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  1. Hmm I did like the Nightwave at the beginning while it was still new and I did not really see yet how much the nightwaves would drain all my fun out of the game. It was fun at first like do this mission and this and this within this limited amount of time, after some time I just wanted to do some other stuff for the time because I felt like that was more fun but if I did I would get punished for not following those Nightwave rules and miss out on wolf cred and levels. Example: I wanted to play survival with friends on day 1 we did a few hours survival, nightwave mission do multiple spy and mobile def. After a few days I wanted to do those missions and nightwave was like: nope do that survival for a hour or your screwed even though I was not in the mood for it, we did it though but after 6 weeks we all burned out and dropped nightwave all together it is just not that fun, it limits our options instead of showing us a menu like do: 30 minutes survival today or; 20 waves defense, or 5 exterminate missions or something like that (choose one). Obviously it needs to be fair compared to each mission but give us more options for those daily / weeklys. The current nightwave system does not feel perfect yet to me, wich is fine, it needs work over time. I know fully well this is new and everything new is not perfect, it needs a little more work to become a bit more fun, at least in my opinion. Currently I feel as if it consumes too much time at least for me (I'm aware some people have lots of time but I can be happy if I can enjoy gaming for 10 hours weekly) witch leaves me with barely/no time for the things/gamemodes I enjoy if Nightwave just so happens to demand other requirements.
  2. great, I've been playing warframe for a long time and never found them all xD
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