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  1. I have been experiencing a lot of stuttering and fps loss in the past months up until yesterday's update. This stuttering was making it really unpleasant to play and I'm glad it's gone now. I don't even know if this was intentional, but good job nonetheless. (Laptop user)
  2. What happened to the Scarlet Spear-like mission type and why haven't we seen more of it? Did you guys give up on it or will we see it again in the future?
  3. How to do Gian Point 101: one guy pilots the ship, one guy is in charge of the forge to replenish flux and ammo, one uses the forward artillery to take down crewships, fourth guy can do whatever (you can send him to the anomaly/second objective so he can complete it alone while the others carry the main mission). I have no idea what version of railjack you've been playing, but you definitely have a distorted view of it.
  4. TYPE: In-Game (Mission Result) DESCRIPTION: All party is stuck on Mission Result VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: No idea what caused it, it didn't happen yesterday EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to exit this screen and proceed with the mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Stuck on mission result. All party had to alt+f4 (EVEN WHEN HOST LEFT and we got host migration, the problem did not fix itself). REPRODUCTION RATE: It only happened today, not yesterday. 2nd bug (common) Can't vote on mission TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: 100% of the
  5. Had this as well, I thought something was wrong with my pc... fix this
  6. The thing that felt unique to railjack was the fact that everyone had his own role and you would have to manage those efficiently in order to complete the mission. All of that is gone now and railjack is literally nothing more than a taxi, where 10% of the mission is you going from point A to point B and 90% is you doing missions like we've always done in the regular star chart. What's the point?
  7. Yeah, no. To those saying "you can still do Eidolons, they're just giving an alternative" I would just say look at the history of Warframe. Players will always go for the most efficient route: why would I bother doing Eidolons if the Orphix Venom style mission is easier and can be done 24/7 because it's not tied to the day-night cycle. Eidolons will just be forgotten if they don't do something about it, and I'm relieved that many of the people who replied are aware of the issue. Let's just hope DE sees the potential in them and gives them an update in the future tho! They did a great job with
  8. It's official now: with Orphix Venom getting permanently added to the game, Eidolons are just doomed to be forgotten by the developers. Arcanes were originally obtainable in raids, and to me they felt like a compelling "endgame" grind. They required a good chunk of coordination with your team, something that broke the monotony of press 4 and win. The reason Raids were removed was apparently due to the amount of bugs that came along with them with every update, so the developers decided to put them in stasis and replace them with Eidolons. That's the tl;dr. Unfortunately, however, tha
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