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  1. While it can 1 shot bursas, it def cannot 1 shot Nox's or eximus units, thanks to the DR they have. Although the 50% DR eximus units have can be mitigated by just reaving through the same enemy more than once (either via multiple casts or stearing into the same enemy more than once). Also doesn't matter if you have the fissure corruption buff with 100% lifesteal before getting it or the Arbitration strength bonus, but even with these 1 shotting a non eximus Nox isn't possible I believe. Also it's not an x10 multiplier, it's x5 and the UI is misleading because it does not list the lifesteal for non thralled enemies in the game. And I have a feeling the one shot combo may be unintended, but it's just speculation on my part given the circumstances we got the buff. lol
  2. Unified duration is just so your thrall durations are always consistent with the duration you have on the ability, as for the pillar, it's supposed to be the secondary spread mechanic to enthrall, the first one being to rely on thralls to shoot at non thralled enemies, which is and probably always will be unreliable without buffs to thralls (knockdown/stagger immunity and faster movement speed), but even then you're relying on AI. Not sure why you're comparing these two very different abilities Mostly to help the passive and provide more support to allies it's base 20% status chance, 40% when boosted and it's unaffected by mods When you get damaged while using dance macabre the damage gets added to it up to a cap of 9999 damage, but this decays almost instantly so its hard to notice. (I think its like 2-5 seconds, unaffected by mods). It does and I checked before posting my reply just to be sure that it still did.
  3. I was going to post a full rework on you, but since you only want stuff that fits within this I'll condense a simplified rework I made based on his current abilities instead. -All thralls gain have a unified duration (instead of it being per thrall) -Fix Pillar made thralls not making pillars (I'm not sure if it's intended to be this way) -Buff pillar duration to 15 seconds -Reduce cast time of Reave to basically nothing, just remove the startup animation. -Make shield/overshield pickups affected by strength -Make Dance Macabre's status chance be affected by strength -Decrease damage absorption decay rate of Dance Macabre -Remove Dance Macabre detonating pillars A bit more complicated, but really helps the changes New passive: Revanant gains increased power strength based on shield capacity (does not get higher with stuff like redirection, only from a variable of 0 to max shields, with overshields being the only way to get more beyond that) To some extent it kind of has to be, but not necessarily, tho with your "I'm pretty much only focused on quick changes DE can do in their spare time" statement people can't offer such suggestions without it being meaningless to the post. I don't get what you mean by calling it an exploit, do you mean the one where you instakill enemies (tho that one technically isnt an instakill, they do die within less than 2 seconds regardless of level) even with 40% strength by upping the mouse sensitivity to max? Or do you mean just building for 250% strength then reaving through a thralled enemy? (or twice with slightly less) The first one can be fixed by giving a cooldown instead of a max health value and I don't see the second one as an exploit.
  4. The only one I can think of was using Mirage to blind and stunlock the map in void interception
  5. I think someone got similar or better results using Hildryns 3 Revenants 4 is also along these lines, although the main difference would be that it blocks weapon usage and has terrain issues. (also the energy cost is much, much higher)
  6. You can say that about pretty much any frame/ability, if not all of them.
  7. @AnOldAlias Just wanna ask, did the thread get derailed? Cause my understanding of the OP is that by Playable Warframe idea, you didn't mean the game, but the frames and possible ideas for new ones. Something I believe was touched on only once by the devs that I would like to see would be a shapeshifter frame, although I'm not sure how it would work or what it should or could do beyond the ability to shapeshift, so I understand that the theme would take time to work around and implement.
  8. How the walls are created I suppose, if he just spawned the walls already made either similar or just like he already does, then its easy, but with them generating over time and I assume losing their ability to be destroyed on command, you'd have an issue where players can hit the 12 cap with half made walls all around that they may not have intended to make. It sounds better than what we have, I just don't know if DE would want to take the time to make Tectonics be generated this way. It would be better than what we have and rocking up an entire defense objective sounds like it could be fun, but I don't think they would do it.
  9. Nice changes, tho I doubt DE would do the Tectonics change.
  10. Not really a rework, just some changes/buffs. No big changes that would be expected with a rework Because it wasn't significant, it was just a "oh by the way Titania changes with the deluxe skin". Hopefully the timestamp works
  11. I'm starting to see your point. I was only really thinking of the weapons that could really use these towards improving their performance, such as weapons with near 3s reload time. But I neglected to consider the effect on weapons that didn't have such issues. Tho I'm not sure why you're mentioning Primed Shred. As far as I can tell it currently doesn't count as an exilus in the devstream build and so, does not warrant a place in the discussion unless it's being argued for being added there. I'm currently using what they've shown on stream as a template for what they intend to have there, with the only missing mods possibly being Narrow Barrel and maybe Fatal Accelertaion As you can see Seeking Force and Seeking Fury (despite being half about reload speed) are not present So based on this I don't see a fire rate or punch through mod (not even , the only dps related ones are the mag cap and reload. Please let me know if there was a point on stream where it was shown that a punch through mod or fire rate mod was present in that slot/mod selection If you're actually just linking these possibilities together in order to say "dps mods in this slot is bad", then disregard what I said about punch through and fire rate. Would this count as the same as flight speed for shotguns?
  12. It's because they're not sure what they want they game to be so they remain in a neutral standpoint for as long as possible as long as it keeps making them money. Why not rebalance the game? Because it's 1. Risky and 2. Takes a lot of time working on it on top of being risky You seem to be taking a single perspective when it comes to balance. They could just go full powercreep mode, then take a stand and say that's what the game is. But no matter what they do, they risk losing players. In other words. The devteam is just divided in their visions for the game and taking the time to make massive balance changes just doesn't appeal to them risk vs reward wise.
  13. They said that they're looking into it, because unlike warframes, weapons do not have a bonus slot that gives capacity, so at current they are capped at 60 capacity for the most part. With the main exception being melee, which this isn't for I think, since they don't have QoL mods. They could also do it it in other ways, such as: -The slot always has a universal polarity -The slot gives capacity instead of taking it (which may cause issues for them) -The slots has a universal polarity that limits the max cost of the mods. (example, any mod put into the slot can only cost up to 5 capacity) Personally I don't like those ideas. (minus the gives capacity one, but it's near impossible that they'd do that)
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