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  1. LOL - this post actually got me to login to the forums today. Just one answer for ALL Warframes: "More Human Than Human" by Rob Zombie 🙃😉
  2. LOL!!! OMG.... damn you!!! I have NEVER thought about toilets on the ship.... Until Now! But wait.... warframes don't eat.... so they would not poop or pee either. Hence No Toilets! Great Mystery Explained! The Crew on your Railjack on the other hand.... guess they just "hold it?"
  3. Disliking growing up is a meme for mediocre children who cannot face reality and wish to endlessly be coddled by their parents. These are the folk who end up living in their parents basement. 🤣
  4. LMAO! "WHAT?!?!? Now I have to Pay Insurance in case I damage Public Property during a Void Storm????" 🤣
  5. LOL. Won't happen, but.... A FULL RPG CAMPAIGN using our various interchangeable Warframes. Like Mass Effect. Like I said, I know its not going to happen. It would practically be an entirely different game. But IMAGINE.... A full Storyline where you actually PLAY your Tenno having to solve puzzles, meet interesting NPCs, "picking your own path" while having Plot-Developing conversations with multiple options as you travel across the galaxy building yourself and your NPC Team, and take on enemies SPECIFICALLY to further the STORY, which plays out Chapter By Chapter into a massive,
  6. YES! Exactly all of the above. 🙂 Thank you. That's exactly what I was wondering.
  7. Meaning the Operator. I thought DE had a whole story / mission arc wherein our "child" operator was going to "Grow Up" and we would all be like "Young Adults" or something like that? There was a game cinematic that showed a "grown up" Tenno.... what ever happened to that?
  8. Literally the ultimate low-brow, low-IQ response, "Git Gud" - LMAO 🤣
  9. Once again, -- 25 minutes of game play -- 10 levels on a weapon -- 125,000 Focus Points .... All GONE because of the Warframe version of the "Blue Screen Of Death" (PC reference), aka HOST MIGRATION This has been a problem for YEARS!!! Think you guys can get around to fixing it anytime this century?
  10. On all three Open Sandbox worlds - Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Deimos - one has to go through a chamber in each case (or an elevator chamber) with two NEARLY IDENTICAL doors on either side. Simply put, too often players like myself might get turned around for some reason and be unaware we are facing the wrong door. Can you please make the "Two Gates" in each of the open sandbox worlds DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT from each other? The closest you have come to this are the two icons in the inside elevator doors from Fortuna to Orb Vallis. But if you do not realize the image for Orb
  11. 1. The GREEN Exit / Extract Marker About 75% of the time it is not at all useful, and marks a spot that is absolutely unclear as to how to get there. It used to "lead the way" but now only does that occasionally, and often simply marks an area far off the map.... if at all. That is if it shows up at all. Sometimes it flat out does not show, even when the game says "Get to Extraction." This can SOMETIMES be fixed by going in and out of Operator several time, but needless to say this is obviously NOT how its supposed to work. Suffice it to say the Green Exit Marker has become the but
  12. Tell that to the many hours spent in Spy missions over YEARS to get all of 2 parts. I don't think you understand that math as much as you think you do. Try comparing those numbers to ANY OTHER WARFRAME.... then lets talk.
  13. OMG. OMFG. Grinding for regular Ivara...... DE, why don't you just come clean and tell everyone the only way to get Ivara-Regular is to BUY it? Have y'all seen the DROP TABLES for Ivara Regular (e.g. NOT the prime)...? CHASSIS = "Nearly Guaranteed" (OH BOY!) if you do 119-159 MISSIONS !!!!! 🤮 WTF are they thinking??? The SAME Spy missions 119 OR MORE times?? BLUEPRINT = "Nearly Guaranteed" at 97-126 MISSIONS.... NEUROPTICS = "Nearly Guaranteed" at 97-126 MISSIONS.... The SYSTEM is the "Easy" one with "Nearly Guaranteed" at "ONLY" 72-96 MISSIONS.... (* source: https:
  14. LOL.... um..... the very essence of Subjectivity. I mean the KN sure.... but the Sepulcr*p? Nooooo 😆
  15. Fantastic! I just cut and pasted that and sent him the info. 🙂 🙂 🙂
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