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  1. Very fair points but the whole jack of all trades thing cant realistically fly any more given how alot of frames without any mods on can pretty much do the same roles as oberon but better, most obvious example is Grendel, he can cc enemies, heal himself and buff alies, can deal damage, and tank almost as well as inaros. Another suspect of this is nidus, can do all 4 extremely well so if oberon is the jack of all trades then those 2 would be the kings which as an oberon user seems pretty unfair and unjust. While Oberon does have a big armour buff and constant arcane grace effect thats pretty much all he has going for him (great healing) but when other frames can do that with some other role being given to them as well such as rhino getting 3 of the 4 in his ability kit, good damage buff, great tanking, and hard cc in the form of stomp. Point being with more and more frames being able to do some if not all of what Oberon does but better is kinda unfair, I personally feel that most of the concept i put up with the purpose of giving oberon a form of dps would bring him up to the tiers the previously mentioned frames would be at.
  2. Now i did post an idea for novas anti matter drop a long time ago and while i did not post any other ideas after i was still bouncing around random ideas for warframe ability tweaks and the one im about to talk about stuck out to me in regards to Oberon. When it comes to Oberon's base smite ability its damage is a bit shall we say "meh" but from my POV i see the idea for Oberon's smite being more "incomplete" more than being a complete ability thats actual garbage. This concept is just a random idea i thought of so its very likely full of holes in areas so if you readers like the idea and want to add to it without making Oberon's smite essentially what Saryn was like around the time ESO released and we all know that damage scaling was RIDICULOUSLY op and got nerfed in the blink of an eye essentially, anyways onto the idea: (sorry for the long intro to this but i feel it was needed but i might be wrong) With smite as we have it now i feel whats already there should stay BUT but but but.... hear me out, instead of changing the ability outright why not add some things to it to give damage scaling? I propose that the initial hit for smite should stay the same where it takes a percentage of the enemies max health BUT if the resulting projectiles hit an enemy instead of instantly disappearing like they do now, the projectiles instead get to continue on to see out other targets with a damage multiplier attached. For the sake of argument lets say if the projectile did say 1000 radiation damage on enemy hit, it would get (again for the sake of argument its a random value and can easily be changed) say a 1.5x damage multiplier for that hit meaning the next will do 1500 radiation damage and scale exponentially depending on how many enemies it hits, what i mean by that is lets say after the projectile hits another enemy with the first 1.5x multiplier that becomes the projectiles new base damage and get the same multiplier again while allowing it to continue on again. Why per enemies hit you may ask? i think that the projectiles should be a duration based effect where the projectiles have a small duration to hit another enemy like 5 seconds, and when that timer expires the projectile disappears unless it hits another enemy and in that case the timer would refresh but in the event it doesn't you would have to recast Oberon's smite in order to get more projectiles out. If you read all the way to here thanks for reading, I really like most of Oberon's kit but i personally am a bit "disappointed" at Smite given that various other warframes have really good scaling first abilities such as the aforementioned saryn, garuda, ivara, grendel and so on and so forth. Giving oberon tweaks like this wouldnt be so far out of left field given this situation but again theres room for changes to initial concept but i feel its a really good idea so feel free to give feedback. Also for any devs reading this please consider this (especially pablo, you did great with wukong, surely theres something here you can work with we can even talk about it over PMs maybe idk) surely there is some potential here to make Smite better than what it currently is. Not really holding my breath there after all the day this would get seen by a dev let alone get reviewed on something like a dev stream or prime time is the day i put 100 forma on both my grendel and oberon prime. Thanks for reading and have a good one.
  3. Glad to see DE havent fixed the glitch causing kavats and kubrows (unsure of chargers but im pretty sure its the same) to grow to ridiculously huge sizes, that glitch is so hilarious its priceless, pls DE dont fix this but if you do oh well it was good for a laugh.
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