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  1. Liked the song, dug the atmosphere the quest had, would VASTLY enjoy having the energy field that the Temp's 'Jack skin has as an option for the other skins because the actual ship beneath the energy field looks completely overdone. 

    New frame? Only tried the bit in the quest with him, not one I will be spending plat or focus on grinding out. If I get the parts through other play, sure.

    Storywise? Antagonist has no build up or background to care about her, forced retreats from a ship type I had blown up six separate times in the last hour? Laughable. The Temp itself has some interest, I liked the storms, *loved* the artstyle and new visuals it gave the space missions.

    Overall, like damn near *everything* DE does these days, two steps forward, three back. 

    Also Orphix missions are still ass. 

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  2. I will give this a chance, but my initial impression is as follows:

    Nerfs. You cut condition overloads damage in half, critical weapons just got burned into the ground because crit combo mult got turned into a gimmicky hover hoover giver, and status weapons will now reign supreme over the crit based weapons rotting corpses. Oh, and riven changes so more nerfs there.
    Oh, and loss of channeling which means harder stealth missions/focus farming, and loss of damage.

    But hey we can float a few enemies and smack them so it looks cooler yay....

    Overall, this seems like a heavy handed course correction of a 18 wheeler to the problem of a duck crossing the road.

  3. With the new ability to invite other players to our ship, could DE perhaps look into giving us some new emotes? Maybe a poker table where we can do some card games (Or at least look like we are), or bring pets over and have them interact? And in a idea that I know will cause friendships to snap, maybe let other players put decor on each others ships :D
    Anyway, just a thought to bring some more immersion to the game is all. Hell, if we could use those emotes outside of the ship it would be even better. A bunch of tenno sitting around a objective while everything dies around them because of AoE would be rather amusing.

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