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  1. I love how people forgot that they're in an open beta game... Thank you DE for all your hard work. keep it up, the game is being more and more logical and more stable with each update you do.
  2. Soraxel

    Warframe Builder

    why does Burston Prime have 38.587% instead of 15% status chance?
  3. Soraxel

    Warframe Builder

    Theres something wrong with Strun Wraith's status chance. i made a build which have 95.81% status chance using 3 extra Status damage +60% and Status chance +60%. but in-game i put only 2 and it reached 99.1% Status chance. it reaches 100% when i put the 3 of them. hope you fix this soon. thanks for your hard work and good luck. heres the build and a screenshot of the in-game one. Build: Screenshot: