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  1. Vacumn is the ONLY reason i dont use kubrow, kavat, charger. Every other mmo has vacumn of some kind.
  2. I cant help but point out that an ice tank build for chroma is many times better than rhino. I generally start the vex armor and during power up activate elemental ward which boosts my armor a great deal. When vex armor is about to expire, the armor Boost from elemental ward is good enough to not only keep chroma from running away... But to continue to push fwd. I neednt wrry about an Augment to make things easier.... Their already easy. Rhino on the other hand...is harder to mod for without pouring everything into iron skin....Yes u CAN survive high lvl missions without his augments...but endlessly? No. Chroma holds that title. Unfortunately Chroma does everything Rhino can do only better. YES Rhino can CC quite well. Chroma CAN and DOES kill enemies at a high tier. Cannot cc nearly as good. However, if i want to tank as well as kill...,Chroma wins
  3. Chroma is a better tank tbh, and easier to mod for. Plus his effigy actually kills things at high lvls. Rhino does have great cc.... But it requires alot of modding to get him to a fun place in high tier. Everyone keeps attkin me...saying i dont kno how to play rhino...if they makes u feel better.... trolling me, have at it. I only care about making this frame less dependent on one or two builds, and able to be built for damge output. But plz, by all means...follow the trend and keep knocking my playstyle, fully dependent on how im suggesting a rework. I feel a mesa inspired iron skin would be more interesting...thats my opinion ofc, each to their own. His roar is great, perhaps the aug should instead allow the draw of aggro. His one should bulldoze entire legions of enemies and scale. His 4 should scale as well. Not a big change im wantin....my math is a bit broken, keep in mind im not a great math guy...those wer suggestions.. figured someone would tweak them, rather than spending day after day knocking my math and trolling me. I love this game, but this community....not so much. Alot of hate here. I wont be commenting on this thread any further. Thnx for nothing WF community...
  4. Actually i was wanting a buff so when iron skin is gone u have a few seconds to re activate it. Few people have room for redirection on a rhino build
  5. Hm tru, although i think a berzerk rage kinda thing could be cool too.
  6. Oberon, hydroid then zephyr and mirage
  7. I think a knockback when runs or slides into an enemy is cool in theory...but would make it hard to melee enemies. Instead of heavy landing giving a heavy impact effect.... It could instead give a rhino stomp effect for 8 secs.
  8. Hema 100 - 200 Hek 300 - 400 possibly more. Many people try to make vaykor hek a crit build but status is very viable as well.
  9. Healing one person is no big deal. I only use renewal wen its needed...turn it off wen it isnt
  10. Rhinos 1 is a good example. Needs scaling badly
  11. So noone has energy problems with any other frame? Not a single other frame runs out of energy ever? Hogwash
  12. I have a -45% efficiency build and have zero problems with energy consumption... provided im not plsyin with a SOTD nekros. I kill, heal, and do just fine. Its not perfect...leech eximus are always a bother but for the most part, no problems. Maybe the problem is with the user.
  13. 2k kuva is easy to get
  14. However, each one has a weakness... No frame is meant to be without balance.