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  1. I doubt they will. I keep an eye on this thread for false hope... but game wise, I have long since moved on. If you are looking for good melee game, however, I have had a lot of fun with Monster Hunter World, The Surge, and am now on The Surge 2.
  2. Thank you for being the only developer to finally make an appearance to say this.
  3. I see you are someone who never used Life Strike, or did on rare occasion. I have said this before, but Channeling has never been useful as an on/off system. The energy drain is too severe. Those who did use it know it is for quick, hard-hitting strikes. Like the Gunblade on FFVIII. You activate it for the hit to maximize damage, then let it go. The way actions are bound on a controller, Channeling cannot be used in this way anymore. As for there being other ways to stay alive - they are not as effective or do not provide the same level of independence. Healing Return is ineffective for most weapons. Only heals on a hit when the target is already affected by status, and not on a kill-strike. Suited for fast strike, low damage weapons with high status chance. In a game mode where kills matter, such as Survival, this will not do the job well until higher levels, when you take more damage than it heals anyway. Using consumables. Sure, I will dump my resources in those just to pound them down whenever I am taking damage in an area that I am not going to be in the same place for very long. Efficient. Sure. Healing ability frames. Many of these abilities do not heal as quickly as a power-hit-Life Strike. In many cases you are restricted by casting time, and aim. But aside from that, I should not be forced to limit myself to heal-frame gameplay. For years, I made my way as a solo player. So for me to have to restrict myself to heal-frame gameplay is absurd when there are a multitude of frames I do enjoy playing as who can't heal. I disagree. I don't see this as "depth of gameplay." What I see is a shallow attempt to encourage people who used guns to pull out the Melee now and then because "hey, no holster speed!" These changes do not improve melee. Maybe they improve gunplay, I don't know. As someone who loved the melee in this game before, I see this as a smear in our faces.
  4. I haven't gained choices with this melee switch. I lost more than has been offered. Here is what I could no longer do: 1. I can't manually block anymore, unless I go Melee only. 2. I cannot effectively stay alive with Life Strike. Toggled Channeling results in lost time activating/deactivating, and is a severe energy drain because of Auto-Block. 3. I can't carry anything like a Datamass or Powercell effectively with Melee, because if I try to blockglide to cover distance - such as crossing a gap - I am forced to switch to my Primary, which drops whatever I was carrying. 4. I cannot stay in melee mode when performing combos that require the "aim" button to be pressed. After finishing such a combo, the gun is forced back out. 5. I cannot use the old Quick Melee unless I remove stances, despite its original effectiveness for certain situations without locking me into stance movements. But the gun and blade pops out quicker. Yay? If people are so concerned about the delay in switching from melee to gun and back again, why is there no outcry against reload animations? Weapon depending, those take up far more time than a weapon switch. Casting animations for powers? Those are still a thing that takes time. Why have those not been completely removed in favor of "streamlining" the action?
  5. Tennnocon is over. There really is no excuse to not tell us they have read the Melee concerns that have been present for the last half a year. That tells me it is not changing because they don't care, and/or they like it how it is. I saw a Wukong Prime teaser among the Tennocon clips. So all Primes since Hydroid are just being glossed over. That's what I feel they are doing with Melee. They don't want to handle it, like they apparently didn't want to make other Prime Trailers (yet somehow found the time to do a Wukong one), so everything before will just get swept under the rug. I mean, if they can put continual effort in showcasing new and upcoming content, a few words addressing melee is not too much to ask for.
  6. Well I imagine there are some, like myself, who have just stopped playing Warframe altogether for months now, only checking this thread or the Dev Workshop forum for Melee updates. I feel like if enough people did this, the Devs might notice... but I don't encourage people to abandon the game if they still enjoy playing it. As a console player, I feel like this melee change was a considerable slap to the face. If it was meant to cater to consoles, I don't see how we benefit at all. My personal playstyle was obliterated. The old controls felt far more natural, and I never felt overwhelmed by control options.
  7. This certainly is how people should act - with respect towards others. However, there is only so much people can take from being ignored. And that is exactly what DE is doing: ignoring us. I went and looked up my first comment since the melee changes came out on PS4, and that was back in March. In my comments there, was I being rude? Disrespectful? How about my comments after that? Those regarding the Melee rework before it was released? It's all there in my post history. I am not happy with the way things have been changed, but that is not what has caused me to lose respect for DE. I am disgusted by their lack of addressing any of these concerns in months. How many Devstreams, Prime Times, or other news releases have we had from them since? How many have so much as said, "We have read and understand your concerns regarding the Melee changes." If there has been any, I have missed them. So far as I can tell, these are being swept under the carpet because they do not want to address it. You know what sort of things you ignore? Dirt on the bottom of your shoes. Bugs or insects that you walk past down the road. People you don't care about or have no interest in. Things that do not matter to you or have no weight on your life. Tell me, which of these do you think DE considers their Melee-concerned player-base to be? Because they are most definitely ignoring us and ignoring the problems that these Melee changes have caused. So what does that make us to them? Sure, I can see how there are people who have gotten agitated, angry, or speak with more frustration since we haven't had any indication that DE has heard our concerns - again, after months of suffering this change. But there is only so much people can take of being ignored. If you think this isn't such a big deal, maybe try it in your life and see how the people you ignore take it. Spouse? Family? Friends? Try ignoring some of them. Don't talk to them. If they speak to you, treat them like they are not there. Don't even glance their direction. See how long it takes them to develop any degree of aggression. I guarantee it will be shorter than the patience many people here on the forums have endured with this change. Even if they don't know what they are going to do yet, a simple, "We hear your concerns," gives us more than flat out ignoring us. Hell if they need ideas, there have been plenty suggested through this thread that they created to get feedback on anyway. Unless.... of course... they haven't seen the suggestions because they are ignoring it.
  8. You know, DE... I used to have so much respect for you. Across the 5-ish years I have played this game, between things you have done that I have or have not liked, I have stuck by because of your willingness to listen to your community. But this.... this is just awful. When the melee changes came out, I tried it. There were some mechanics I was able to adapt to, but overall what you have done is destroyed melee gameplay. And I speak as someone who mained Melee. Check my profile if you doubt. Gunplay is not what attracted me to Warframe. I dislike shooters unless I can find ways to compensate for my lousy firing skills. I got through Mass Effect because of the powers mechanics. While Warframe powers offer some alternative, it was the Melee that reached out to me. I have since stopped playing Warframe. I barely made it through the Wolf of Saturn Six, and the only reason I stayed was to get through all the reward levels. Once I hit 30, I stopped playing. And the only reason I keep visiting the boards here, is to see if there has been any response from you - the developers - on this issue that many people are voicing concerns over. But nothing. No addressing it in the forums. No mention of it at all in any Devstreams or Prime Times I have seen in the first month since this release, so I gave up watching. Why have you changed your business strategy? Why do you dismiss the players who mained Melee for so many years, in favor of those who probably still don't use it over favored gunplay? What have we done that has caused you to blatantly ignore us and our concerns?
  9. Perhaps if there is cause for all this to stay, maybe the developers can defend these changes with stats? Look at the melee stats before. Look at the melee stats after. Who are these changes actually for? Are the people praising it those who used melee consistently for years? Are they the people who have melee weapons as their "Most Used" equipment? Or maybe the stats show a decline in melee use? Maybe the people who used guns before are still using guns now, and the Melee fans are pulling away, causing a drop in melee activity? Do stats support or contradict these changes? Surely it has been long enough for a couple weeks comparison, no?
  10. The problem is some of us are heavy melee users, and have been for years. There are those of us who prefer melee over guns, heavily. So when changes destory what we love about the game, we choose to speak out about it. As it stands, Life Strike has lost its viability. Melee is no longer an effective means of staying alive in endurance runs, because there is no more control over the loss of energy from chaneling. I am afraid to use Melee now. Trying to turn it on and off when I am taking heavy damage, even hitting 2 health and holding on by a thread from Quick Thinking... I waste too much time trying to do so, and lose so much energy in the process. In Endurance runs, for me, Energy is life. But if I cannot control that energy effectively, because of control changes made in the system, then I just lost my survivability. Are there other ways around it? Not everyone plays in teams with a "healer." Some of us favor solo play. Not everyone likes to be dependent upon Warframe powers to survive. Life Strike was an effective way to maintain survivability. Healing Return? Less effective, but still works - and can in no way match what channeling a Life Strike hit can do. If you kill an enemy in one hit with Healing Return, you get nothing back. If you only get (at max) 11 health back, per hit, per status. Which means multiple hits restore more health with high status weapons... but the longer it takes to kill enemies, the worse your battle goes when you need things like Life Support. By contrast, a single swipe with Life Strike can cost something like 12 energy, and completely heal you, with a strong enough hit. No contest. But if you cannot easily control the channeling cost, because it is now secondary fire, a turn off/on switch and not just a hold-for-power, now you lose more energy and can die as a result. Here is another thing to consider. Auto-blocking. If you block while channeling, it drains energy. Fast. You can't manually block if you have your melee weapon equipped, so just having channeling on at all is just asking for an energy burn.
  11. Is it just me, or is the camera massively shaking on each enemy hit? Between my Kronen and Ninkondi, I feel like the camera is shaking way too severely...
  12. Melee Channel and Secondary Fire should be the same button. If you move Secondary Fire, that should be your Melee Channel button. Having just tried the new Melee in Onslaught, I can say that I feel Melee healing with Life Strike is no longer a viable option. This breaks a lot of Melee's effectiveness in battle under heavy fire. Yes, Life Strike works. But in order to use it, I have to stop what I am doing, turn on channeling, try to perform an attack that restores health without completely draining my energy, then pause my combo again to turn it off. The fluidity is no longer there.
  13. Thank you for the update. My first stop had to be Melee, as a predominately melee user, my concern over the future changes has been lingering since I heard about it. From some short time in the Simulacrum, these are my thoughts so far: - The Kronen are my Melee of choice. This is one that had a "block" button combo in the stance. I notice the key for this has switched sides, so now it is locked into Aim instead of the before Block (now Fire) key. While this will take some getting used to, I am noticing that when performing a block/aim button combo, the Melee weapon disappears immediately after the combo has ended. When performing other combos, the melee weapon stays drawn. I have tried this on multiple weapons, and each time the game defaults to my primary/secondary weapons once the combo utilizing the Aim buttom has ended. - The notes state that some combos have changed due to the Block button no longer existing. But if effort was made to change some combos already, why do we still have pull-back combos? Specifically, Tempo Royale and Crushing Ruin both have a combo that requires pulling away from the fight to execute. Meanwhile, Carving Mantis has a "push left" away from the fight button in combo. On a Keyboard where aim is handled by mouse, this may be inconsequential (I don't know, haven't used it), but with a controller, you literally are required to pull away from the enemies in front of you to execute a specific combo. - Channeling rebound to alt-fire and toggle is going to be a challenge. Specifically because I imagine Melee users like myself use it predominately for Life Strike. In the previous state, it could be used sparingly, utilizing it for specific strong attacks (i.e. a Kronen slide) and dropping it immediately after the single strike to conserve energy. I understand the idea is to define Channeling as a new state of attack, but it is more difficult to manage energy consumption in the middle of fast-moving combos when the button is a toggle. I still wonder how Life Strike will fit into the grander scheme, but my primary concern is that right now, it is harder to see, visually, when Channeling is active. It could be a result of my color scheme, but I can no longer tell, when looking, if Channeling is on or off - unless I notice my energy draining on attacks. The distinction is no longer clear. Those immediate concerns aside, I do want to say that the effects on melee are more vibrant and stunning. Visually, the elemental choices look good on the weapons. Thank you for listening/reading.
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