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  1. This is still not fixed with 29.9.1 hotfix and just wanted to bring to light this issue again.
  2. Garuda's Talons are broken visually, DE please fix this, it's been months. The artists that modeled and worked on Garuda's talons for Tennogen and the Hinsa Skin are being wasted and it's a shame.
  3. Just check the latest update 29.9.0, Still no Garuda fix, come on DE?
  4. Hello, So I recently just got back into Warframe and Garuda has always been a main for me. I notice that the Hinsa Talons do not work with Garuda anymore, they default back to the vanilla version of the talons when ever you use a melee weapons that isn't Garuda's Talons. This is a nasty visual bug and I just want to bring to light this issue. Please fix this DE, or at least try. I've seen a few other people say it's been like this for a few updates already without change. Edit: I just learn this is also a nasty bug that applies to any Tennogen Talon Skins for Garuda as well.
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