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  1. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    The Macabre Premier Contest [Winners Announced!]

    I would call this my greatest fear:
  2. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    DE making it so blocking building up the combo counter is something that makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. When you are in a survival, and kills matter to maintain life support, who is going to stand around blocking to re-build up the combo counter (i.e. after a heavy attack)? That is time lost. Ineffective, slow, and a complete waste of time.
  3. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I imagine this is a plug at one of my comments. I do play Batman and Spiderman. And I love those games. But I also love Warframe. I wouldn't be here after 4 years if I did not. And I am a melee user. Heavily. So yes, I am going to speak up when a system I love about the game threatens a game I have enjoyed spending my time on. This. This is what is going to break the system. Changing a system to accommodate people who do not use it is not the way to go, if you refuse to listen to the people who do use it. If the Melee 3.0 is not effective for endurance or destroys the fun factor the existing Melee population, you lose your players. Likewise you may encourage non Melee players to try it, but if they love their guns and powers more, they are not going to stick with Melee either. An entire destruction of a system in an attempt to rework it. What happened when they tried the UI changes to Console? The reaction was immediate. They had to send out hotfixes the same day because they removed functions designed to controller support in favor of a "mouse" style. Yes, we still have he new UI, but they had to revert a number of that functionality back for controller support, because the community had been calling out what wasn't working. The Melee commumity is trying to do that now.
  4. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    And how often are those weapons and stances used? The only exceptions are probaby Lesion and Tonbo for their damage potential. But I have dropped using both because it is boring. There are a number of weapon varients that I abandoned because of stances. I hated Single Sword stances until Swooping Falcon. I trashed all my Machetes after ranking them until Cyclone Kraken came out. Nearly did the same with my Silva and Aegis because I hated Eleventh Storm, but absolutely fell in love with it after I got Final Harbinger. Stances can make or break weapon playstyles. Cut out what people love about a system, and you effectively cut those players out.
  5. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Shave down the stances down to two combos, and melee will be obliterated. It will be repeatitive and boring. You don't make a system more fun by removing the fun elements and throwing in poor compensations (heavy attacks). Think about games that do have strong melee capabilities. I am thinking Kingdom Hearts. The new Spiderman PS4. Batman, Arkham. The "simple" moves are beginner, and no one sticks with beginning moves only. No, we unlock new skills and "gadgets" to create variation. This is what makes melee in these other games fun. Adding a "heavy attack" alone is not what creates variety. It is a poor attempt to accomodate the variety of Stances and mobility.
  6. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Watched the devstream, and am very disappointed at how the Kronen performed. Those blades are better than that. I don't see why there is hype or so much emphasis for heavy attacks. They are slow and looked as though they were out of place in the fluidity and speed of combos. Trying to normalize combos, I get. But what of stances that have 4 movement sets? I notice it was mentioned a base set (no movement), a forward set, a block "close-the-gap" attack (is that a full set?) But what of the fourth? Some stances only have two sets anyway (Polearms, I believe?) - will they finally be getting some additional movements to be more in line with other weapons? I said this in the Devstream thread, but heard one of the Devs say in stream the "basic attacks" were idealized to be single-target focus. Why? The sweeping multi-enemy attacks are what is useful in this hoard-game. Enemies should not live long enough to endure a full combo. If they do something is wrong...
  7. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    As someone who enjoys the current Melee system (and my Kronen's stats can attest to that), I would hate to see it ruined because of a concern over under-used weapons. If the concern is over "Channeling is not used often," well that is because it consumes precious energy. To channel consistently while attacking or blocking eats up energy for powers and any buffer provided by Quick Thinking. If you check the stats in relation to the Life Strike mod (probably the most valuble of channeling mods) you will see different numbers. Questions: So what will happen to Life Strike, and other channeling mods in the new system? What about Operator powers that buff or affect Channeling? Arcanes affected by channeling? Most melee are not effective because the stances are uni-directional. Many swords, daggers, fists, etc. rely on forward attacks, theoretically designed to single-target enemies. But when that enemy dies after the first couple hits - with many more of the combo left to go - trying to guide to dying targets is ineffective and cumbersome. This is why Polearms, Tonfas, Heavy Blades, and Whips are more consistently used. Their wide sweeping attacks make more sense against swarms of moving enemies. The Warfans stance is an example of uselessness. The basic combo, ends with the Warframe "fanning" themselves. How is this effective in battle? Heavy attacks are likely unused because they are slow. Enemies do not stand still, and getting shot at while charging is more likely to happen than not. Enemies also can move away, thus leaving a gap (and no way to close the distance) during the charge. Why is Melee 3.0 focusing on these charge attacks (from last look). Even if movement is improved, charge attacks are more burden than boost.
  8. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)

    Thank you, DE!
  9. Well, damn... and just as I was starting to have fun with detonation weapons in Limbo's stasis. Going to miss leaving Penta grenades in enemy's faces.... Oh well...
  10. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    Thank you. You have proven once more to be a developer team worthy of acknowledgement. You are a team that listens to your communuty, and I, for one, am greatly appreciative of it.
  11. So... this occurs to me late, but it hit me... we got a half-update. We got Navigation changes for a Menu system we don't have yet. We have seen how the new menus are being designed (via Devstreams), and these new UI changes we recieved are supposed to compliment that new layout... but they do not compliment the current layout. It is like giving us dry erase markers, but leaving us with a chalkboard. We don't yet have the whiteboard these markers were designed for, and they do not work effectively on a medium designed for chalk. I am still concerned over the functionality in a number of ways - namely, the navigation is not intuitive for a controller. And maybe the new menu designs will address that... but that just makes me think releasing the work incomplete was not the best strategy.
  12. Just going to carry over what I have said elsewhere: There are parts of the UI change I feel I could get used to, but other parts that are downright unintuitive for a console game. Having to "double click" on anything in a console game is unintuitive, and yet, you have to do so when selecting things in Arsenal. Drag and drop is not a console action. It's a PC action. That's unintuitive. The inability to use D left-and-right to incriment menu items (i.e. Options sliders) is bothersome. Console players don't use "mouse" to select a position on a slider bar... A full revert is not necessary. The option to chose old or new is what's needed. It's like Archwing controls. There was a "Legacy" option added in menu, because people did not like the new layout.
  13. Navigation should be intuitive. These changes are not. I can see how using a mouse and this cursor makes sense, but an analog stick is not the same thing as a mouse. Not having Controller shortcuts for buttons (in the Arsenal), and forcing a drag-and-drop system is not a design your average console player is used to. This is unintuitive and confusing for something that should feel natural.
  14. My biggest concern regarding UI is with "bumper" options on numeric values (i.e. selecting number of mods for dissolving or Sentient cores for standing). Having to tap the bumpers to increase value for hundreds of numbers is a strain on the fingers. Can we not see selecting the input box and typing in numbers via keyboard? (For those console players who already have USB keyboards connected to type in chat.)
  15. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Operator Casting Call - Be Featured in a Promo Video!

    Thank you for your consideration :)