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  1. I have completed the Isolation Vault 3 but the game doesn't let me to start the House Cleaning bounty. It's says I have to complete the Isolation Vault. I notice that the game changed from Fass to Vome cycle. -edit- After restarting the Isolation Vault 3, I started in stage 2/3. And then it let me start that bounty.
  2. I have the same problem. It is only working with GeForce Experience v3.20.0.118
  3. I had a "Oro" decoration behind the Arsenal, but now is inside the Arsenal and I can't move it. Is there any way to recover it without using the "RESET DECORATIONS" option? Is will take me too long to rebuild my Main Room.
  4. Steps: Get Affinity buff of Smeeta Kavat (with or without Tek Enhance) Top right the duration says something like 120 seconds Go into operator mode and says like 10 seconds more, ie 130 seconds
  5. Tengo VTR y obviamente el mismo problema. Por el momento uso una VPN para pasar el launcher y desactivo la VPN antes de hacer login. Uso "hide.me" VPN, cualquiera otra VPN debería funcionar. Me conecto a Canadá.
  6. I've had the same problem a couple of times.
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