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  1. At least when he dies as a pine tree he would do some major damage.... buuuuut it would be impact damage and we should also get the added effect of someone calling out timber which would already make it better than a cloud. and please work towards that even if it takes longer to get out it would be better than getting stuck with something boring for the next 4-5 years.
  2. Okay but still even as one of 72 transformations that allows, which I can't even find an actual time in the story he turns into a cloud nor does any google searching talk about this ability specifically, there are better more fun things to turn into. Or even include his body freezing technique or even his power over wind which allows him to some strong winds or storms. Though I do concede about the number of immortalities he has from the story I for some reason thought the furnace also gave him another layer.
  3. Okay everyone that thinks the cloud walker is good now let me remind you it is still basically a flying version of hydroid's puddle with it's augment and while the puddle is slow it actually is a good ability and does damage. The new cloud walker not only doesn't allow you to take advantage of the stealth multiplier most other stealth abilities can it also does not allow you to interact with anything while using it just like the old cloud walker. It will literally just be a healing ability that does not fit on the frame, nor in the lore of wukong he has no healing abilities in the lore because he doesn't need it he is 6 times immortal. I get that there are people that don't want the set it and leave it gameplay but that is just how wukong in lore. But this ability is boring and a limbo with a ghost sentinel would actually work just as well. And what's really bad is that it still an ability that forces you to leave combat in order to heal that, even the puddle allows you to still fight when healing as a puddle. But yes I concede the fact that leaving the cloud is easier and quicker than leaving the puddle since you can melee out but still unless the heal is instant full health then it would take you out of the game for longer than what is acceptable. We don't need to settle with just another mediocre ability like this because DE has already shown that they are willing to take an ability out when they took iron jab and traded it for celestial twin, and I don't believe we need the cloud. The changes are just like you had pancakes no syrup just pancakes then this person came in and said "hmm the pancakes need syrup" though no one wants them they now have pancakes and syrup with their kungpao chicken. Also cloud walker is based on the cloud that let the wukong somersault halfway around the world if anything it should be a passive that enhances bullet jumping and give him a cool visual at most.
  4. Why keep the freaking cloud ability the worst part of his current kit, at least iron jab did something. If anything let defy act as it does now and but make it work for the clone with some extra energy drain, would keep them both alive longer than the healing from the cloud. Also the type of healing isn't mentioned is it over time or instant flat amount of healing and does it affect only wukong and his clone and is it basically becoming a hydroid with his puddle augment. Just wish we could have changed the could into something else befitting an immortal monkey that took on heaven by himself and taking down 100,000 of it's soldiers, four heavenly kings, and Nezha. Just saying I expected cloud walker to be gutted then transplanted and defy to be left alone since of was fine how it was and the best of his abilities.
  5. As long as I can still put blood on the walls by slashing them I'm happy.
  6. Thats why they field test it on pc first so consoles don't have to worry about it. Thank you for your sacrifice.
  7. For nikanas can we get a battle ready stance that keeps the blade unsheathed? I feel that would better fit the games style because in reality you wouldn't want to re-sheathe your sword every time you finished killing an enemy. So can we like change decisive judgment to have to blade held out to the side and change the stance movements slightly?
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