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  1. I dont use it unless i need to. You have ur opinion and playstyle... And i have mine.
  2. I tank him. No efficiency, high shields and adaptation with fair power strength, health, lil bit if duration. Use his 4 only if needed.
  3. His two is great dont get me wrong... The ability to not die and free thralling. I just don't use it like a crutch... I assume you do, good on you. Not my playstyle.
  4. Giving away two deluxe warframe cosmetic bundles... Example: Atlast Karst Bundle... Nyx Pasithea bundle... Rhino Palatine pack... Etc. Etc. Etc. To enter this contest... Reply below with the name of the deluxe collection you want to win. Winners will be announced in 7 - 10 days. Good luck!
  5. I rarely use his two... only in that rare But puckering moment. Not needed otherwise
  6. Im ok with it... Ive never cone across that bug. So whatever
  7. Leshleon your the winner of the NOVA PRIME. Ill add you as a friend in a few and we will work out a time to meet.
  8. I dont use energize. I use arcane barrier and arcane aegis... Dont have energy issues... Use zenurik if i do
  9. Because your not fine with the way things are doesn't mean you should simply ignore my opinion on how i love him as is... 😏
  10. I lobe rev as he is. I'd understand a rework if he couldn't handle 150+ enemies relatively easy... Plus playing him is very fun. This thread is based on opinion. The op's opinion is different than mine. Each to their own, however i love rev as is.
  11. Your the only one who has inquired for frost prime... So you WIN! Ill add you as a friend, and lets find a time to meet!
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