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  1. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Medium Restores acting as Smalls

    "Squad_Energy_Restore_(Medium)" on Fandom: "The 1x Squad Energy Restore (Medium) blueprint and 10x Squad Energy Restore (Medium) blueprint is reusable and can be acquired through research in the Energy Lab" http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Squad_Energy_Restore_(Medium) If it is called a "small," in the Market, and it acts like a small... I hate to break it to you, but that's a small. There is no bug there.
  2. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Medium Restores acting as Smalls

    I thought only the smalls were available in the market? Medium and Large blueprints come from Syndicates and Dojos.
  3. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Mesa Systems. .....

    And yet you asked if there is a bug in a systems blueprint not dropping after only 11 runs? I wonder how many runs it has taken people to get Nidus, or Harrow, or Ivara? Far more than 11 for some, I am sure.
  4. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Mesa Systems. .....

    You are playing a game with a drop table based on RNG (random number generation). You think 11 runs is bad? You have no idea the farm you are in for to get anything in this game.
  5. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Warframe stuck at 75 hp

    So unequip it. The nature of the Dragon Keys affect your frames.
  6. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Warframe stuck at 75 hp

    Do you have a Bleeding Dragon Key in your gear wheel?
  7. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Getting ash prime when I shouldn't

    Not a bug.
  8. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee affinity counting towards exalted blade

    In the same vein, if you use a Forma on an Exalted weapon, you can level it up by simply using the Frame, and are not required to use the ability itself.
  9. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Exalted Blade Mod Not Showing

    It ranks when you use your Warframe, just like Warframe powers always have.
  10. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Exalted Blade Mod Not Showing

    Exalted stance mods do not show up in the mods screen.
  11. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Can’t interact with pets as Operator

    I'm guessing you have an issue somewhere, because it has been working for me for months. I just tested it now, and my Operator pet my Kubrow with no problem.
  12. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+hotfixes)

    Thank you, DE!
  13. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    I cant get harrow

    Sold the blueprint? Tough luck. If you want Harrow, you can buy him from the Market. Quest rewards are one-time only.
  14. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Regulators, Exalted Blade, Vallyr claws not showing up in Arsenal?!

    Available on PC. So far as I know, Consoles do not have the feature yet. It is part of the next update.
  15. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Riven challenges

    Getting kills while on the wall counts towards the Riven, but once your Frame stands upright (i.e. on the ground, or even on a piece of wall that allows it), it is considered a fail and you need to restart it. It needs to be in one continuous ground-avoidance. Ziplines will also cause a fail. Enemies raising alarms will cause a fail. I recommend a high-damage, wide AoE killing frame somewhere with high walls, and/or has a very wide-open area. I.e. Try World on Fire Ember. Try a Peacemaker Mesa, jump from somewhere high, and spin-kill-aim glide your way down. See if maybe Atlas's Rumbler-kills count. Spawn them, and let them kill enemies while you wall-hop. Cast Spores on enemies with Saryn, and wall-hop as the damage increases and kills them. Discharge Volt. Use Ivara's Noise and Sleep arrows to try to collect enemies to a spot and use detonation weapons (i.e. Talons, Castanas) to kill en-mass. There are a number of ways to try this Riven.