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  1. JudgeXion

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

  2. JudgeXion

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

    oh this I like, no longer losing everything instantly.
  3. JudgeXion

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Oh, so this is why I suddenly just woke up early.
  4. JudgeXion

    Server Troubles Part 2

    This isn't good, I'm sitting in the plains after taking down the Eidolon and is scared of leaving the plains because it seems like I will most likely get kicked if I leave the plains. :v
  5. JudgeXion

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Welp, I was hoping to farm Kuva this weekend, but I guess I won't be doing that. rip my booster, rip my kuva.
  6. JudgeXion

    PSA: Twitch Drops System Change

    Oh damn, I have only gotten 1 so far :<
  7. JudgeXion

    PSA: Twitch Drops System Change

    I see, them i can stop watching streamers and just be satisfied with what I gotten so far, the last item I had left to get was the frost skin I got after about 1100 drops.
  8. JudgeXion

    PSA: Twitch Drops System Change

    Are these all the items that drops from the system? If it is, then I can kinda stop caring about the drop system now.. I got my first(Twitch drop) Vectis Prime 2-3 days ago after about 800 drops.
  9. JudgeXion

    Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    Hehehe hehehe
  10. JudgeXion

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #170!

    Same here, I want to also use it more after quoting the guy in the previous thumbnail of the video before they changed it to the 2 girls.
  11. JudgeXion

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #170!

    Damn I missed it. Oh well, the thumbnail for the video tells me everything I want to know. Harrow + Natural Talent = Bruce Lee
  12. JudgeXion

    Double Resource Weekend on All Platforms!

    Ohboi, polymer farming time. Or maybe mutagen for hema...
  13. JudgeXion


    So understanding this, I need to kill 40 during the endurance for my clan to get gold..
  14. JudgeXion

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #161!

    Okay so Oberon looks better now. 3 renewal is still S#&amp;&#036; with its energy drain and that it ends when you get full health.
  15. JudgeXion

    Dylki's Fanart and Animations | Updated 29/11: Legs

    +1 cute liked it want to see more Volt not red though.