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  1. Same here, even though mine are visibily missing... It's fun to come up with ideas though it makes things intresting
  2. I have the money but 500 DUCATS AND 400 THOUSAND CREDITS FOR EARINGS!?! Even though it won't, this thing better - Feed my Kubrow -Feed my kavat -Clean the infested off my ship -Buff my warframes -Help ordis with his speech impediment Enough is ENOUGH!
  3. Eh, maybe, just wanted throw an idea out there, if damage 3.0 touches this area and volt, even just a little, I would be moderatly satisfied
  4. @(PS4)WINDMILEYNO Bringing the disccusion back to reworking electricity/ electric procs, it currently deals less damage to stunned enemies, how about +50% bonus damage per every chained enemie(s)??? Also increasing the stun duratiion to 6 seconds and dealt DoT during the 6 seconds
  5. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan I dare you to not use invisibility by any means to finish this sortie! GIVE IT A GO AND DON'T MESS UP!... if you can good luck tonight
  6. I think because these threads get locked after about a day and are reviewed in the proccess, it's to get maximium visibility. I agree in various areas, however, I still don't like the execution, this isn't the thread were this need be...eh, it's whatever...oh and I want a volt buff
  7. Get on the train! I get that it isnt coming this week but I just wanted to say something to keep us up in a good mood! Looking forward to it!
  8. I wonder how big WW in is now, after getting split up 3 times? it would be assumed smaller then SD after the last 3 (Lunaro, SotR, SG)
  9. Can't it be 3 of a resouorce instead of 1? It isn't very common and doesn't feel fancy anymore... darn
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Danielle @[DE]Steve @[DE]Megan You don't just see volt as just a starter or "that frame" do you?
  11. Volt is not soley for melee given the stat's at hand, many of volt's abilites would have be to all centerd around melee, and are they? NO! He would have an exalted weapon like excalibur and the rest that fall suit, We know melee volt IS viable but here's the thing, not everyone likes to melee and to have to rely on 1 ability to "be good" makes the rest of the abilites dull to use. We already have enough melee diversity and plus, volt is a shielded frame, we would have more health if volt were a tank, anything that's a melee frame has lot's of health or armour, valkyr fits this, wukong with defy fits this, can you go melee? Yes, SHOULD YOU HAVE TO GO MELEE? NO. EVERYTHING ELSE WOULD BE OVER-SHADOWED AS IT CURRENTLY IS!!! I'm not saying you shouldn't if you don't want to, I just don't think volt should be all about melee'ing everything, It works but I don't think volt should have to be worshipped upon because of that one capability
  12. Quoted for the truth!!! @[DE]Steve @[DE]Rebecca Volt has more potenital as a glass cannon! Or whatever you see him as, starter or not he can not be neglected. Please spend all the time in the world making volt one powerful warrior from the past and expand on him as you did with Excalibur and mag Rework, volt is not done and we will not stop waiting and begging for more until our time has come!!! Our Lord lightning will arise!
  13. @[DE]Danielle Aren't you going to lock this thread? Damage already done
  14. It's officially been 2 months with nothing. I want to say "Forget about it!" Due to the duration of this, but you never know, not likely though
  15. well, everything they say is on point, sooo I voted @EnderDDT You are our voice
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