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  1. Reminds me of that person who posted a screenshot of a Simulor riven that had the choice of heat + toxin or heat + toxin, but with ever so slightly higher percentages.
  2. It should either scale infinitely like Maim. (Augment suggestion to make it save a second charged shot sounds great) (Also idk if the shot already has punchthrough or if its dependant on the weapon, but if not I think it should have punchthrough with a pretty long range) Or it could be another ability, I thought it could be something simple like an accuracy and fire rate buff on a timer. Augment could change to make it +100% status chance or keep it at making 100% status chance so it'll be one of the best augments out there =P
  3. I actually had 84k Kuva when I posted that, I was lucky, day one of the double resource weekend someone helped me while the bug was going on, they were skilled enough to usually be in their warframe before the siphon was destroyed and get all the kuva by themselves. They also gifted me a 3 day resource booster. I spent all the kuva yesterday and overall I'm pretty satisfied with the results. +damage, multishot and punchthrough on a Supra riven (with -status chance, but without any dual status mods it gets to 50.3 status chance with the multishot and syndicate mod) A good Harpak riven, +crit chance on a Zarr riven (no negatives and no other noteworthy stats), an ok Azima riven (but has -magazine cap), a good Phage riven, a better Glaxion riven (which regardless I still may not use), a better pandero riven that I'm going to try to sell (+damage, toxin and reload speed, but -zoom). This still doesn't change my opinion on the riven system overall, getting terrible or useless stats like punchthrough with +zoom for an Ogris riven should not be possible (and fyi the stats were only +punchthrough and +zoom), if the point is to help out weaker weapons then I think everything should be done to favour better and compatible stats on weapons with higher dispositions or just let us be able to lock in stats already
  4. 1. Just to be clear I'm talking about enemies spawning with random alert levels 2. It's kind of a maybe, which is why I said possible. Some people tested out damage on some shotguns and they seemed to get a higher damage falloff (about 25%) at a few meters less than prior to an update, but I didn't followup on it and I never seen it in patchnotes so I'm not sure about it. 3. While dark sectirs and raids were fixed. The sortie credit rewards never went back to the way they were. It used to total at 130k I believe instead of 100k.
  5. =/ Alert status enemy change in regards to stealth Potentially higher damage falloff from shotguns at lower ranges Credit nerf on sorties, raids, dark sectors, and a few other nodes with spectres of the rail
  6. I was disappointed the Euphona Prime was like this when I finally got it. In the case of the Harpak it's fine as that's more for utility rather than another way to shoot things down. I heard this is an issue with the Hind aswell after it got it's new fire mode, they kinda did a similar thing to the Stradavar where 1 mode is better than the other, but in the Hinds case the better mode is locked behind constantly pressing the alt fire button.
  7. I agree, it's not the worst thing, but should be changed for the sake of consistency and ease of use.
  8. Only thing I would say that I would really like is for the Euphona to switch modes rather than having to press alt fire for every shotgun mode shot. This is also an issue on the Hind I believe.
  9. There was a time that after an update I couldn't join 99% of matches and if I managed to join I would get disconnected shortly after only solution I found was to shut off Dx10 and 11 in the launcher settings, not sure why, but it solved it for me. Only other thing I can maybe tell you to do is set matchmaking ping limit to 100 (which is the minimum) and host the games yourself as it usually won't find people and set you up as the host (at least initially as sometimes a host migration can happen if people join in before it starts)
  10. You can still proc electricity by doing the slam attack. And using it with other frames that can proc status effects like Saryn would help aswell.
  11. I plan to get to 100k kuva today to roll many rivens and this is discouraging...
  12. They are referring to the kuva guardians that are invulnerable until you stun and bash them with your Operator (that can easily get 1 shot)
  13. In my suggestion I meant that the armor buff would be like it is now, on a timer, just not be tied to Renewal at all, but instead Hallowed Ground alone. So you step on hallowed ground, gain the armor buff for the ramaining duration of Hallowed Ground, even if you step off it. I kinda wanted to remove that part as I went into a logical debate with myself in how it would make sense since atm I believe the logic is that Renewal transfers the buff and allows you to keep it if you stood on Hallowed Ground, but even that didnt make much sense so I gave up and posted it how I had it at the time.
  14. Asking in advance where to farm the relics based on Era would have been a much better idea. I'm not sure if they reverted the change that made the codex useless for new prime farms.
  15. My suggestions. Smite: Make orb damage not split between amount of orbs Hallowed Ground Give Hallowed Ground innate armor increase that lasts as long as the Hallowed Ground does (you can only have 1 of this bonus at a time) (remove it from Renewal) Edit: meaning if you step on Hallowed Ground you get and keep the armor buff for its remaining duration even if you step off it. Edit: Increase duration of Hallowed Ground Increase the range and make it into a circle. Increase the base status chance. Augment: Change to to something else like gaining energy while on Hallowed Ground maybe? Renewal: Make it cost a single drain instead of per ally. IMO the synergy Nekros is good and should stay, but personally I wouldn't mind if it's removed as long as the general drain is decreased as well. Augment: Make it 60 seconds instead of 90. Reckoning: Make the armor strip innate or make it on irradiated enemies instead and make it strip 50% armor. Give health orbs a % to spawn on enemies affected instead of enemies killed by it. I'm not a fan of "combine abilities for bonus damage" deals, but I suppose it should just stay... Augment: Increase its duration to 20 - 30 seconds. Synergy: In regards to synergy I understand what you guys were trying to do, but with Oberons current "theme" revolving around just radiation and some support I don't really think he can get some good synergy going without making the base abilities seem bad without the synergy. What Oberon has atm I feel is forced synergy, which is instead of making good abilities better, all it's doing is making bad abilities good. If you guys ever plan to do a complete overhaul of Oberon and changing how his abilities function then I'd suggest looking for synergy there, but for now I don't suggest it.