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  1. If they aren’t back then DE hasn’t gotten the rights for them to be back.
  2. They’ve said multiple times that nightwave will not be the only way to get the ephemera.
  3. The creator has said that DE is aware of the problem, but Tennocon is this their priority right now. I believe they also said if it’s not fixed a week after Tennocon they will bug DE about it.
  4. Don’t want to rag on you too much, but while your OP seems to be asking for advice whenever anyone offers it you are super negative in your responses. I get that you might not have the best mods or Arcanes, but people are offering far cheaper options, and the amount of times you’ve said healing options don’t work makes me think it’s less a game problem and more a you problem.
  5. I’m sorry that it’s so late (or early I guess?) for you but, as someone else already mentioned, that’s just the way timezones work, and it’s not that hard to find work arounds?
  6. The ability doesn’t work that way though, as many people in this thread have already explained.
  7. Exploiting a clear bug to get inflated scores... yep... so worthy of sympathy...
  8. Did you not read the other posts explaining what exactly people were doing? This isn’t just a case of “use switch teleport to send enemy off the map”, it’s a case of “use switch teleport on a specific point of the map that doesn’t follow the established rules of how switch teleport works on npcs to insta kill demolysts”
  9. It’s not the ability in itself. A bug occurred when used on a specific map, which people then abused.
  10. That’s my bad, 15 was a number being thrown around 19th is confirmed
  11. This season doesn’t end until the 15th I believe
  12. It’s not fair unfortunately but licensing on consoles works differently, and DE is more limited. Consoles didn’t even have Tennogen back in the day because of that.
  13. Yatus is somewhat infamous for having models that look nice to the eye but are lacking on the technical side of things. To his credit he’s improved a lot and we see that by his skins slowly being accepted. Be patient. There’s most likely technical issues he needs to fix, or stylistic choices that DE wants changed. Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean it functions in game edit: and I say that as a fan of some of his stuff
  14. How do you know it did? The replies from Taylor lay out that there are reasons why the skin didn’t make it in.
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