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  1. Any reason Not to Nerf Hunter Munitions ?

    OP says "calling out an upcoming nerf" not "calling out to nerf" As in people saying they expect it to be nerfed. Besides Tactical Potato saying it in his Devstream 101 recap not that many have said it through videos, but even I feel DE is likely to nerf it.(prob lower the %) Though their current stated slash change suggestion would basically do that by making the mod useless on non slash weapons.
  2. My suggestions at least for LoR (haven't played JV yet) would be as follows. Rework Earth Sabotage to be similar to the first part, but on a smaller scale. Like just 1 injector. (Have posted this in feedback) Cap required amount of players to stand on the buttons for the second part at 4. Mainly because I can't think of a good way to introduce this to players in the rest of the game. Lower energy requirement for the bombs (and buttons in nightmare). Lower damage the core takes in nightmare. You obtain 3 different arcanes at the end reward instead of 1. Change the elemental arcanes to add elemental damage under another condition. If these are done I feel that at least LoR will be easier to get into, therefore leading to more players doing it. Imo arcanes at least the warfrane ones are fine to remain locked behind raids, just the raids themselves need to be easier to get into.
  3. Sentinel or Kubrow/Kavats? (Vote)

    I don't use Kavats/Kubrows generally because of 2 cons -No increased Vaccuum -Makes you use a tanky warframe so they have better survivability. Most of the time I'm just doing the mission and would rather not care too much about having to look at every nook and cranny for the loot. Atm I only use the Smeeta kavat with Inaros sometimes for kuva farms, but that's about it. Sortie wise I usually end up using Nova or Mesa, none of which seem to give a pet enough survivability.
  4. Pls DE don’t pick zephir for holidays

    They must be playing her wrong then cause her 3 gives 95% DR on most things. She can mainly be easily taken down if she gets melee'd as that's one of the few things Shatter Shield doesn't work with.
  5. Pls DE don’t pick zephir for holidays

    Personally I want Mesa to get a cool new look for her that doesn't require Tennogen. She's already one of the best frames in the game so DE wouldn't need to bother with a rework to boost sales, which could be an issue with Zephyr depending on how many staff members take some time off work in December. Also wouldn't mind Mirage Prime eventhough her skills are kinda meh and mainly boil down to her 1 being good.
  6. Pls DE don’t pick zephir for holidays

    Problem is that a lot of the staff takes vacation for the holidays so a "well thought out rework" would have less manpower behind it both to implement and fix/balance.
  7. Heads Up..PROMO Codes..but what are they..

    Try redeeming KINGGOTHALION and SUMMIT1G through the in game marlet instead of the site. If that doesn't work then idk, it might have expired or something.
  8. Heads Up..PROMO Codes..but what are they..

  9. Heads Up..PROMO Codes..but what are they..

    Its probably something to do with the Twitch promotions? Because we got a few codes soon after PoE was released on PC and now we're getting these when the console release happened today. Though I wonder if its the same as the glyphs they give out codes for since I already had Mogamus glyph but was still able to claim this code. (Can't log in atm to see how they look like. If someone could post a screenshot I'd appreciate it)
  10. That one moment you REALLY hate?

    If it makes you feel any better you would have prob just gotten Dread anyways.
  11. Go to this site, log in and open a support ticket. Just remember they might take a while to get to your issue, opening more tickets on the same issue is more detrimental than helpful and make sure you're sending it in the proper category. Good luck.
  12. Can Universal Vacuum just happen already?

    Energizing Dash costs about double the amount Energy Overflow costed. I know because when I got all my points back I was only able to max it 3/4 of the way while before I had it and the cooldown one maxed. It's about 2M focus now to max, 3M to unbind.
  13. [improvement] Euphona Prime

    Eventhough it won't make the weapon great, I would like this change to be made to the Hind too
  14. Euphona Prime and its secondary fire

    Eventhough it won't save the weapon I would like this for the Hind aswell.