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  1. Stronger enemies with new behaviours and skills is a bit vague though... Like define stronger. So much armor that we need to get rid of it? Like 90% damage resistance to everything? And their damage. 1 shot city?
  2. The inconsistency might be due to the object. On the reddit someone pointed out that there are some objects no amount of punchthrough will allow you to shoot through. So do you get different results from the same object or is it just that you can't shoot through that object at all? And yeah the primary fire should also get some punch through so that people don't need to use shred on it and have the disc fall through the map. (It's similar with the Azima, only with the Azima the disc gets stuck in the floor) Also yeah agree on the buffs. Please go to one of the threads about the Zeniths stats if you have a more detailed suggestion.
  3. Though imo the reload should never be higher than 2.5, 3 or higher feels honestly too much. Though if they got the other buffs you mentioned I suppose it would save enough slots for a reload speed mod. One way they could fix the current scope combo thing if they want to keep that would be to make the timer infinite, but reset if you miss a shot and improve the combo bonus overall. Also the scope bonuses should be looked at too, except the Lanka and Rubico one.
  4. If it had +crit chance instead of multishot, it would have fixed it completely.
  5. *sample And I got a few, it only gives 4 compared to the Fieldron sample and Detonate Ampule's 6 though... Edit: just noticed that you noticed your mistake, nvm. It does still only give 4 though, doesn't matter if it's a titan or distilling extractor (not sure about the prime one)
  6. Yeah it sounds like just a play on how tanky he is.
  7. "Tenno there is a time limited mission alert is available." But first fill in this survey to let the people know if the rewards are good enough.
  8. They said they plan to remap "heavy attacks" (which I assume are charge attacks) to the reload key in devstream 90.
  9. Since melee weapons do not have the noise reduction mod, only way to get the stealth damage multiplier effectively on this now would be to use a Hushed Invis Loki.
  10. Same, so glad I did that. Btw is the Sarpa silent?
  11. Zenith buff pls....
  12. Remapping the key should remove the extra swing. As for attack speed mods affecting it I agree. It would really help the Sancti Magistar come out of obscurity.
  13. Block incoming damage by killing enemies before they get to you. A good offense is always the best [DE]fense
  14. They plan to map it to the reload key while holding the weapon. Hopefully they can make them faster too.
  15. I was using the Glaive Prime just yesterday in the Simulacrum for fun with Ivara Navigator. Was surprised how frequent the bleed procs were, but since I never really used the glaive much before I though it was normal. (Without buff)