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  1. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Different sortie reward and yet... The same

    Im on mobile and use short hand. So take ur teaching elsewhere Mr belvedere.
  2. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Anyone else really like revenant now?

    Scale better? I can kill a lvl 100 thrall... Then watch other lvl 100s die as they walk into the collumn...
  3. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Different sortie reward and yet... The same

    Your in the minority. The only change is more options. You get more for the same effort not less.
  4. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Battle Royale

  5. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Anyone else really like revenant now?

    Hes so crazy good. I dont understand why people were calling him fodder. Easily one of the best tanks in the game. Definitely one of the most unique and most fun frames out there. Alot of people push 4 to win with him... I only push 4 to get overshields. I press 1, 2, 3 to win... And its so rewarding! I would like at least two of your thralls to be able to only be killed by you. Would also be neat if you could have your 2 main thralls... Then at least 10 more that are basically meat shields. However i love him as is... Hes great!
  6. (PS4)big_eviljak

    So I decided to do a dumb thing...

    Wow! Thats awsome!
  7. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Different sortie reward and yet... The same

    Wow, thats a great idea!
  8. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Different sortie reward and yet... The same

    What more resources? Explain. The kuva reward would be this item in sorties. Attach the kuva pieces u get from the plains... We aready have kuva rewards in the plains (300 kuva) rewards. The pieces to attach would be worth 300 kuva.. What extra grind?
  9. (PS4)big_eviljak

    How can I protect myself from fake plat?

    DE has like 250 people wrkn on this game. No way they could do that.
  10. (PS4)big_eviljak

    How can I protect myself from fake plat?

    Would be nice if we had a ingame program to trade through... That could detect fraudulent platinum. Flyff had something similar back in the day.
  11. Could we plz get a kuva humidifier or like a kuva extraction cylinder(made that up) for the kuva reward? Give it similarities to sculptures in that u can add parts onto it and make it do things. Can turn it into kuva, or trade it, or decorate ur ship with it. Maybe make the kuva rewards on the plains instead be the various parts to connect to it. Just an idea.
  12. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Chroma needs a rework

    Tbf... Nidus blows alot of frames out of the water. Nidus is almost perfect... If every frame was built as well as nidus we would need missions with lvl 400+ enemies juat to have a challenge.
  13. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Chroma needs a rework

    I like that idea. An eg that gets the vex buff and duration would be great.
  14. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Chroma needs a rework

    Im not running max power strength no... There's no need. Besides im 40 years old and anymore than 60 mins and im peeing my pants lol. I play chroma much more now than i did his older counter part. I use effigy in bursts... Pop effigy in the middle of a group of mobs... Run out in the open, parkour into the air, ground slam with jat kittag right in the middle, pull effigy back... or Pull out gram or Galatine... Broken bull everyone into the abyss... Rinse repeat. All the while keeping up with vex armor... Zenurik keeps energy up enough, and provided i stay mobile i dont have a lick of issues. That being said, a duration effigy would bring a huge QoL change over the energy per second.