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  1. After the PoE Remastered, the Liset interior themes (Winter and Fall) get reset to none after every login.
  2. It's great that the ability to solo extract for endless mission like survival, but it breaks the game when the survival isn't truly endless. Currently, I'm consistently encountering issues with Sortie Survival. It's a finite, 10 minutes time limit but yet solo extraction is still possible. This causes a few things: 1) Host solo extract = migration (not needed for a non-endless mission), 2) Someone extract and it bugged the extraction for the rest of squad, and/or 3) game crashes. Please go back and code exceptions to individual extraction for false endless missions.
  3. My solutions incorporate elements and/or revisit or re-purpose features already existed in the game. They aren't a band-aid solution like the one suggested. A good design encourage players to use the intended mechanic; not alternatives to bypass the mechanics.
  4. Problem: This is an issue for correctly determining the callback direction, (the direction the conservation specimen will spawn), for those without a headset or surround sound system. With a headset, I can hear the direction accurately; however, the echo is near impossible to differentiate otherwise. I've discussed this issue with others friends that output their audio through tv speakers, and they experience similar issue. The situation is extremely confusing and irritating, especially for someone who are new to conservation. Solution #1: Further balance/adjust/improve sounds to make conservation experience more player-friendly for non-headset users. Solution #2: Introduce a mod for the Oxylus sentinel to be able to detect direction of echolure callback sounds. Solution #3: Revamp the Chesa kubrow into a hunting dog. Allow the Chesa to be able to sense by scent the direction of the conservation specimen. Also, introduce a mod for Chesa retrieval of conservation target after subjugation by tranquilizer or by warframe powers (Ivara's sleep arrow or Equinox's Sleep).
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