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  1. Actually it's both They expected the game to fail and were (and still probably are) surprised by its success, so from them a developer standpoint they want to maintain that, but they never had any solid plans from the beginning, no clear vision, no real putting their foot down and taking massive risks (though biggest one was probably the vacuum within).
  2. I would def use it if the timer was longer, but as it stands it seems like too much of an inconsistency to deal with, unless you make yourself jump land shoot constantly, but do not shoot for a prolonged period. My playstyle is use parkour to get where I need to go and maybe to avoid enemies while shooting, but in no way does it fit the requirements this mod wants, where you jump - land - shoot for a few seconds - repeat. (By that I mean I usually either stick to the air for as long as possible or stay on the ground depending on the terrain.) Although based on what some people told me the crit chance is actually a flat amount, while for some reason the status chance is not.
  3. At current time it's set to be the last intermission nightwave reward, as per Still don't know what their plan for it will be after it ends. I hope it will be a cap x amount of Hydrolysts to obtain reward.
  4. Apparently the arca armor set, the only thing I would have wanted to get with the discount, is not on sale. rip me
  5. Yeah it's been bugged since the patch that added the spread mechanic (so since January?) and I really don't feel like checking if they fixed it without it being in the notes for the 10th time. But as to how I checked, last time I tested was last week where I ran some public fissures. The boss getting bugged happened last time Razorback was around, but I didn't check if it can bug out other bosses too. To me Nekros is prob best in that regard, unless you're really hung up on getting the least amount of damage taken his shadows are easier to control and his tanking is enough till about lvl200 - 300 I think? With adaptation and the 4 augment with a decent amount of strength.
  6. Unless they fixed it since I last tested it in actual missions, it doesn't work, at least not well. It's buggy at best, very detrimental at worst. Bugs Thralls created by pillar projectiles may become invincible allies which seems to vary if it becomes a permanent effect or based on Enthralls duration. Casting Enthrall on these enemies often reverts the bug, but it may bug out some bosses completely (At least Razorback) Thralls created by pillar projectiles do not produce pillars.This breaks its cycle of being a possibly effective spread mechanic. Thanks, wedding is on Friday =P
  7. Revenant is almost 10 months old, wouldn't call him new anymore
  8. Madway7


    Yeah, you just go into a mission, spam 3. And... I guess you did something in the end.
  9. "So Mirage is eidolon worthy, why has no one talked about this?" Because people realized that talking about it would likely get it nerfed?
  10. "2. They didn't show the changes to defy so there's nothing to discuss on this topic. Changing defy could go either way but it needs to be shown and not told." Edit: Sorry, my bad, thought you were the one who said that. I was so very used to you being the only person using that glyph that I thought it was you eventhough it was toyetic, even if they were using a different version.
  11. They intentionally left it out. Seems like a bad excuse since I assume they could have simply added it as an additional reward appearing at least once or twice. (Although it might have been more complex for consoles) Basically this means that if a new warframe releases during a nightwave season, regardless if it just started or has been ongoing for weeks, they will not add the alt helmet for the new warframe until either a new season starts or they add an in alert after the season ends like they did with Hildryns.
  12. I just wish there was a 50 member clan tier, at current I feel like 100 is too high for me to manage, but 30 is way too low to downsize to.
  13. Giving Revenant's passive to Nova. Given her kit and how the passive currently works it would make more sense.
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