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  1. Looking for multishot and status predominantly with an acceptable negative. Psn or post here plz, thanks!
  2. Much appreciated
  3. Atlas is a primo frame...needs only a change to his 3. Hs landslide is most powerful move in the game. His rumblers are invincible if modded properly...and his rock shield is useful as all get out.
  4. Stasis when cataclysm is active should force all allies into melee. It should buff dmg by .5 and increase channeling and ability efficiency by 10%. Otherwise stasis is useless as most of the community has no idea of the projectile limit.
  5. Ogris isn't inferior anymore. Im popping lvl 130 heavy gunners with mine. The rework is real. Simulor is crap though.
  6. Nah, make hysteria duration based.
  7. Could we plz get a buff to this very fun weapon? It desperately needs a fire rate/charge rate buff. It needs to do a larger aoe. It could use a secondary function...my suggestion, Make its secondary fire a a gatling gun that shoots lazers. With a spinup similar to supra but a damage output of megnetic.
  8. And with the augment and sum heavily modded venka primes...u can tear thtough lvl 100+ enemies with ease:)
  9. U toggle it on... Can use all ur other abilities and weapons while ur targeting, then click boom. Enemies are toast. Maybe u should play tetris or something that doesn't require any thought or skill.
  10. Limbo DOES NOT need to be removed...loki switch teleport troll is way more annoying. Ash rework is perfect...i love playing with him now.
  11. Ok so been playing limbo now for a few days.... I have been maining him for a few months now.. I like infinite rift... That's fun Banish is a nice idea but should wrk like it used to...keep the range aspect of it, just make it usuable while in the rift like it used to be. I like stasis but it's barely usable...people use up the 300 projectile limit way too quickly...i say wen stasis is popped it forces everyone into melee including enemies. Gives allies a huge melee dmg buff as well as channeling efficiency buff and were good. Rift surge is worthless Cataclysm is weaker than it used to be. I just use it as a combo to stasis... Negative strength cuz a high or average strength build is crapola. Im gettin the hang of him now. DE, ill give u an A- not bad:)
  12. Ash rework was great. I love the toggle.
  13. 50p
  14. Yep,faint riv disposition. Got lucky with mine...boltor took 1 rolls got dmg multi...dread 22 rolls and only mediocre.