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  1. Onslaught suggestions

    Or they could... you know. Not have it at a 15% chance to get codes. Agreed with the other 2 tho
  2. [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: General Feedback Megathread

    Suggestions: -Make rewards per zone instead of per 2 zones. This should alleviate the issues people have with the low chances. -It should have been like this since the beginning, but please consider adding Khoras blueprint to the market instead. (Alternative: Make 1 khora part drop from the enemies instead, the neuroptice preferably) -Please open the door on the bottom level of the early Lua zone (I think its zone 6) or just change it for another Lua tile. Enemies tend to stay down there and very few go up the stairs to reach us. Bugs -Conduit does not open if both the boosters in the zone were not found before the timer runs out. -Some people get a white screen while remaining in the mission, they are unable to see, but still play (kind of).
  3. Universal glyph codes

    I think you mean that the glyph itself updated. The code was and still is the same.
  4. I would probably dislike having to forma and putting potatoes on those seperately... if they came with a decent amount of useful polarities (3 x V for example) and potato on frame = potato on exalted. Then yeah I'd be all for it.
  5. So I tried void mode and dashing throught barriers and lasers and it sets off alarms
  6. If host crashes then no, but as long as they are in the mission and you rejoin and you should get all the rewards minus the affinity and focus.
  7. Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    It's Scythe or Heavy Blade
  8. So will the update go live before the stream or tomorrow?
  9. Worst Mod?

    The +magazine capacity corrupted mods seem pretty bad to me because we have regular +magazine cap mods that offer the same amount with 0 downside.
  10. I hope you realise it's strictly just the leaderboards for kills and not the mission/event ones
  11. Melee Overhaul Wishlist

    You forgot charge attacks, either make them faster or let attack speed affect it.
  12. Never trust placeholder stats. Never forgetti the argonakki Tho yeah based on those placeholder stats the rifle seems intended to be like the latron series and not a sniper.
  13. Most likely it will be turned into a machete/stave insead of scythe/stave. But yeah its also possible they could make it a machete/scythe instead. They probably won't change any of the built "scythes" at that point. They could, but they would have to refund the forma, credits, cetus wisps and parts used to build them.
  14. Vacuum incorporated with pets

    Pets at current limit frame choice. Personally I'd still run with Carrier, maybe Helios or Shade sometimes, but still more often than Smeeta (which is aguably the best pet atm)
  15. Stug still need some love

    Similar to the Sonicor it doesn't actually have a 0% status chance. The stat listed in the UI is only from the projectiles, the small aoe it has does actually have a status chance. But yeah it seriously needs a buff and it's weird that they not only missed it, but haven't seen the posts of the many people that noticed that they didn't touch it.