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  1. Yesterday i tried to do an infested excavation Arbitration as Limbo, and discovered that excavators started to take damage even while i put it on cataclysm with stasis, after multiple tests i went to Hieracon (infested excavation) just to be sure and i can confirm 100% sure that Mutalist Osprey Carriers are dealing damage to the excavators ignoring the rift (but only to the excavators).
  2. Thanks. Edit: Does this mean the Deck 12 Captura scene will drop was well? As i can't see it on any drop table.
  3. Thanks for the update. Btw, when are we getting the Deck 12 and Ventkids club captura scenes?
  4. 35% per stack, caps at 350% damage bonus. Im doing millions per whipclaw with this, i already reached a million without it, but now im going close to 4 millions.
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