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  1. 1 to confirm the item the bug is on 1 to get out of the map if not and another 1 to go to the mission
  2. It is quite sad too....as you need to transit 3 loading screens to get a chance to get other 6% chance part =T
  3. Happened for me just once when the host migrated and we kept his ship.
  4. I did some runs earlier and noticed after 5 times it was aways droping the same "hidden" reward (now I got 7 Nautilus systems....), going to drydock or another mission rerolls the drop, but repeating the mission gives the same reward. "repeating" I mean selecting the same mission on the railjack's navigation. Extra bug: For some reason my Lavos lost all the "attachments" and was walking around "naked" with not even the botton part that covers his butt xD I can provide clips and prints for my gameplay if needed, but don't want to go watch all the vod if not essentia
  5. Doing a mission on Neptune after dying once with Ivara all enemy AI now just ignore me, even entered a nullifying bubble to check if it was not an invisibility bug. This bug started after I got downed and revived by my sentinel (Djinn). On entering operator they turned hotile on him and killed him, and now the operator can also move without enemy harassment. The sentinel (Djinn) is targeted every time it respawns. Enemy shots with AOE still damaged the Warframe, so I died to test if the problem would be fixed, and it was. I started recording after I noticed the
  6. Thanks for the new NW, but Helminth seems to have broken...the old 5 sec load time when sitting now makes most menus "unloadable" Edit: after 4th restart and a sacrifice it is working normal again...no idea what happened.
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