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  1. Well goddammmn. Yep, I must have heard the 100% proc in one of the videos. Anyway, while yes I have heard (again and again) that the Kuva Nukor is the bees knees, the Cycron is available for anyone MR 8 + who is not yet ready to take on a lich. Thats kind of my main point - its easy to get this weapon. Thanks for the correct info. 🙂
  2. Put your money where your mouth is bruh. Lets hear about some of these epic builds. Or are you just another complainer who comes on to criticize posts that might help someone because it makes you feel superior?
  3. Maybe its just me, but Resource Drop Chance boosters are by far the most lackluster boosters in the game. I commonly experience No Significant Difference in any drop rate from a Resource Drop Chance booster. If they are giving me more Polymer Bundles... um.... thats some pretty serious "Who Gives A Darn" material. When it counts - e.g. perhaps boost the drop rate of a Prime Part? - I do not notice any significant difference whatsoever. When a Resource Drop Chance booster shows up in my daily reward against other options I rarely bother to take the booster. 5 Tellerium seems vastly more valuable to me. Etc. (*grumble grumble...*)
  4. If its not too much to ask can you share a screen shot of your Baruuk build? 🙂
  5. Really well said. I would like to add that initially Lich Hunting was sooooo daunting to me that I did what I always do in cases like that: Head over to YouTube and watch the videos from the experts. I swear to you this was a MASSIVE game changer for me, and by my second lich it was "Create Lich" to "Dead Lich" in less than 3 hours of play.
  6. (*EDIT - Yes, we all know the Kuva Nukor is better. However, the Cycron is MR 8+ and it's MUCH easier to obtain for new players MR 8+ who may not yet be ready to tackle a lich*) So I got a riven reward from the Sortie for the Cycron. "The Cycron? What is THAT?" I said promptly. Built it for MR / Mastery Fodder, and discovered that it had an interesting dynamic, but the damage output was so slow that I was ready to scrap it. Nonetheless I stopped myself only because I LOVE infinite-ammo guns in general, and that factor alone made me not-yet throw away the Cycron at the time. I went onto YouTube and started watching videos about Cycron mods and builds... mainly to see if anyone could make a good argument to keep the Cycron. Important Note: At the same time I was leveling the Pangolin Prime and equally researching that weapon on YouTube, all of whom loudly shout that you need to do a Condition Overload build or even a mixed Status / Crit build, etc. The point being that while testing the Cycron, I just happened to be leveling a Condition Overload melee weapon. To be Absolutely Clear - everything you are about to read DEPENDS on also having a Condition Overload Melee Weapon simultaneously equipped. After much research I settled on a GAS build for the Cycron, and two forma later I now have a GAS / Radiation / Magnetic build. FYI that's all the riven does - gives me Magnetic.... got that on the unveil and the numbers are so good I did not re-roll it. Extremely happy that I kept the riven in its OG form and I will explain why at the end (it's not that important - just a nicety that counts). SO WHATS THE DEAL? Basically we all know the Cycron gets 100% Heat Proc on all targets. (*EDIT - evidently that is not the case. What it DOES get is a steady beam of Procs, and it's easy to get that % up very high so Proc is extremely likely) And it's a Laser Gun so it has that laser-tracing accuracy making pin-pointing targets super easy. The beam is also a constant so.... -----> Play & Spray. Like a laser beam pin-point Air Brush with a 24 meter range, paint a heap of targets with that Proc! Every target you hit now has an automatic HEAT Status Proc, and that's only the default Proc. With a couple of Dual Stat mods I jacked up the native Status to 70% so the truth is that the "Play & Spray" style will get auto-proc on anything it hits, AND if you hold on one target it's probably getting 2 or 3 procs from the various elements. (*I do love my triple-element weapons for this reason*) MAIN POINT COMING UP.... Now add that for whatever reason the Swap between the Secondary Cycron and the Melee is extremely fast (as opposed to swapping to a Primary). I found myself running around the map swinging the Cycron wildly to single-tap as many targets as I could..... Super Easy!! To Be Clear - the Goal was NOT to kill any enemies with the Cycron (unless it just happened to randomly one-shot something here or there). On it's own a heavily jacked Cycron CAN wipe lower-level enemies off the map at lower levels, but that wastes precious hack & slash melee time. As soon as you are facing heavier enemies the Cycron Proc & Condition Overload Melee dynamic is VASTLY Superior. The Goal WAS to Proc the heck out of everything I could find..... THAT is the sheer, unadulterated beauty of the Cycron. 🙂 To SUM: Proc the enemies with the Cycron....rush up to them and start swinging that Condition Overload Melee, which pretty much is dealing More Than Double Damage from the very first swing because of the 100% Heat Proc from that single Cycron "tap." Ergo: A clump of enemies.... Cycron procs ALL of them in about 1-2 seconds.... I race in while they are stunned (etc) and start slashing wildly.... Condition Overload kicks in immediately and I am doing +120% melee damage from the first swing while the combo counter starts jumping up rapidly to x4....x6....x8 damage.... All within SECONDS. (*p.s. I very very commonly combine Quickening with Drifting Contact on my melee weapons because I love seeing high Combo Count numbers*) The Cycron is so easy to use that I literally Run Straight At The Enemies, "spray painting" them wildly with the Cycron beam. Again, if it happens to kill them, awesome, but that is not the goal. The enemies start glowing as soon as they are proc'd so by the time I am upon them a split-second later they are practically handing me their heads and telling me where to swing. Swapping back and forth - Cyron / Melee / Cycron / Melee, etc - is super fast and easy. 🙂 With the riven I have the random added bonus that Magnetic erases shields (in addition to a nice damage bonus) in an eye-blink, so Corpus are no exception to the above description. For that alone I just left my riven as I found it. All I can say is that I was honestly a hair's breadth away from scrapping the Cycron because its seems like a garbage weapon at first. Thank the gods I had the foresight to research it a bit more on YouTube. The Cycron Play & Spray plus Condition Overload combo is now my new favorite combat style. Oh and p.s. the GAS build IS indeed pretty amazing. 🙂
  7. 🤣🤣🤣 Right?!?!? LMAO - so true! "Oh S#&$ - we cannot do this without LIMBO!" (*Limbo looks up from eating a sandwich in the corner*).... "Huh? Did.... did.... did someone say they NEED me?" (*Limbo sheds tears of joy*)
  8. This. Scarlet Spear was a LOT of fun.... well, for at least the first 3-4 weeks. Then it became a grind for some of the best prizes in the game. 😜
  9. Wait .... you CANNOT use Loki now??? Thats how I did it. Easy peasy.
  10. Too simple: Be the one who picks them up when you see them. Do not depend on randos to do the work. If you are in a coordinated squad then talk about the strategy before you start. As mentioned, they are most important in the first round to get a quick jack to 100 Efficiency, and then again later at very high levels. But hey .... see a Stim .... pick up a Stim. That simple.
  11. Still better than the Nerfed-To-Hell Zenistar 😆
  12. I only have one request, very simple really. A Warframe RPG Campaign that leaves Mass Effect and Skyrim both in the dust. Is that too much to ask?
  13. Be careful what you wish for.... someone evidently wanted a Warframe Water Fight 😆
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