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  1. So in short, OP doesn't know he could adjust a song to just crouch twice every 30~ seconds. From Metronome's page on the wikia: "The longer the pause is between notes, the higher is the percentage gained per successful action. "
  2. We don't need every single warframe to be a "press 4 to kill the map". Loki has not aged because CC is not good, but because the game has been dumbed down as a result of power creep and lack of challenge, as most of the time people don't play missions to a point where that would matter to them. For those comparing Loki with Ivara and Octavia... Ivara and Octavia are broken OP and shouldn't be a comparison to anything but an example of what should be nerfed or at least not buffed, like the highest point a frame could go. We don't need more Ivaras and Octavias, if people want them, with those 2 is fine already. What is it that Loki can't do that he would require a rework? Nothing. If you thought about something, there you go, something you need to figure out (and im not doing your homework). "But he's outclassed by..." if there is any frame that's not outclassed by anyone, it should be nerfed. "But he doesn't outclass anyone" false, he is top tier CC/Stealth. "I don't need CC, i want damage!" play other frame. "But i want to play Loki and deal damage!" You can... "Why im pressing 4 and enemies are not dying?" Weapons. Use them. "But..." i said Im not doing your homework.
  3. I had Sawgaws stop in midair with tranq rifle (with ivara navigator but not sure if thats relevant), i had to use archwing to get them.
  4. Confirmed, currently you need 5 Repeller Systems. So currently (as drops have not been fixed yet) you need to get a 1.01% drop twice to rank up you need . Edit: New drop chances are much better.
  5. Not incorrect if you read the whole phrase, as i pointed out crit, but i didn't want to confuse a MR1 with a longer answer that isn't really necessary. But if you want a more precise answer it would be, status + damage multipliers being crit the most common and easy to scale since there are other ways to scale your damage based on certain warframe buffs, stealth multipliers and faction damage. Not saying you are wrong either, it totally depends on your team setup or your loadout if going solo, im just pointing out there are options that do not require crit at all, and some of them even remove the whole challenge to high levels (im sure you can think about one or two examples).
  6. Some Tips: Ignore shields, you can bypass them with toxin damage, slash procs, gas procs. Magnetic just isn't good. When dealing with high armored enemies, you might want to strip armor, try to use weapons with many pellets and reach 100% status chance (before applying multishot)(ex: pox, akbronco prime, mara detron). While stripping armor is good, you can use slash procs to bypass armor. Slash/Viral builds work well for this, better if also you have something else to strip armor while doing it. Radiation/Viral procs work for everything. Corrosive damage works for almost everything. Procs and raw damage are two different approaches to kill enemies, but at high lvls status is king (sometimes mixed with crit). Remember you have 3 weapon slots, try mixing your elemental combos according to the mission. Don't expect to use the same weapon or mod configuration for everything, there's tons of weapons, you can make a big arsenal with tons of weapons for different purposes. Edit: Don't Ignore IPS weapons (with physical damage Impact/Puncture/Slash, many of them are extremly powerful.
  7. 35% per stack, caps at 350% damage bonus. Im doing millions per whipclaw with this, i already reached a million without it, but now im going close to 4 millions.
  8. Nice joke, there's people asking for this to not be a thing all the time for frames that already use this (like chroma) and you want Revenant to be one more of them? no ty.
  9. THX for the fix, also i hope the 2 zones per rotation thing doesn't change. But we could get the reward after completing a zone instead of having to go into the next one.
  10. Tbh i don't like this change at all. I understand a nerf to slash, even if i don't like it. But people have given tons of better ideas for a rework to Puncture and Impact. Can't talk for everyone, but people i know (including me) want a hard CC (like a full stun for impact, more procs will refresh the stun in place) or more damage(puncture could give a bonus damage% received on enemies), we don't want ragdoll/soft cc or damage reduction to enemies, i feel it just doesn't fit with the game.
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