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  1. I usually get the same bug but only on the steam launcher what i doid to fix was 1. check all drivers are up to date 2. make sure no razer software is running in the background or razer croma is disabled for warframe 3. restart your computer then it works i posted about this on May 8th 2020
  2. me either check twitch my username is ShepardsGhostInsert image from URL
  3. have you sent a crash report explaining what you did, to me it looks like you are using the regular launcher i.e. the web downloader, but i highly suggest writing a report or even making a video of all the steps leading up to the crash
  4. Warframe keeps exiting after i press login. I re-downloaded the game seeing as i am the only one amongst my friends who has this problem, i tried logging in over and over with the same problem which i noticed started after 6PM GMT+2 yesterday evening on the 8th of may
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