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  1. You can scan The Hyena Pack and The Raptor when they are the assassination target on sorties. Just equip Helios when that happens.
  2. Thanks for the update. In the new "Change Loadout" screen, add the current config name please.
  3. can we transmute old rivens into Archgun Rivens?
  4. I like changes but I don't like these. speeding up the enemies scale rate and reviving a player will make this mission lose what make it special.
  5. I had multiple horrasque and stover scans before the update. After checking the codex, it seems that the scans I had before were not counted. I hope DE fix this and adds Sawgaw to the codex.
  6. Would be nice if we can chose between a Reward or 50 Wolf Creds. Because I think it's going to take too many Series to get all the Offerings.
  7. the archwing controls were better before this last update.
  8. now my operator looks like is using her panties over her pants (zauba greaves with varida suit)
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