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  1. Sorry to see you go. Hope you had fun during your visit.
  2. Landing on top of door frames. It’s not a bug, I just hate it.
  3. Ya, bullet jumping is what got me into the game. The whole space ninja thing, ya know, DEs catch phrase. Without it, it would be just another loot-n-shoot. Boring.
  4. Where are all these angry players I read about? I want to get in on some of these great convos. I like tilting trolls (and sometimes being one). I feel left out. All my random squads have been civil all these years. Anyone got any tips?
  5. I hit 27 the day it was available for non-founders. I’ve been playing since August 2015. Feel free to figure it out, cuz research and reasons.
  6. I’m confused by this. You joined a lobby, and someone was playing their game they way they wanted to, and you just sat there? Why not leave? I do this all the time. When a Limbo is there, being a terrible Limbo. Or if a Volt is just spamming speed every 5 seconds. Just leave. Find a different lobby. Why force you beliefs on other people. (I also don’t open the door for jehovah witnesses)
  7. What’s k-drive? Oh ya, the slow clunky surf board thing. I forget they existed. Been flying around with my badazz Itzal!
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