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  1. Cc, Dmg, Range, Negative
  2. Drawing aggro would allow iron skin to charge up without having to use ironclad charge.
  3. Anything that draws aggro is good imo. Especially for a frame like Rhino.
  4. Shes basically a blood mage. Not my cup of tea. Gara is pretty fancy herself. Cant wait to see Gara Prime.
  5. Ivara is fun... I dont care for Garuda, prefer atlas Its preference. Each to their own.
  6. Rhino has dmg? No. Hes an epic support but his abilities dont do any substantial dmg.
  7. Rhino is beastly. I want more armor for him however, and i would like his pure cc to actually scale in dmg. Vauban got a rework to his pure cc, no reason why Rhino cant as well.
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