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  1. It can also did not get exp because of most kills being with Volt, not Rubico Prime. Warframe's exp is mostly 100% to warframe when killed with abilities, or 50% warframe and 50% weapon used to last hit, and even distributed for equipment of allies in affinity range (with 50% of exp gained on weapons going to Warframe too). That's why Saryn can't lvl her own equipment on Hydron. If that's not the case just ignore what I wrote =x
  2. I'm quite upset about these things too =T There should be a way to tag piggybacks, make them play only with others like them. Not sure if the ignore ever done anything at the point to prevent matchmaking with those, but is the only thing so far that can help you fell less powerless against that kind. =T
  3. Launcher just started updating after 6 days, hopping I can finally play again ;0; anyone still not able to update? =<
  4. Since this update i can not even update the game ;-; Edit: to be fair it has been 3 days since i can not connect, but could not resist to reply =x
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