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  1. So what's up with Platinum pricing in the Trade Chat?

    In my understanding a free market works both ways. The general rule is sellers are allowed to ask for whatever price they want, while buyers have the power of declining the offer and making their own offer in return, which the seller can decline. (It's the same on Steam too, you can either get what you want now by paying more or sell quicker by selling for less. And you can risk not getting paid at all, because your asking price is too high, or never getting what you want for the price you're willing to pay, because your offer price is too low.) The seller runs the risk of not being able to sell their good at all because the price they are asking for is too high. And the buyer runs the risk of not getting what they want because they're not willing to pay enough. So far I have gone with a code that I'm not going to pay plat for any riven slots or riven mods until DE makes drastic changes to the RNG involved with them.
  2. What do you think about self damage?

    Trying to apply real world logic to a game.
  3. What do you think about self damage?

    I do agree, though the void is fairly open enough to use the Zarr in. Problem is the general lack of a reason to go there outside of endurance runs and argon. Imo they should either buff the Ogris, Penta and Tonkor (back to 35% crit) to rediculous levels to where they at least have a place in the game. Which would be doing extreme amounts of damage in an aoe, with the tradeoff of being able to kill yourself with that damage. Because with stuff like the Ogris outside of maybe a viral/rad build I don't see much point in the status.
  4. What do you think about self damage?

    When you shoot an arrow or bullets at someone else even if it's a friend, does it A) Do nothing B) Hurt them Take an educated guess
  5. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Sacrifice 666 plat for the bundle But seriously it could be anything from one of our items to an npc. DK seems to be doing a good job with the speculations atm, but at this point that's all we have, speculations.
  6. DE Please...

    It was in the operative exclusive pack smh
  7. Also you made me realise how illogical it is that we have to craft dual variants in the first place. I have 2 Vasto Primes, let me put one in one hand and the other in the other hand, CRAZY RIGHT! But no we have to wait for Baro to bring us a relic that has the chance to give a blueprint and a magical link so that our magical foundry can put 2 + 2 together. But yeah let's just keep going about the magazine inconsistency for now since arbitrary systems are arbitrary.
  8. When I started the game I think the AkLato? Not sure, but an early game Akweapon does gets its magazine size halved while carrying stuff, I liked this feature actually. But I assumed most didn't which is why all later dual variants don't use half magazine while carrying stuff. I still need to see if it's like this for that early weapon, but I don't want to get the AkLato again just to check this and I'm not sure if it was the AkLato and not some other weapon. Btw non Prime dual variants don't have links, just an arbitrary resource cost =P
  9. Yeah I noticed a lot of differences with the dual variants, fire rate which may or may not change, damage spread differences and crit/status chance differences The reload speed doesn't double for any of them iirc, it increases by a random margin it seems But the only consistency across the board seemed to be the double magazine with the exception of the Akbronco Prime.
  10. Not that I need it, it's more a griper with the inconsistency of it. In my feedback post I said this too, but I went through every single dual weapon variant to check and the Akbronco Prime is the ONLY one that doesn't have double the magazine size of the single one. I guess I'd be fine with them nerfing the Bronco Primes magazine too...
  11. Yeah I kinda think that might be what they intended too, then again the Vaykor Hek is a quad barrel shotgun with 8 shots.
  12. So I'm curious. How many of you have not noticed that the AkBronco Prime is the only dual variant that does NOT have double the magazine size of it's single variant? Bronco Prime: 4 AkBronco Prime: 6 I noticed this immediately after building it and it has been a big gripe of mine with the weapon ever since. But I sometimes run into people that never noticed this, eventhough they use/have used the weapon. I have personally tried to tell DE about this twice. With a weapons feedback thread last year and a reply to the buffed weapons thread semi recently, but so far no change. So how many of you have not noticed this at all?
  13. Orokin Derelict Key System

    I think they just don't know what to do with the crafted keys and blueprints. Do they just make another series of items useless with no purpose in the game? (Like beacons) That or they don't want people doing public derelict survival where it's always raining mutagen.
  14. 3 day boosters should stack

    Also from apecific log in milestones and Baro (if by free we mean without spending plat), and those stack too.