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  1. Im actually happy with this. Ogris bayby! Love ogris. Tonkor nerf...idc... I'm a penta kinda guy. Paracyst and others receiving love...im excited. Telos boltace nerf? Idc...ohma master race!
  2. I have an unrolled spectra riven
  3. Anyone know why?
  4. I don't see a limbo fix for element damage in the rift.
  5. Yep, i gotta 100% status organ shattering crit build...so good
  6. Thats not what im saying...im saying nano applicator with ur mod would give 100% status chance.
  7. Well that blows big time
  8. Lol, lovin that Ohma huh?
  9. Nano spores givs 100% if u mod properly
  10. Im not so sure about that...
  11. Not sure about price of this. So psn me and we'll talk. Also selling a high roll dread riven with 122 damage and 67 multishot. Looking for 150 - 200ish range might also trade for a good riven of equal or lesser value. And selling frost prime Ty for ur time.
  12. How much for 2nd aklato
  13. That zhuge riven is an amazing roll. Idk 500 - 800 maybe more
  14. 120
  15. 70