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  1. Sorry about your recent stress , I can understand because last week was finals week and my graduation this semester was on the line(BTW I graduated). But I do disagree with you on the elemental swapping being a gimmick, because while yes you do need to constantly worry about the element you are using it's the almost the same as now.The difference is that you don't need to quit a mission in order to change the element to one that works better for th situation you're in and it wont screw with your fashion frame colors. Now how the swapping could also be used is to change the functionality of his one, like heat would shoot fireballs cold could shoot icicles or a bone chilling shriek that stuns surrounding enemies and electric would blast chain lighting. For those three I'm thinking of tap and go abilities, but toxin damage my idea is that it stays channeled and increase the range and the cone spread, and while the ability is on for toxin it will constantly add procs to enemies hit. Of course these changes would get a nice buff in damage, stat chance, and range. His two should be the swap button and keep the abilities it already has,tap to use e-ward and hold to swap, along with changes to toxin and lighting buff. For electric the shield recharge could be increased and the amount of shields gained from the boost can be increased and the retaliation strikes should have increased range or become radial discharges for the current range and have a higher status chance . Toxin should increase reload speed, and firing rate (weapon swapping speed isn't too useful) and the aura range again needs and increase. But the change that should go to the ability as a whole is the damage reflection should go to each element not just cold and electric. For vex armor I wound like at least armor calculation to go back to the way it was but I know thats not gonna happen. His for is alright but it would be much more fun if he got an exalted dragon form that let him bust out dragon claws and fly.
  2. Spectral scream: I feel what your trying with this but I feel the stun if out of place on this ability and keeping the ignis like breath doesn't seem fun. It would be more fun and effective if they increase the damage enough for it to do some heavy burst damage and give it more aoe potential and turned it into an elemental projectile like when you use the afterburn augment. Elemental ward: It would be nice the range was increased for the elemental aura effects too so that if you had electricity damage on the enemies within 50 meters were stunned and took a bit of damage or if you had fire or toxin damage they would obtain those procs and dot ticks. The rest you said sounds good. Vex armor: could like you said already and get a bit of a percentage buff to bring it up to par with of other frames that have abilities to increase defense stats. Effigy: While I love the idea of dragon mode we all know it not going to happen but if I was to suggest changes to your idea is lets not make him fly because more than likely it will be a dragon version of archwing just not miniature like titania's. It should also allow melee too there is no reason why it shouldn't and why lock out melee weapons from this ability. Passive: I like but some people in another thread said it could potentially be over powered if combined with hunter adrenaline or rage.
  3. As long as I can still put blood on the walls by slashing them I'm happy.
  4. Thats why they field test it on pc first so consoles don't have to worry about it. Thank you for your sacrifice.
  5. Or can his one be changed to a dragon flapping his wings and blast enemies in front of him with a gust of elemental energy.
  6. Can chroma's one be elemental projectiles that explode on impact and can be charged if held and switch elements when tapped. His two needs more range so the elements actually can reach enemies and allies to affect them and the elements used the least should be tweaked so that they are more viable. I would love to run a storm dragon build on chroma where the electricity that arcs from him when he is hit can reach a decent distance. His three should also have extra range since it should be shared with squad-mates, the armor and damage buff should be restored back to the way it was before the nerf because if he needs to be damaged to gain the buffs then it should be substantial what he gets in return and can the buff not completely disappear when the timer runs out if we have to build it back up because it is tedious not fun having to completely build the buff back up. His three should also buff the damage of his other abilities if it does not already, I have not seen anywhere that it does so I assume it does not. His three while i would love to get rid of it and make it an exalted mode that gave chroma dragon abilities I can guess that is not even close to being possible as of now, I suggest making it have a constant debuff zone for enemies that step into it the debuff that occurs depends on the element equipped.
  7. For nikanas can we get a battle ready stance that keeps the blade unsheathed? I feel that would better fit the games style because in reality you wouldn't want to re-sheathe your sword every time you finished killing an enemy. So can we like change decisive judgment to have to blade held out to the side and change the stance movements slightly?
  8. I reread the changes and see where I faulted must have gotten too excited about seeing it on the nerf list and misread the changes.
  9. Did synoid simulor and simulor need a buff? It basically makes missions no fun for people without it. You don't even have to aim it.
  10. Luckily the time estimation for the update is off, mine said 12 hours at first too now it says 4 more hours.
  11. Unfortunately they also nerfed credit farming too if I'm not mistaken.
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