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  1. I have been having a problem when trying to farm murmurs using Garuda. When using Garuda's Talons in melee i have noticed that quickly trying to use the Parazon that i can no longer interact with anything, infact all enemies treat me as i am no longer there but i can still kill them, the enemies wont notice i exist and the game doesn't recognize me as a actual character either. Garuda is then in a mission and wont count for extraction either so u have to wait for the timer unless ur solo in which case u are locked in the mission unless u quit the game. I have also noticed other players having similar bugs on different war frames, i don't think its just Garuda. On a second note, when i killed my kuva lich i was doing a mission to get a second lich and my killed lich spawned as a ally to help me. I got the weapon for killing it and the steam achievement for killing a kuva lich. I shouldn't have it as a ally i want it dead! (lol) I have been really enjoying the update keep up the great work!
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