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  1. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    revenant quest

    Did you already build and collect all the Revenant parts from Konzu's bounties? Because if you haven't, this is not a bug. It is a case of not progressing the quest on your own.
  2. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    DE making it so blocking building up the combo counter is something that makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. When you are in a survival, and kills matter to maintain life support, who is going to stand around blocking to re-build up the combo counter (i.e. after a heavy attack)? That is time lost. Ineffective, slow, and a complete waste of time.
  3. (PS4)azul86sapphire


    If you have not crafted the Revenant parts from the Bounties, the story will not progress. It's not just getting the blueprints, you have to craft and collect them.
  4. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    cant find synthesizer in market or inventory

    ... what is a Synthesizer? If you mean the scanners to Synthesize targets for Simaris, this is not a bug because they are not in the Market. You need to access Simaris' Terminal in the Relay (to the right of him) in order to purchase Synthesis Scanners.
  5. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I imagine this is a plug at one of my comments. I do play Batman and Spiderman. And I love those games. But I also love Warframe. I wouldn't be here after 4 years if I did not. And I am a melee user. Heavily. So yes, I am going to speak up when a system I love about the game threatens a game I have enjoyed spending my time on. This. This is what is going to break the system. Changing a system to accommodate people who do not use it is not the way to go, if you refuse to listen to the people who do use it. If the Melee 3.0 is not effective for endurance or destroys the fun factor the existing Melee population, you lose your players. Likewise you may encourage non Melee players to try it, but if they love their guns and powers more, they are not going to stick with Melee either. An entire destruction of a system in an attempt to rework it. What happened when they tried the UI changes to Console? The reaction was immediate. They had to send out hotfixes the same day because they removed functions designed to controller support in favor of a "mouse" style. Yes, we still have he new UI, but they had to revert a number of that functionality back for controller support, because the community had been calling out what wasn't working. The Melee commumity is trying to do that now.
  6. (PS4)azul86sapphire


    To share a video, use your PS4's sharing features. You can either save a video clip or broadcast it to somewhere like Youtube or Twitch. Then just post the link in this thread. Also, there is no reason to be yelling. Vulgarity does not make anyone listen or fix things faster. It is actually more of a detriment to your cause.
  7. (PS4)azul86sapphire


    Did you build all the parts from the Bounties? If you listen to what Nakak says, you need to talk to Konzu. Do bounties. Build parts. Only then can you continue the quest.
  8. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    And how often are those weapons and stances used? The only exceptions are probaby Lesion and Tonbo for their damage potential. But I have dropped using both because it is boring. There are a number of weapon varients that I abandoned because of stances. I hated Single Sword stances until Swooping Falcon. I trashed all my Machetes after ranking them until Cyclone Kraken came out. Nearly did the same with my Silva and Aegis because I hated Eleventh Storm, but absolutely fell in love with it after I got Final Harbinger. Stances can make or break weapon playstyles. Cut out what people love about a system, and you effectively cut those players out.
  9. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Shave down the stances down to two combos, and melee will be obliterated. It will be repeatitive and boring. You don't make a system more fun by removing the fun elements and throwing in poor compensations (heavy attacks). Think about games that do have strong melee capabilities. I am thinking Kingdom Hearts. The new Spiderman PS4. Batman, Arkham. The "simple" moves are beginner, and no one sticks with beginning moves only. No, we unlock new skills and "gadgets" to create variation. This is what makes melee in these other games fun. Adding a "heavy attack" alone is not what creates variety. It is a poor attempt to accomodate the variety of Stances and mobility.
  10. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Mask of the revanant bug

    You can do bounties and get Revenant parts.
  11. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Revenant adventure bug

    Did you ask her about the Mask before you checked her stock? Do you meet the pre-requisites? (Rank 2 with the Quills)
  12. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    The Revenant quest not working on XB1

    Quests only work if you do them right. The in-game directions are vague, but the developers handed s walkthrough to us on a silver platter (the Update Notes).
  13. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Revenant Miniquest Bug [Reply inside]

    Using a Walkthrough means you are potentially jumping ahead of things. This is what I imagine most people claiming "bug!!!!" are doing. You are trying to cross a bridge that is unfinished. You need to back up and finish the steps before (in this case, build Revenant parts from Konzu Bounties) before you can progress.
  14. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Octavia music in ship glitch

    Did you check if you left your Somachord on in your Personal Quarters? Have you tried stopping it there?
  15. (PS4)azul86sapphire

    Revenant Miniquest Bug [Reply inside]

    Did Nakak tell you to go to a second location? If not, how did you know where it was? After you touched the first one, did she tell you to go to Konzu? Have you already collected and built all 3 parts? (Chassis, Systems, Neuroptics)