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  1. PC Mutalist Cernos Riven

    75 - 100
  2. WTS Saryn prime complete set with her weapons

    You bet, cheers!
  3. WTS Saryn prime complete set with her weapons

    Might wanna wait till shes vaulted if ur wanting 400 plat. Currently u can get saryn for 40 - 60p nikana for 60 - 80p and spira for 40 - 50p in trade chat.
  4. WTS

    Vectis prime - 100p (vectis barrel 25p) Ankyros prime - 100p Euphona prime - 40p Mag prime - 100p Odonata Prime - 80p Frost chassis - 250 Frost neuro - 30p Dera vandal - 35p https://imgur.com/kllD0rR - 550p https://imgur.com/wadbL2v - 600p Trades welcome, prices negotiable. Post here or psn if interested.
  5. WTT

    Id rather have the crit as well, however send me a psn and we can talk about it. :)
  6. WTT

    https://imgur.com/wadbL2v For a ballistica riven with Crit chance and Crit damage. Psn me if interested. Would possibly be open to trading for other rivens, provided their good to god like.
  7. WTS Vulkar Groll

    https://imgur.com/wadbL2v Takng offers, psn me plzzzz
  8. Should Limbo be team-friendly?

    Exactly, his banish doesn't stop abilities from working.
  9. Should Limbo be team-friendly?

    Limbo is very team friendly. Me and my clanmates utilize his tremendously powerful kit in high tier missions. Just because the more toxic people in the community have labeled him otherwise, doesn't mean it is so. He needs the gara treatment is all that he needs. Instead of stopping projectiles with stasis... He like gara should only stop the enemies, not projectiles. Otherwise, hes fine.
  10. Warframe on PlayStation turns 4!

    Thanks DE!
  11. WTB Vulkar riven PS4

    I have a vulkar critatis. Which is Cc, Cd. Ill psn u a pic wen im hm later.
  12. WTT

    https://imgur.com/ko7uZnN For dread critaata Hit me if interested. Ty
  13. WTS Ether Sword and Mewan rivens

    How much for mewan riven?
  14. Price Check?