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  1. (PS4)big_eviljak

    I love Saryn

    I remember old saryn nuke. Not as fun as current saryn. I love nidus too... Great frame. Atlas and wukong... My boi's. Rhino will always have my heart though. Anyone remember when iron skin was a duration? Lol those were the days.
  2. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    He does need sum love. No argument there. I dont like the lack of fluidity. Its choppy instead smooth.
  3. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Octavia, timing, and buffs...

    Id much rather the buffs be on cycled through like vaubans 2.
  4. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    You have eyes correct? You can see the inconsistency. However, feel free to continue to troll me to your hearts content.
  5. (PS4)big_eviljak

    WTT Gram Riven for Paracesis

    https://imgur.com/a/aUXwGkK Wanna trade for Paracesis riven Cc, cd, negative Cd, dmg, negative Cd or cc, channeling dmg, dmg, negative If interested plz pm me. Thanks
  6. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Its inconsistent and inconclusive. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  7. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Yes, and yet an adjacent bombard was getting 89, 89, 89, then 111, 111, 117... Sane with the gunners. Some were consistently staying st the same number... Sum were multiplying, and im not talking about the crit upgrades. So either this is a bug, or its unintented. Which means its a bug. So basically, Baruuk needs some bug fixes... And either the wave is or isn't effected. We need a clear yes or no.
  8. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    I wasn't implying that a 100% crit build made it work. Combo counter does effect it... Though it usnt consistent. Which tells me either its unintented... Or a bug. Check out @JasonCharlton’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/JasonCharlton/status/1096101814821359618?s=09 Or http://evil-jak.tumblr.com/post/182807068252/baruuk-waves-effected-by-combo-multiplier
  9. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Im goin to test it, and post it. Im not making things up. Ive had a tremendous amount of respect for you, always own up when im wrong. If im wrong here, ill accept it... So back off.
  10. (PS4)big_eviljak

    My disapointment and changes for Nyx

    If were being honest... Only change i wanted to begin with was some survivability. I loved her pre-rework. So her new changes are also great. She doesn't have to be a high dps frame... Not all frames need that.
  11. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Ill make a video as well. I run a over 100% crit build. So ill get sum data and post it.
  12. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Well it does... You gotta build the counter with direct hits or finishers. Then the waves get a boost based on the damage. U gotta get it to x2 though, x1.5 doesn't do anything.
  13. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Attacks and wind waves have a 200%critical multiplier with a 50% critical chance and a 10% status chance. Damage is affected by Ability Strength, the Melee Combo Counter, most mods, and buffs.
  14. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    The wiki even agrees with me. I removed all arcanes, companions, only ran drifting contact.. "Serene Storm" on Fandom: "See Also Baruuk" http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Serene_Storm
  15. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Ive tested it. Get the combo counter up with physical attacks... And the waves do more damage. Ive tested it multiple times.