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  1. But the abilities are active at the time, what I think the general concept of a cooldown is that you cannot activate the ability for a period of time after its effect wears off. So a cooldown would be an additional timer after the timer on the ability runs out. Harrow just has 2 phases tied to 2 timers, if after the invul it did nothing then it would be a cooldown, but atm you can immediately recast it after the crit chance buff ends assuming you have enough energy.
  2. The Codex

    There are also limited time enemies like Misery that never came back.
  3. My guess would be that unlike energy, plenty of weapons can heal you with certain mods or their effects. Lifestrike is a mod that gives lifesteal (%damage is given as health) while channeling with melee Healing Return is a mod that heals a flat amount of health per hit on an enemy affected by status with melee Weapons: Hirudo, lifesteal on crits Sancti Magistar, heals in an AoE with charge attacks Furis, lifesteal with its syndicate mod Hema, lifesteal on headshots There's only 1 weapon that gives energy that I know of and it's not good and you only get energy from dead Osreys.
  4. It should work on mobile just as it does on PC.
  5. Angry Joe mentioned Warframe again in his Destiny 2 review.
  6. Depending on what you mean by "force 1 stat" it could be good or bad. What stat will it force? Damage is something thats always good, but beyond that anything else depends on the weapon. (Also multishot, but thats not present in melee)
  7. Affinity range in the plains

    It was buffed to 250m range last I heard.
  8. Since they changed Bladestorm I'm pretty sure they haven't said anything about changing it further despite having a bunch of suggestions to work with.
  9. Arcanes, Trials, and Plains of Eidolon

    I think you misunderstood what they said, you missed "new arcanes" in their text. Meaning the old ones will remain locked behind the trials. (Also it was adressed to be so in a previous devstream, that the arcanes we have will remain locked behind the raids) And in my understanding so far these new arcanes are for the operators and not the warframes. (Based on the last things they said here. That operators will get arcane slots and such)
  10. Day 650 Rewards

    I''m guessing shotgun or syandana
  11. Hydroid Prime: Hotfix 21.7.1

    Please fix the Sancti Magistar losing its healing effect when equiped with the Palatine hammer skin.
  12. What Is The Point Of Buying 'Strong' Riven Mods?

    We have no control over what stats we get and atm all have have is the option of whether or not to keep the original stats. Because of this "fine tuning" a riven can vary between getting stats that don't help the weapon at all multiple times to getting the best possible outcome and even getting what could have been a good outcome if it wasn't ruined by a single negative stat. All this is behind a slot machine system where you have to keep repeating the same side mission over and over again just to test your luck against the slotmachine a few times before you have to do it again. Since we don't have a way of controlling our stats, people usually prefer to go the easy way and just buy a riven they want instead of having to go through the annoying grind for it.
  13. How long will 1000 plats last?

    If you stay away from buying primes when they just come out or vaulted primes. Probably quite a while Potatoes are 20 plat each so you can calculate your spending on that. Non vaulted prime sets that are not new will usually go for 20 - 100 plat each. If you go for new stuff it's 600 plat ish on day 1 for a set of any of the new primes (depending on popularity of it), about 300 day 2 and it stays around 200 for the first week then it'll drop significantly before the next prime comes out. Vaulted stuff can be anything from 30 to 600 plat for a single part depending on what that part is.
  14. A problem with logic

    I've heard 1 general thing against this. A flamethrower can be burned A freezer can be frozen Basically that something can use an element does not mean that its immune to it.
  15. did someone stole my account?

    I don't know if this might be the issue (it's probably not), but if you're running the Warframe app on a mobile device and are signed in there it will cause conflicts of you open it while playing and leave it open.