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  1. Discussion on Charge Attacks

    I'm not sure about some of the ones you said (agree on Glaive tho), but the ones here are too slow to be useful. Also do you nean Nikanas cause we don't have Katanas in the game atm?
  2. why not universal vacuum

    Though admittedly people have been asking for seperate vaulted cosmetics packs since unvaultings started and people also thought that would never happen. (Albeit has yet to happen, but at least the current plan is to do it for the next unvaulting) And I believe similar to this issue DE has never stated a proper reason against it. Closest we got was Reb saying that some members on the devteam don't want it implemented the way some of us are asking it to be, but they never said what their reason was.
  3. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    The prices went down significantly meaning if you bought any before buyers remorse might hit hard. Also raiders used to farm them with a 100% chance of up to 3 arcanes per day. Now people can farm it with a 100% chance per eidolon. Personally I don't mind it too much (mainly hoping DE bumps up the night cycle timer). I'll just miss doing the weekly raid with my clan, which I doubt will translate well into a weekly eidolon hunt as poe is hard for some of them to run at a stable fps. (Also it relies on when nightime hits rather than just being able to jump into it whenever)
  4. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    Both them and the clans that set up raids as an activity to help members earn some plat yeah.
  5. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    I think both Good, arcanes are a lot easier to get for the people that can do the eidolon hunts. Bad, people still have issues running poe, and it's a slap to the face for the people who did raids before.
  6. Prime Accessories Pricing

    Idk why this is, but the prime accessories pack doesn't come with platinum, only a 90 day credit & affinity booster.
  7. Kill 14 enemies on drop ships while sliding. I did this for a friend since their bounties became bugged somehow.
  8. God I love trading chat

    Which region do I have to switch to to get the rich people? In the one I'm in they typically offer up to 700, and thats if the riven meets their specific demands.
  9. These new riven challenges are torturous

    They had to approve it before it got into the game. Remember when the Design council voted on a Navigator augment? Yeah in the end DE went with something completely different despite their votes. They may have had the ideas, but DE had to look at them and say yes.
  10. Update 22.12.0: Weapons Changes Feedback Megathread

    I'm probably biased since my riven has -75% status chance, but I feel its more than fine where it is since the syndicate mod also gives the benefit of giving you energy.
  11. Mesa + Dual Toxocyst

    If you use Harrow yes, if not then it depends on how good you are at landing headshots. The gun has most if the issues it had before it's a bad gun with an effect that makes it a good gun, the only change they made was so that if you can land headshots constantly you can keep the good gun aspect of it most of the time.
  12. Update 22.12.0: Weapons Changes Feedback Megathread

    So I have some feedback on some of the weapons, while a lot of the changes were great (thank you again for them), some of them were... less than optimal. Let's start with the Hind, I won't really ask for buffs to its stats as I suspect the Hind Wraith will improve upon them greatly someday, but for now my issue as I have already pointed out multiple times is the alt fire. It just doesn't work for that weapon. It kinda works for the Tenora and just barely for the Euphona, but in general I'm pretty sure most will agree that its annoying to have to press the alt fire for every single shot. Now the Ogris, the weapon most describe as too much risk for too little benefit. I was sincerely disappointed by its latest changes. Sure better charge rate is good, but when the main issue of the weapon is that its damage just doesnt warrant use I think you missed the point. I personally feel a rocket launcher should be able to do massive damage which well yes poses a risk to teh player, but also should be able to obliterate enemies in very few shots. What this change tells me is that instead of planning my shots and waiting for the right moment I should just barrage the enemy with rockets until they die, which I feel missed the point of a rocket launcher. So my suggestions stay as they were, similar to the Sechura Penta buffs, just increase its crit chance and maybe its multiplier too. If the future wraith version will have this. I feel like it should just improve on these stats instead of being the Ogris we could have had all along. Bug: Also not sure if this is known already, but equiping Tether Grenades on the Sechura Penta seems to revert its stats back to how they were before the update.
  13. My FPS is too low i think, help me

    Yeah, it basically makes the computer use less resources to run the game which might result in better performance. Though in some cases I've heard it made it worse and in my case it seems to have done nothing, but I have heard that it can also give a very significant fps boost.
  14. My FPS is too low i think, help me

    Turning off dx 10 and 11 might help also running it in 32 bit mode too (but I heard that one varries a lot)
  15. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    So 2 major differences. New players will likely not have the gear at all to help, the limit becomes 4 players per squad instead of 8 aldo communication while optimal will likely be less required. While I do appreciate the innitiative to work on raids after reading the first 3 paragraphs a question quickly arose. Why is temporarily removing raids required to do this? Can't it just be worked on in the office while we're still stuck with the version barely anybody plays? Can't we just have a post saying "we're looking into changing raids"? Or does this have to do with the possibility that the rewards to fight the new eidolons may be lackluster without adding arcanes to them?