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  1. That’s my bad, 15 was a number being thrown around 19th is confirmed
  2. This season doesn’t end until the 15th I believe
  3. It’s not fair unfortunately but licensing on consoles works differently, and DE is more limited. Consoles didn’t even have Tennogen back in the day because of that.
  4. Yatus is somewhat infamous for having models that look nice to the eye but are lacking on the technical side of things. To his credit he’s improved a lot and we see that by his skins slowly being accepted. Be patient. There’s most likely technical issues he needs to fix, or stylistic choices that DE wants changed. Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean it functions in game edit: and I say that as a fan of some of his stuff
  5. How do you know it did? The replies from Taylor lay out that there are reasons why the skin didn’t make it in.
  6. Not sure if this is the right subforum, but have we heard anything if the Little Duck amp gilding bug was fixed or getting a fix? I had heard about the bug at the beginning of January, but didn’t actually build a Fortuna amp until now, and I gilded it with Little Duck without thinking.
  7. They’ve said already, and I feel like it’s a fairly well known fact, that Yatus’s stuff have a lot of technical issues, which only recently have been fixed on some of his skins. Just because something looks nice in a screenshot means it functions in game
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