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  1. Madway7

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    Sounds like a peaceful place
  2. Madway7

    Revenant, The True Eidolon Warframe (Rework idea)

    I would really like for them to change his 1 to something much better, like summoning vomvalysts as suggested. Just saddens me that they prob won't do it =( As for the rest of his kit, outside of the forced synergy with thralls and bad cast time (I know Natural Talent exists, but I still feel they should be faster) it does function. His 2 could use a faster cast time, in addition to that I had a rework for it in mind where Mesmer Skin would only apply to damage taken to health, making his shields more worthwhile and a passive that's a weaker Adaptation actually make sense. (Though I'd prefer if it was just DR to shields, either via armor applying to it or just a flat unmodable DR %) Note: This idea is to simulate how eidolons work, take shields out, destroy part, repeat until you reach final health. Also he should have a second passive where he acts as 2 lures when fighting eidolons. His 3 needs to be an instant cast whether in or out of his 4, better mobility sounds good on paper as a synergy until you realize the base ability suffers. His 4 needs to do something else, being able to focus on the beams on single targets should work. Also I wish the adaptive damage actually adapted to health types rather than enemy faction imo as he is, he's just a more cc focused Mesa with status immunity, but with an inconsistent 4 and cc that really doesn't work.
  3. Madway7

    Riven Mod Quests

    Found Nidus to be the best way to do it, mainly if you get it with the "while sliding" or "with a bow" conditions.
  4. Madway7

    Can Khora get her "exalted" whip via Garuda's approach?

    Depending on how you look at it its a buff or a nerf Negatives: Rivens will no longer affect her 1 since it would likely only scale based on mods equiped on her "exalted" whip whether its there or not Weapon effects/weapon specific mods (Dual Cleavers, Jaw Sword, Skana and Mire mods etc) would no longer work for her 1 (I personally didn't see this via minimum testing, but based on what people said the Mires weapon effect does affect her 1's damage) Positives: No longer need a stat stick Would be affected by range mods Both positive and negative: It would become maiming strike viable making it another spin2win melee Let's face it most people would just use whatever gets the most slash and enough status to proc it. It's why DE dumped the idea of Khora being able to change damage types on the fly.
  5. Madway7

    Tennobaum 2018

    I find it annoying that the system still cares more about quantity over quality, but I get why... Would it be possible to look into a system based on the amount of plat spent gifting instead or maybe a combination of the 2? @[DE]Marcus
  6. Madway7

    Best sentinel/moa weapon?

    Sweeper Prime, Cryotra, Artax. Artax and Cryotra are very similar, its just that Artax only does cold procs pretty much while Cryotra has a longer cooldown (6s reload at base) Vulklok is too slow, same the Vulcax, if they weren't so slow they'd be good for slash memes with HM. The rest just pretty much don't do much.
  7. Madway7

    Universal glyph codes

    Another code DEEJAYKNIGHT
  8. It has damage falloff and a range limit The aoe is smaller than the Arca Plasmors Has extreme difficulty with terrain. If it hits something that's not an enemy the shot is wasted Slow fire rate unless you nuke the base dmg. Unlike the Plasmor it doesn't have access to HM (yet) meaning it's scaling potential is limited vs high armored units. Status is pretty bad if you go for the max crit stats (not sure if the difference of 2% status chance between the 2 crit grips is intended, so I'll assume it's meant to be base 11% with those) I highly doubt it can 1 shot a lv165 enemy with a good amount of armor, also why 165? I'm assuming Simulacrum? But the cap there is 160 atm
  9. Madway7

    Warframe Black Friday Sale

    The pinnacle packs on steam are 50% off Edit: Sorry I misread
  10. Madway7

    Rework Set Mods Pls!!

    I think you missed the point. They mean the practicality of actually using most or all of the set mods for builds. Since they're inferior versions of other mods for the most part you're just making your builds worse purely to get a higher or max bonus of the set effect. I think they should scale like the Umbral/Sacrificial mods. Where its not just the set bonus going up, but with each set mod the bonuses would scale up too. Also the augur set effect is trash for quite a few reasons. 1. It caps once you hit overshields. Basically once you have overshields the set effect does nothing, so pretty sureless for Harrow. 2. It uses your abilities modded cost as a restore. Which means it gives more with less efficiency. Which means that you'd need to use something that has a high cost just to get more shields. This is also an issue with what happens with issue #1. If you cast an ability that doesn't use much energy while having max shields, you're stuck with a small amount of overshields untill it gets taken away. 3. Shields are bad in most cases. Without DR they just don't scale well. Even if it gave shields after reaching overshields the amount would be too small and the requirement to upkeep would be too high.
  11. How about fixing Twitch drops first? And add a system where players can individually test Twitch Drops anytime, so they can be sure they would get them. Don't send an item, just a Teshin message letting us know it's working.
  12. Alright, how about this. @[DE]Rebecca I urge you to take another look at Revenant. Currently his 4, his best ability is his most boring one, yes, it's worse than Mesa's 4, sure it doesn't adapt to enemy types, but it can be built to do so for each faction and with an infinite spray of bullets it scales about as well even better since it can deal with single targets and ancient healers. (Also his Enthrall needs lots of changes) I have left what I feel is plenty of feedback in the unpinned megathread and some other threads. Though, they aren't perfect (I don't believe anything can be) I feel like they are good ideas to work with. If not now, because I understand that Fortuna release is near and that will bring a slew of necessary hotfixes and changes, I feel like this is something that should be at least considered for early-mid 2019.
  13. Madway7

    Valkyr 2.0: The Berserker Revival

    I want better combos on her 4, something along the lines of Tempo Royalle, doesn't need to have the slams, but just way more movement and gap closing. Pending Range stat changes on mods, her claws also need some more range atm. Also want Hysterical Assault to be baked into her 4 and act more like a manic takedown.
  14. Madway7

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Inb4 immunity to status effects was a bug and they patch that. About the passives, what you suggested would be useless too. Keep in mind how Mesmer Skin currently works. So any suggestion for a passive that's "Rev takes dmg or gets healed" would be useless thanks to the current way Mesmer Skin works since in the ideal playstyle you barely take damage or none at all. (Preferrably none) Also tying it to health dmg would mean you are going to die trying to get any resistance at all without a health/armor buff, but I go under the assumption that his base stats won't get touched. I would prefer what was suggested by me and others before, but maybe with Adaptation instead of all encompassing shield DR as his passive (I tested Adaptation on Harrow and honestly even at 90% DR to the damage type of the 1 enemy I spawned it was still pretty bad. He took way more shield damage than I had expected.) In case you didn't see, since the first set of changes it's been suggested that Mesmer Skin only block damage to his health, that way his shields act as gating to Mesmer Skin and Mesmer Skin acts as gating to his health. There are many ways they can go about make getting shields/overshields actually worthwhile on him after that. Like allowing Reave to steal shields/overshields from anything. Or thralls act as a passive shield/overshield restore (like vomvalysts except not random) They can make it so that losing a charge means you get an aoe enthrall. But suggesting anything at this point feels pointless...
  15. Madway7

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    RIP thread, you were about 50% paid attention to when you were at your peek and not paid attention to at all in the end. Let's look back on some of the good. They increased the thrall cap from 4 to 7 (eventho I disagree with their reasoning for picking 7 instead of a higher number its still more) They fixed Mesmer Skin They made Mesmer Skin recastable They made it so you can regain Mesmer Skin charges by Reaving Thralled enemies (yayy??? Since I only found 1 use for this) They buffed Reaves leeching. (Forgot to test this vs non thralled enemies) They ummm... added projectiles to the pillars, which were ok I guess. Kinda didnt help the pillars themselves as a point of damage. They lowered the cost of Reave They changed Reaves visual fx They let Revenant give allies single Mesmer Skin charges, which noone asked for but ok. Now the bad They made Dance Macabre the highest costing channeling ability in the game even while unboosted. While I understand why they did it, it was a kneejerk reaction to stop afk or minimalistic play from players which came off as "we don't know what to do" since they didn't make the ability more interactive or actually stop the possibility of afk play with the ability. (I expect another nerf down the line, starting with sprinting/sprint speed not affecting DM's movement speed) I might be mistaken. But I could swear for 1 update they gave Reave omnidirectional movement, meaning instead of only going forward you could go up or down or diagonal. Might be wrong tho, was the update where it said that Reave would track your last redicle position, but something about that was changed the very next hotfix. Enthrall was barely changed, the mechanic of making thralls was never something I liked in the first place, but it could have worked if they streamlined making thralls so that it would be much easier and it had to be since Reave relies on using it on thralled enemies to be worthwhile. In general the point of Reave is at odds with Mesmer Skin, his tanking aka his survivability is tied to Mesmer Skin, which means you should try to have as many charges as possible up at all times, but Reave is there to heal you... but if you properly use Mesmer Skin you wont need healing at all... Its also at odds with his passive, kind of. I assume his passive was to act as cc to let you get your Mesmer Skin back up if it goes down. But the range is so short that its not likely to turn out that way especially since for it to trigger you need all your shields to go down. Suggestions were made for better passives and ways to make Reave actually meaningful, but none were taken into much consideration. Cast times were never addresed The projectiles from the pillars act more to keep enemies away from them rather than bringing them towards them. People didn't like the DM and pillar synergy, and this hasn't been removed yet. Getting shields/overshields from DM on killing thralled enemies was never a good synergy and went against both his passive and Mesmer Skin (in a way). Also yeah nerfing him vs nullifiers was a bad move. At this point I'm just gonna wait for a Revenant rework to adress these flaws. (I've considered trashing him despite putting 6 forma on him every update that had "Revenant changes" in it) I feel like rn they just don't want to take the time to make a cohesive frame, but more just a frame that works. Still, good on them for fixing some of his issues. And good if you enjoy him despite what I said, I just can't get behind some of the bad design decisions they have made with this frame. @Aeon94 @Maryph Revenant is not completely immune to status effects while Mesmer Skin is active, but yeah Mesmer Skin does make that change largely redundant. (Not completely, but for thr most oart yes) I'm not sure what the full context required is, but stuff like toxin clouds still go through it (forgot to test mustalist moa tar), but its quite interesting since he can ignore laser barrier knockdowns. (Also the UI for status effects might not work well for him, last time I played him I got toxin procced while in mesmer skin, but the toxin icon wasnt there eventho he was taking health dmg from it.)