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  1. I think his passive should be changed to increased power strength based on shield amount, that way Mesmer Skin would work so much better with him.
  2. I got 7 this year, starting up a folder to keep all the screencaps in Edit: I missed 2 screenshots so it's actually 9 Made a google doc for them, just for 2020 tho since I didnt screencap all the ones I got in the previous years. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14WEJNFzFRd6lwllPzif7e3ZphkBRkd2X?usp=sharing Don't pay attention to the dates there, they're completely inaccurate Hope it helps someone who's researching how plat discounts are given out, because even with login 1.0 I used to get them this frequently, personally I believe it's tied to your region.
  3. Why not review your policy on only doing minor dispo changes instead? Then when the dispo changes happen the weapon will get a (hopefully) appropriate dispo right away instead of this "we'll change dispo a little at a time" thing.
  4. Tainted Shell Sharpshooter Firestorm Fulmination Sinister Reach Ruinus Extension Please make these exilus mods too
  5. I played during that time too and I found the revive system frustrating and scummy (since you could buy revives) But I will admit that it did add way more value in getting revived, compared to the current wave of self reviving since you'll have more revives later anyways. Although the issue of it being really annoying when people either failed to, refused to or were just unable to revive you was there, I do see that it added some value in the system and it did make every mission feel like it carried some risk compared to now. It's a problem that stems from DE's management system, they don't often take major risks unless they come to an agreement between a couple of different people, it's not 1 person ultimately making decisions after considering all the factors like it probably should be. In the end I feel like the subject has a lot of subjectivity to it and even if DE goes for wide spread nerfs on our end, it likely won't appeal to a good deal of people who are asking for it, likely because of the execution that they end up going with it. The meta was mostly using certain comps to buff each other and kill the condrix very fast, which is weird since for all the talk of wf being an anti co op game people largely use co op for meta setups. But I do understand that meta setups are not required for most of the game and that most of it can be done with single frames steamrolling everything. Which would need to be addressed if they go through with wide frame nerfs in how strong/weak individual frames should be and how much would you want to push co op on people to be able to get stuff done or if they will just be way more inefficient to play solo. I like Nova too and I do feel that the tank role has become too prevalent, but I do wonder how annoying it would be to play the game if every frame was similar to Banshee in terms of tanking, since there doesn't seem to be a good middle ground in terms of the tank role. Thanks for this insight, can you maybe elaborate on how far do you think we should be able to fail? Like in general should tank abilities be removed or nerfed or remain untouched? I know you only mention the operator here, which I would assume you would want nerfed along the lines of, can no longer be used to revive allies or that void mode didnt make them invis or put them in what's essentially limbo's rift. I mostly care about rewards in regard to that, so as long as that turns out well I'm good. As for new players being paired up with high MR ones. I sometimes feel like it's along the lines of the tactic Activision either is or wants to use, where you're more likely get paired with players with good guns/cosmetics so you'd be more inclined to buy them. Not trying to say DE has implemented such a thing, just wondering to what extent new players who see players with skins and cool powerful weapons play into their monetization, if it would impact them at all if they changed it. Although I guess it doesn't seeing as the ability to rename weapons leaves a lot of new players confused as to what you were using. Anyways I'm not sure if they should just remove it, I've met new players that appreciated me steamrolling everything (mostly in the Gift of the Lotus alerts) and I've met new players that wanted me to tone it down. So I'm not sure to what extent that should be considered at current. I don't enjoy it much either and never really saw the appeal of RJ (even before release), but I find it more tolerable now with the changes to it. And about their vision, I do not think even they know what they're doing.
  6. I don't think this is the case, what the game was can vary a lot between the players, in most cases it seems like players are trying to make warframe feel like some other games just with a different coat of paint. Note: I don't mean exactly like the another game, it's just often the idea of "make x enemy(ies) harder to kill" seems to come from "x enemy(ies) is generally hard to kill in other games" ie bosses and heavy units. Generally speaking I don't think we can speculate on this very much, a lot of factors go into a games success or failure, most of them stuff we cannot directly influence. Like I'm not sure if the current version of warframe would have been a smash hit or instantly flopped back then and I'd go out on a limb and say that you can't know either.
  7. DE would first need to agree on a ceiling and then start working from there, ie determining minimum time to kill. But with how their decision making structure is atm it will either remain all over the place or just never happen. That is assuming they're willing to take the risk to do a wide nerf to frames, weapons and some mechanics surrounding them, since not everyone would enjoy a slower time to kill and possibly higher death counts. I'm not sure if I would. In general they could keep going the route they have so far and just keep making semi sectioned off content (like arbitrations) that work to counter us, I'm not sure how feasible that is, but they could. I feel how the game currently is could work, not everyone wants the game to slow down and if it does, I would be willing to try it out after a change like that to see if I'd still enjoy it. But rn I do enjoy it how it is. There are a lot of games out there and more often than not "challenging" and "hard" aspects just seem to boil down to you dying and failing for the smallest mistakes or simply because of a lot of game mechanics working against you at the same time, to me they just usually boil down to being annoying. And I know a lot of people are just asking for some semblance of difficulty as opposed to none, but to me there's a difference between asking for them to appeal to your sense of "challenge" and wanting blanket nerfs to almost everything so the game appeals to you. When people have 2k+ hours and ask for massive nerfs I often wonder if they just want to change the game so it's just keeps them interested or if they just want the game to change because it's what would have appealed to them from the beginning. And if they do make the changes they want, how long before they get bored of that version?
  8. I had actually forgotten about that, still I don't think it should be in there unless you redo his entire kit (or just invisibility) to fit it, otherwise it will just feel unnecessarily tacked on for the sake of it. It's not a suggestion, it's a thing that is already in the game
  9. I know they both work But Banshee as a glass cannon is in a very weird spot and really needs some tweaks (recastable 3) and a new 4. If you use her purely as a damage buffer for a team she can just negate scaling and I know that she can survive at very high levels, but it just seems like you'd have to play way too carefully or defensively compared to other frames. As for Valkyr I just feel like her 4's stance is awful, mostly since it lacks mobility and has kicks for no reason. Also I feel like her 1 is outdated and her 3 either needs to be completely changed or it needs something extra.
  10. I think it might be Chroma, since all DE would need to do to make him largely irrelevant is make all status immune enemies vulnerable to status effects (which they are trying to do) Although I guess Hydroid is in a worse spot for any kind of use. Valkyr and Banshee are also down there imo, but I'm not sure where I would rank them between the 4 you mixed up her 2 and her 3
  11. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Savior_Decoy That's my guess Also in general I don't get the "Loki transforms into an enemy" suggestions, why blend in when he has invisibility? And even for after invis DE added a non immediate targeting effect so you don't get attacked immediately after coming out of invis, anything beyond that seems unnecessary and the whole shapeshifting thing should be left for a possible mimic/shapeshifter frame
  12. I'm not sure about this "It's not always the same" means nothing here when all it affects is mission length and not mission variety.
  13. Immediate feedback on the Grendel aug Number 1, the energy cost is unaffected by efficiency, not sure if that is intended. Edit: The simulacrum used default efficiency for some reason Number 2, It needs something more, either: -Give it fire effects, let it leave a trail of fire in addition to giving enemies heat dmg while in his gut or -Let the augment remove the restriction of needing at least 1 enemy in your gut to use it
  14. 1. Unless you have an ability that let's you gain regen shields (more than once per x dur) it doesn't really do much for shieldgating 2. Health > Shields, mostly because health has armor, which while inconsistent DR, at least blocks out more damage 3. Shields block using rage/HA to regen energy 4. Higher shields only helps with adaptation since you might be able to take more hits and stack more DR before it hits health, but even this isn't that great so long as you can have enough armor/health to take a good amount of hits in the first place. The reason I mentioned shield recharge delay and rate is because both of them are way more useful to take advantage of shieldgating If you want to go for something other than shields you can go for status immunity, stagger/knockdown immunity (worse than status immunity but also an option) , crit chance, crit damage or status chance
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