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  1. Booster giveaway

    Howd the party go brother? Just got off work finally!!!
  2. Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    In reality... A sniper pulls the trigger, hits the mark and they're gone. Theres no second shot. Snipers in Warframe... Ultra advanced, 100's of 1000's of years in the future.... Rarely one shot anything unless its low lvl. Pretty lame. Snipers and bows need 50% bonus flight speed. No sway effect, and better hip fire at the very least.
  3. Baro has nothing

    Baro brings things that aren't new all the time.
  4. Warframe Call of the Wild

    Maybe the grineer cloning went bad and a new breed if creatures is threatening the cetus whole way of life. We come in and track it, and then either trap it and try to tame it... Or eradicate it.
  5. Warframe Call of the Wild

    Cuz they wanna kill us or kill cetus allies. Or for food for cetus. Or because ther aggressive and a threat to locals. Or because there's over population. Or because their grineer science projects gone bad and if they're allowed to run free, they threaten the entire eco system.
  6. Warframe Call of the Wild

    Whats specifically lame about it? The whole idea, or something specific that kills the deal?
  7. Warframe Call of the Wild

    Exactly, i just used PoE as an example.
  8. Low lvl stuff? Ur talkin about low lvl content? I can wreck lvl 50 and down with a heat dagger. What a moronic argument. Nerfng anything based on low level content is just plain dumb.
  9. Customize-able Crosshair

    I just want a different rubico crosshair
  10. Problems with Trade and why we are going in the wrong way to fixing it

    Any economic decline is bad. Im highly against the "Lazy" way.
  11. Warframe Call of the Wild

    DE can we plz get an actual hunt style mission? Where u hunt animals/creatures from the PoE? Make the creatures elusive, intelligent, and incredibly difficult to catch/find/trap/kill. Give us the ability to turn the creatures into trophys and give us a display room in our ship or allow a capture option and make them into pets/or spectres plzzzzzzzz? Also, hunt/animal based Warframe would be sweet... Like cheetah Warframe or Wolf Warframe or Bear Warframe maybe an eagle Warframe etc...
  12. Problems with Trade and why we are going in the wrong way to fixing it

    Auction house? No. Theres like seven 3rd party ones out there... Have fun.
  13. "Fine" maybe... Remotely as effective as crit? No Before Condition Overload... Lacera crit build with bloodrush/body count, killed MUCH faster than 100% status build. Hands down. Now, ur whining that jat kusar status build kills faster than crit build...sound familiar?
  14. Now... Both crit and staus builds can wreck shop. Before Condition Overload... Only crit and high damage builds could endgame. Status was a backup, or an additive style... It COULD NOT be used on its own without extremely high damaging builds or crit builds in 100+ scenarios if u wanted to complete a mission with any lvl of speed. If Crit wasnt effective at higher levels(which it is), then i could see buffing crit...
  15. Crit was better than status for eons. Balance WAS applied... Its called Condition Overload.