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  1. "Base damage" is that "200 damage" thing your AMD can deal when you use it and just leave it be. It's completely irrelevant in terms of the practical use of the skill. But, sure, getting 300 Power Strength will increase your AMD maximum damage from 200200 to 200600.
  2. I'd like to see the source of this hot info, as it isn't how it works.
  3. The main problem with that is the fact quite a few status procs have no effect on re-application.
  4. Allowing Shadow Debt for EBlade can be quite decent actually. The way Shadow Debt melee is built will cut Excalibur's default damage quite a bit, however, that could be compensated by getting a x2/x2.5 combo - which isn't something he is normally running around with. So here's the motivation to move up close to the target. And the late-game performance also gets boosted - so here's the potential. However, allowing Shadow Blade on EBlade will mean allowing it on other Exalted weapons. And while Primal Rage would be fine, Hysteria will break. Shadow Debt Hysteria's damage can easily exceed
  5. wat Exalted Blade indeed has a formidable damage output, not to mention it also provides access to a non-finisher-enabling Blind. The problem with is, that even with the waves, its AoE capabilities are far behind of such of some melee weapons. Simply due to the way enemies spawn and behave - having a large circular AoE is generally much better than having an excessively large linear AoE. Like, for a comparison - my Exalted Blade has around 3k damage. You can push this higher - up to like 13k of damage, for which you will have to gimp your build horrendously. Current melee can
  6. Not true actually. RJ build currently is the most viable build Excalibur can get - in terms of "other guys can't do that". Regretfully, its usability is limited only to low-level Exterminations. And honestly, you shouldn't judge a build on your personal opinion on the gameplay style it provides. I enjoy playing around effectiveness and team synergy as much as I enjoy playing the actual game. And RJ build had provided that - as well as a completely separate way of playing the frame. Five hits don't take you a while. Like, seriously - I would've agreed with you immediately if Shadow
  7. But I don't talk about "this". I talk about why "this" is not in the game. Your problem is that you can't see the difference here. You are rejecting reality and trying to substitute it with your own. Regretfully, that's not how discussions work. To give you a more clear example: "Why isn't Hitler in the game?" "Because that might be offensive" And then you burst in with claims my interpretation of World War II being wrong. Because, c'mon - everyone knows Hitler is directly linked to World War II - hence whenever I address him in any way, I am surely making a point about World Wa
  8. You've missed a huge point there. I've specifically addressed, why am I talking about "after level 100" to begin with. Otherwise - yeah, I want him to be different in a sense of him getting a purpose - his own "forte" - back. How is that achieved - changing him or changing the game - doesn't really matters to me.
  9. That's a point about the actual blade of Exalted Blade. I suppose I'm the one at fault here - I've forgotten you are can't process information. That's a conclusion of the points. When and where? I am pretty sure the subject was "Why isn't this a thing?" *delusion What again?
  10. That's a separate topic for the discussion. I want Excalibur to not be outperformed by a weapon. I want Excalibur to have his niche he is viable at. I did not suggest any solution myself, because there could be a wide variety of them. For instance - they can address the overstayed late-game Excalibur - it was his niche for some time, but few most recent updates had severely diminished his value in that content; Or it might be his "prior-prior" niche - high level content - think Sorties; Or it might be something that fixes his most obvious flaws - poor stats for the close me
  11. Do me a favor - quote me talking about the concept you were proposing. You know, I'm failing to notice that. Like, I am trying really hard right now - but I just can't. Maybe it's something wrong with my eyesight, who knows.
  12. There is no argument. My interlocutor have decided I had made an outrageous attack on his majestic suggestion and decided to strike an intellectual conversation with me about the most interesting topic of discussing the said outrageous attack on the ground of it being biased and flawed, thus not doing the justice to the majestic suggestion. Despite being specifically told three times in a row to stop that due to having his assumption to miss the point by a landslide. In short - I get what he meant, but he refuses to get that I get what he meant. And that's something I don't get.
  13. It bothers me when people can't use their brain. If I rephrase it like that: "Why isn't this a thing?" "Because at the current state of things this can't be a thing" Will it be easier for you to comprehend? Is it still too hard? I can't make it even plainer, sorry. I was not talking to you. I did not argue with you. You were told three times in a row, that you are wasting your time by arguing with me, because the only thing you are arguing with is your imagination. I was not a part of that argument. I am pretty sure you are not in a position to tell anybody anything ab
  14. Yes, I am pretty damn serious. Have fun talking to yourself.
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