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  1. I’m going to disagree with this. I’ve played with limbo for years in random pugs. The secret, or a least my secret, is the mission type and how limbo is setup. When I get a wild hair, and join a public group with limbo, I use a specific setup. One that most people appreciate. Low range, high duration. Normally for mobile defense or normal defense. You can protect the objective, and still allow others to play how they want to. Everyone and run around and shoot, or use their abilities how they see fit. The most satisfaction is when a Mesa just sits in the rift and ult’s for awhile. Afte
  2. I’ve always enjoyed sonic fracture. Looks like I have a new build. +1
  3. I hate sounding trite, but it’s only been 3 days. There are going to be bugs. With your time with the game, you should expect this. I’m not defending the choices DE has made in the update, but give them some time to fix stuff. Besides, you’ll be back. They also come back 🙃
  4. The 26th is the promised release date. DE has hit their promise I think twice in the last 7 years. Let me know how that goes.
  5. I am. I use limbo at speed run rescue mission (solo run). I’m going to try this on Loki. See how it works.
  6. Anyone else “hear” this picture, or was it just me?
  7. I’m sure by now, you know Warframe has a steep learning curve. This is one of those moments. You’ve made a mistake, and now have to deal with the consequences. Just like in life, lessons are best learned first hand. I would help you kill your lich, but sadly I don’t have a switch. Good hunting Tenno!
  8. I try and find these people. They fun to mess with. Yet, when ever I switch to public, it’s either dead quite or people having polite random convos. I never get to have any fun 😕
  9. You think our community is “that toxic” because of some snotty kid? It’s just another internet troll. Nothing more. Put them on ignore and move on. No need to clog up the help desk with some spoiled brat, when other people have real issues to report. *insert Kermit the Frog sipping tea*
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