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  1. Not a nerf for mid to low lvl content which was the intention, ember can still insta kill everything. Just run max range. Only place she was nerfed was sortie/kuva flood lvls... Which is really something, considering she was already weak in endgame content. You'll still have to either play good or cry about how she beats u in lvl 50 and down enemies.
  2. Regardless, she's got the nerf hammer multiple times. No weapon or warframe is immune. Keep that in mind.
  3. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Quanta vandal getn sum serious love
  4. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Or utilize vigilant mods such as armaments, offense, fervor
  5. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Or corrosive + viral + heat ;)
  6. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Embolist gonna rock
  7. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Oh, ther changing the per second mechanic? In that case... I'm intrigued!
  8. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Phage needs more like 25% crit as status is trash on shotguns anyway, and REALLY horrible on beam weapons, so absolutely terrible on a beam shotgun.
  9. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Why did amprex get crit nerfed? In a world where we have lenz? Weird
  10. Talons...

    Weapon got a rework on pc.
  11. Dual Split Sword idea

    The heavy version of this sword is crap though. The dual sword version is one of the most powerful n the game imo... Heavy version needs a buff first.
  12. Valkyr was already nerfed. Twice.
  13. Im 40... Ive been playing 3 and half years or so... I still love missions and yearn for the grind. Its what keeps me goin, constantly clmbing that mountain and never reaching the proverbial peak. I have everything but primed chamber and a few arcanes...but that doesn't stop me from hoarding. Ive built more zaws than we have strikes for, I still want a challenge. I dont want it to be stupid hard all the time but don't want it to be a breeze either. PoE is wonderful, cant wait for venus. No good thing comes easy.
  14. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Beam weapons need the arca scisco treatment. Otherwise, just keep as is. These changes aren't that great. Seem rushed and incomplete. Fyi arca scisco is awesome.
  15. Gunblades need some love

    They could use a once over.