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  1. I had the same problem back when it was released. For me the solution was to change matchmaking to Solo for some reason. Not sure if that'll work for you as well though. Edit: Wiki just says "The player cannot be in a squad as they touch the object."
  2. All of the above cannot be, because Smeeta's buffs don't have a percentage and Adarza's Cat's Eye is always 60% (and only displays remaining time). According to https://semlar.com/buffs , this is apparently the icon for Smeeta's Mischief mod or Blood Rush. Both of these do not display a buff icon though, so I'm not sure what happens here. Edit: To the people above, Cat's Eye does not have the little hat above and displays the remaining time: Edit 2: Thanks to this post: I figured it out. The icon you are seeing is the Synth set effect. If it is reloading your primary, it shares its symbol with Cat's Eye and displays the percentage of your magazine. If it is the secondary it additionally puts the little hat above it and also displays the percentage of rounds in your magazine.
  3. AFAIK, you should stay away from this. The only official information we ever got, was that multiple accounts are fine as long as they don't interact in any way. This could be interpreted to also include being in the same clan, as you profit from the clan research your other account contributed, but they could also be totally fine with it. A friend of mine did this for a while and he didn't get banned, but he could have just been lucky. I would recommend to avoid this grey area and make another solo clan or join a bigger one.
  4. If you want your operator to heal the Warframe, then yes, Magus Repair is the best option. But it is definitely not a must have. Since I use other sources of healing (Medi-Ray, Hunter Recovery, Life Strike, etc.), I'm gonna stick with other options for Magus Arcanes.
  5. Happy Tennobaum everyone! I rescued a free-running bunny and brought it back to its owner this year. That being said, I'd really like some Formas or slots 🙂 I'm also gonna gift something back to anyone who gifts me 😉 Edit: Thank you @Morpheeus!
  6. Is the script for refunding the Fieldrons used in Kreska's BP really still running? Or did it never start?
  7. So what happened to refunding the additional 10 fieldrons some of us used in the crafting of Kreska which you promised in the patch notes of Hotfix 24.0.5? Quote: "A script is in the works and will be run tomorrow to refund Fieldron to those who have already crafted - we will update you in this thread when the script has completed"
  8. ^This. It's so bad. As a workaround, switching into Archwing and dismounting instantly often reverts the sensitivity, but only until the next time you try to use any of the above.
  9. #1218431 Uncompletable mission during Kuva Flood.
  10. Not sure, if someone posted this already, but the new PA items are not hooked up to the codex yet.
  11. It's 2-3 hours (car or train) for me, so not that far either, I'm just not a fan of big crowds and I never had that much of an incentive.
  12. I think this might just be the first year I visit GamesCom xD
  13. Alright, I have 3 weeks left to at least once play LoR.
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