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  1. Seriously? Yeah, I got a rare mod but I just thought i picked them up in mission. Thank you. It's just disappointing i farm for T4 extermination key, suffered through a difficult mission... and picked up fusion cores.
  2. I have been going on T4 Extermination mission runs in order to farm for the Bo Prime Handle. The last 4 runs I did not receive any mission rewards aside from additional credits and whatever I picked up mid mission. From my understanding with every void mission there is a mission reward. I apologize in advance if this is not a bug but an intention design decision, just a bit perplexing when I farm for the T4 Extermination Key and run through a difficult mission only to get some resources, a few mods, and credits when I'm there specifically for a prime part. Edit: Thank you for the input bu
  3. I think what the infested need is the ability to gain tenno support in infestation missions to make them a true fully fledged faction like the Corpus and Grineer. Until that happens they're not going to be nearly as important.
  4. While I am inclined to agree with you, I stay with my statement due to the fact that there's no real alert of when someone is down or where they are. With the new map indicators of where the kubrow is that would help, but there are still issues with it. Also, considering how poor their AI is most of the time (mine enjoys staring at walls and taking copious amounts of fire), a single failsafe in that regard would be appreciated.
  5. Another thing that would be nice is a Regen mod for Kubrow, like what sentinels have. Also Kubrows having their own mod tab since they share no mods with the sentinels.
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