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  1. I hope this finally fixes the endless 'slide into pit, teleport back still sliding, repeat' problem.
  2. Wait, really? Well dang, DE should've made that clearer in their post. Here I'd been thinking that it wasn't even a bug.
  3. Exploits are not cheating or 'illicit'. I don't even see how the Loki one could be considered an exploit. It's a function of the game, and if you didn't want it to be used like that, you should've changed it before now. Resetting scores to 0 is a bit harsh for something that's arguably your own fault. But I can see where you're coming from. Suspensions and bans, however, are absurd. You can't punish someone that harshly for playing the game 'wrongly', when the definition of 'wrongly' is known only to yourselves. (Before anyone calls me a salty cheater or some nonsense: no, I did not personally get suspended/banned/have my score reset, nor did anyone I know.)
  4. You didn't, though. It still doesn't appear on the drop list site, nor in the Codex, and I can't link it in the chat. D=
  5. I looked on the official drop list site, and the Amalgam enemies only drop the first four? There's no mention of Repair Kit on the whole page. Is it missing just from the drop list site, or from the game entirely? D=
  6. OK how about the electric pool in that one Vallis cave though? My dumbass kat falls in there and dies every time. Often because it doesn't follow me fast enough and gets stuck behind the electric barrier as it comes back on, yet it keeps trying to get through. Then I have to take the cave exit, go all the way around to the entrance and through the cave again to revive it. yaaaaay
  7. …Why?? This is as inexplicable a change as when you ordered mods by their absolute value of drain, so auras don't conveniently clump up at the end anymore. D=< WOOOOOOOOOO
  8. You mean how they would just walk up to me and stare until the control wore off? Well thanks, if that's fixed.
  9. Dang – that made them easier to identify as a priority target.
  10. They're kids; how're they going to get those kinds of resources? e.e the wording on this is confusing, is it that one excavator spawns per person, and in a 4 player group you get extra, or is it you get less in a 4 person group? That's not confusing. I don't think it can be any clearer. 1 player = 1 excavator. 2 players = 2 excavators. 3 players = 3 excavators. 4 players = 3 excavators.
  11. So what, you set out to make a useless mod? -_-
  12. This happened to me too. Also can we have the spiral gear menu revert to a wheel, and maybe scrolling to the spiral part just opens a second wheel? The spiral layout is problematic for me because the location of any specific item will change over the course of a mission. I got used to opening the menu and immediately pressing Down+X to equip my scanner. I can't do that anymore (not only because X no longer selects gear items, but also) because the scanner won't necessarily be on the bottom of the menu; I have to search around for it every time I open the menu. =[
  13. What the ruk've you done that for? Now they're just harder to find! Used to be you could find the auras easily because their negative cost put them all at the end together. Now they're all over the place.
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