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  1. They are on a bi-weekly schedule, but there are sometimes longer breaks in between if there is a holiday or some event (e.g. TennoCon). Edit: There is also always an announcement post on the Wednesday before, so if you are unsure, check the latest staff replies.
  2. A black doorway in the Grineer Ship tileset #1647883
  3. Is the script for refunding the Fieldrons used in Kreska's BP really still running? Or did it never start?
  4. So what happened to refunding the additional 10 fieldrons some of us used in the crafting of Kreska which you promised in the patch notes of Hotfix 24.0.5? Quote: "A script is in the works and will be run tomorrow to refund Fieldron to those who have already crafted - we will update you in this thread when the script has completed"
  5. ^This. It's so bad. As a workaround, switching into Archwing and dismounting instantly often reverts the sensitivity, but only until the next time you try to use any of the above.
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