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  1. It reads like all you need is tier 5 in tactical and you can.
  2. That's not really different from rest of WF, though. And it sounds like gunners will be able to spam abilities as well, which just means the gunplay takes a backseat for a lot of space combat. Again, not unlike the rest of WF. It's not strictly ideal, but the only ones really left out are archwing players. And that needs its own rework, I think. Archwing is meant to make a frame competitive against fighters. Currently, Amesha is the only one that has survivability it needs, and no arch weaponry is anywhere near adequate at high levels. Basically, it all comes down to fighters being too ta
  3. Any chance we can get ability to put our clan emblem on the side of our railjacks with this change? That's the biggest oversight with the cosmetics options, and while mechanics changes are certainly more important, seems like it'd be a good time to get a solution to this as well.
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