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  1. I'm failing to understand why a Warframe who channels the element of fire would ever "overheat".
  2. Can you explain why you believe this idea is relevant to the topic? Then that power disparity between Augments might need to be addressed as its own thing, much like the disparity between different Warframes. And because these values can be tweaked at any time, this is not a good argument against allowing Augment mods into the Exilus slot/adding a dedicated Augment slot.
  3. I can't believe we get something as ridiculous as Umbral forma for any frame/weapon our heart desires yet Augment mod comparability in the Exilus slot is dreadfully unthinkable.
  4. It sounds like those players are simply very skilled at the game.
  5. A Warframe's aura mod affects the entire squad.
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