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  1. Wtb Gram riven

    One can hope!
  2. WTS Buzlock Groll

    Me too :)
  3. WTS Buzlock Groll

    The awsome thing is... People have a choice as to what they want and dont want. I dont screw people over, u can ask anyone that frequents this forum, im on the level. So instead of trying to sabotage my post, How bout u either add positivity to my thread or keep ur mouth shut.
  4. WTS Buzlock Groll

    https://imgur.com/uSjPC5o - 1000p Or would like to trade for rubico riven with Crit dmg, Dmg Multi Negative Pm, psn, post here... Thanks
  5. Possible bug

    Ok, thanks.
  6. Wts Couple good rivens

    Sry sold it this morning.
  7. Possible bug

    Not sure if this is a bug or intended. Before last update, zenurik energy passive and channeling passive were displayed at the top of the screen. They aren't there anymore. Is it a display bug, or are the abilities not working, or is it just not displayed anymore?
  8. lets talk about the snipetron... and i suppose lanka, too

    Snipetron doesn't fit lore, its why they made it unobtainable for awhile.
  9. New coming primary weapon isn't sniper, why?

    Daikyu sniper prime plz
  10. The ballet-principle and Lecta lasso-whip's - 2018

    Channeling is epic simply put. Most weapons have a base 50% dmg increase. So... Take my dark split dual swords and let me get them to a red crit state, then toggle in my channeling. Thats +50% more dmg on top of everything else. With zenurik the 5 energy per strike is lowered to 2 per strike. Heck, use a zaw and equip a Exodia brave r3... And its literally free with energy regen. Or Exodia valor and do a possible 200% channeling dmg Everytime u crit. Whats not to like?
  11. Birb Prime Is Already Extinct

    Zephyr is op af. Her tornadoes are moving magnetize bubbles. I play several hrs this morning and played with lots of zephyr primes. Plus her mobility of her ine is simply put... Awsome.
  12. A most Peculiar workshop.

    I want a peculiar mod that gives my warframe a super saiyan 3 kinda aura... make it fit in exilus slot, That would be AWESOME!
  13. Wtb Gram riven

    60, typo
  14. Wtb Gram riven

    Got one for 6 with a great roll, im happy. Now to forma it a BAJILLION times
  15. Wts Couple good rivens

    https://imgur.com/BKREkhf - sold https://imgur.com/RT6t4ag - 300 Trades welcome Pm, psn, post here if interested thx!