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  1. Interesting, but too bad all pets except Venari have a low base status chance
  2. Those sound pretty good I would like to add a couple more to your suggestions: Passive changed to increased power strength based on shield capacity, overshields increase the value further (the bonus is not based on shield number value, but rather the amount of shields going based on a % of the max values) Pillar DoT scales with enemy level (not to an insane degree, but just enough to maintain a consistent killtime) Dance Macabre status chance is now affected by strength mods Only the boosted Dance Macabre can detonate pillars Dance Macabre damage absorption decay reduced significantly (right now its about 3 seconds I think) Enemies killed by Dance Macabre or the pillar detonation have a 10% chance to drop an energy orb I think just making Reave the overshield ability would be best. So I'd replace the last suggestion you had with that.
  3. Besides the bad pricing on the costs for stat locks it's a good idea. Could also add something where it removes the negative stat (which shouldn't be able to be locked in) and lowers the other stats. Edit: Oh wait I see what you mean now, the price would be for a perma statlock (unless you remove it using 10 silvers), and not per roll. still not sure about the pricing but it's more reasonable when I take that into account.
  4. non sniper semi auto weapons seem to be the weakest weapons rn, followed by burst weapons and then assault rifles. The only real issue shotguns have is the status calculation. Yeah, only exceptions seem to be the kuva kohm and mara detron, where the status calc either seems to not matter or is just different.
  5. Add the ability to select, drag and drop loadout slots so that you can organize them in any order you want along with a "custom" sort. Either remove the duplicate requirement for sentinel weapon mods or create mods for them so that dupes aren't required. Add a 50 member clan tier I still feel like vacuum should just be in the options menu rather than a mod effect.
  6. Or they could change Primed Chamber so it's more generally useful outside of a single shot magazine
  7. Not necessarily, they could make it so puncture damage (not status) would ignore armor values completely, similar to how toxin damage (and status) ignores shields.
  8. Neither is Tainted Shell, tho it would need its polarity changed and its cost lowered
  9. It does save your loot at 2 points, when you receive the mission rewards (mission complete) and when you load into a new area (including Dojo) As far as the host leaving and what the remaining players get, they seem to either get the ship of the previous host but with base stats (1000 health/shields) or they get the ship of the new host (ship stats still get gimped). Abilities and weapons seem to transfer over fine most of the time, but there's no way to control what ship the game decides that you get.
  10. they're not strict upgrades at least, like the K Ogris has 2 less base mag than the regular and the K Tonkor has a 1 meter smaller explosion radius for no real reason.
  11. Might come off as throwing shade at the devs, but my guess is that they couldn't code a separate instance of the weapon, ie bought from Baro, vs it being built via the bp and the game would have treated both instances as a tradeable Ignis Wraith.
  12. I think only Rhino and maybe Garuda (QT build) would benefit from it. Since while Nezha's 3 is affected by armor it's not worth it to focus much on the initial health of the halo.
  13. If it's only from missions where a galleon/asteroid base was present then I'm fine with it
  14. Realized today that Railjack stuff has slots (outside of wreckage capacity), looks like 14 with 7 being free slots, 7 being the base Railjack components/weapons. Please let us scrap them.
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