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  1. (PS4)big_eviljak

    What is Ember's role in Sortie or any high level mission?

    Her WoF needs to be replaced with a Magma Type armor. Shes too squishy.
  2. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Atlas the titan of warframes!

    Add adaptation and if u have room, the Rumblers augment. It makes ur Rumbler draw aggro which helps alot.
  3. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Price check Rubico Riven

    1 - 2k
  4. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rivens for sale, will take offers and trades

    I don't have cheap ones. Nor was i offering cheap ones. Rubico, gram, zenistar. However, your assumption kills it.
  5. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Atlas the titan of warframes!

    I like everything but the no bulwark change. I use the bulwark a tremendous amount of time. Or perhaps a hybrid of your idea. Once activated, u can step up to the bullwark... Pick it up, and hurl it at enemies, grabbing them and it returns to you with enemies in tow... Similar to a boomerang.
  6. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Indeed your correct. The nullifer seeks u out, hugs u. Glitches through walls. Its instant power loss. Very unbalanced.
  7. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rhino Rework Concept

    I do, however i have searched u to no avail. Ill upload my build when i get hm later to imgur and link my build to you through pm.
  8. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Vulnerability isnt the issue.
  9. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Indeed i agree
  10. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Energy drain instead of nullification? So that means his energy gets drained as well as his stacks?
  11. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Im more interested in the ability interaction with nullifiers.
  12. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Every frame is powered through the tenno through void energy. Nidus is no different. His stacks, his abilities that utilize these stacks... Are still void energy based. No reason why he gets a pass over other warframes in terms of nullification. Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander.
  13. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Rhino Rework Concept

    Hey i have an Iron Gunner build where i rarely use his iron skin. Id be happy to share it with you. Only change i want for rhino is how his iron skin interact with Nullys.
  14. (PS4)big_eviljak

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    Almost every frame has an ability that could interact similarly to nidus. Not all of them though. Like ash for example, doesn't have anything i cansee that needs to interact with Nullys different. Loki has his decoy, the duration that effects it could decrease rapidly. Nova null star projectiles could dissipate quickly instead of instant null. Nyx chaos should honestly be unaffected by nullies. (Maybe unbalanced?) Saryns husk health could reduce rapidly. As an example..