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  1. 26/30 And I hate it 500% because of Steam Achievements date complete. I completed this 4 days after release..... 26 Is not even a cave is only a hole 10m empty nothing you can´t do there they are only rocks and "cave" is big hm 5 x 5 m thats all
  2. Thats normal sometimes is player connection, lag etc. is normal because host by player not a server game. Sometimes I have ping 700ms and I can play normally sometimes with 300ms is so big lag like it was ping 3000ms. My average is 200ms. In settings is limit off because I can play with more players....
  3. Yea, but this is not baro problem the only way is to buy them Blueprint or part. Baro give random relics etc. every time if is relic vaulted or not
  4. Yea thats weird.... For windows 7 is licence for laptop/PC is the first reason sadly
  5. Just go out and again in thats all and you can buy more..... Not out of the game but only out from his (menu)!
  6. I don`t see any pictures because names don`t have url you only copy .jpg and not url.
  7. It helps if you AIM in star or use CTRL + AIM
  8. I hope this is fixed because is totally garbage.The best have Frost easy tosee in or out
  9. not at all. This is only without alarm. With alarm 2+ they spawn fast you dont need any Mesa at all. Try on Alarm 4 you will finish in one min. 95% people kills alarms and then is fail only because of this. Leave alarm to go at least 2-3. and you will be good 100% even if you play alone. For team they need to be in one place the best is last place that mission finish. After that kill corpus but only leave alive others that deploy alarms. Like MOA etc. you can kill all. Just run up and down and don`t kill and they will deploy alarm in up to 30 sec. After then kill enemies but leave alarms or leave 2-3 alive any additionals destroy. So will be level always 2-3. Is very easy in any mission like loots etc. is the same just leave alarm, higher it is faster respawn enemies and mission will be finished faster.
  10. Yea is possible.I just hope they will fix it fast....
  11. Quick question I will not create new topic only for this. Can I sell K-Drive for credits like frames, wep etc.? Or how this works can anyone paste photo or write info.
  12. If we both talk for the same "bug" yes it works every time 100% for me. How to fix mission name on top when you join Fortuna Map. -> Maybe doesn`t work for everyone....
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