dps and more, so isnt it time to adjust his damage? And lets not start with his passive which has no effect 99% of the time.
  8. LazerusKI

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    while its is all nice and good (or not)... why is there no Vauban on that list? the one frame that is broken for YEARS? I mean...Bastille still doesnt work correctly, wouldnt it be about time to change it from an Animation-CC into a Stasis-CC (like frosts freeze, limbos stasis, garas glassing, mags magnets...)? It breaks hitboxes and there are enough enemies now that can "cancel" the stasis-animation to break it. What about Minelayer? A totally needless ability that could have been a rework for his other abilities? Add Concuss to his Tesla like it was shown in his Prime-Trailer (there Tesla was a flashbang) Add Tripwire to Tesla Link so that the Augment has a use again Replace Bounce with Shred No need for this useless "Ivara wheel" that doesnt fit his flow.
  9. LazerusKI

    Riven Reward for "Chains of Harrow" seems like this doesnt work then. I bought the Harrow pack before i started the quest. finished it. and received...the blueprint
  10. LazerusKI

    Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.2.0

    :( Thats not the navigator augment we voted for
  11. LazerusKI

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Nerfs for Tonkor and Simulor, Buffs for Miter, Panthera and Glaxion. im not mad, thats nice but where are the Sniper Rifles?!
  12. i have to say...thanks :) im glad you listened to us and gave us a chance to get it
  13. LazerusKI

    Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    as usual. not a single event in the past worked without exploiting
  14. LazerusKI

    Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    Aaaaand DE screwed up another event. why do they even try it? Inactive clans are screwed again...
  15. LazerusKI

    The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited

    I actually like the new Ash, there are just a few things that could be better. Shuriken: Cost 25 Energy for 2 Hits. Well...Bladestorm costs 30 Energy (20 from stealth) for two even stronger hits. Shuriken could need a buff here. Smokescreen: I love it. the change gave him much more mobility Teleport: I wish it would work on Grates too, would be nice for some spy missions Blade Storm: Currently it costs too much energy for the marks in my opionion. Maybe this could use the same effect that Fatal Teleport has, giving back 50% of the used energy on a kill? His new skin is also pretty nice, i never liked Ash Prime that much, but this one looks interesting