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  1. That makes sense. I guess, as I just don't find them particularly entertaining and as such wish they would discuss the game more. Or at least subjects I might enjoy. I understand that I don't reflect the entire player base; but we are not a monolith and I wish the streamers could be less homogeneous. They seem to all enjoy the same things and I wish their interests could be more diverse. For example: all of them seem to be obsessed with anime. That's great, just not my cup of tea. But there are 5 of them, it would be nice if at least one enjoyed idk super hero flicks. Every stream they discuss other games they like to play, but it's always something like Zelda or Animal Crossing. I love that they love games and want to discuss them. But what about Doom or Crysis or Resident Evil? Not their cup of tea. If I tuned in to official Valorant streams and they kept discussing sneakers all the time I'd begin to feel maybe this game isn't for me. And if the game play starts suffering I might blame it on this disconnect.
  2. They don't talk about WF much on their streams. I like tuning in to hear about WF but they seem to spend a lot of time discussing the other games they play, the shows they like to watch and other hobbies. All of that is fine but I don't like the same things they do...I like Warframe and would like to hear more about it.
  3. Hi Bear, thanks for the info. Will you ever host a community stream?
  4. Kind of sucks when I get several notifications inviting me to the stream but I have to hear it was cancelled from you.
  5. I made a post yesterday about he who should not be named and it got deleted without notice. Again, without a link; and just asking whether they have watched it and would be discussing it at all. A comment about a "Livestream" and what they might be discussing, so that I could make an informed decision about whether or not I would like to watch it. And don't act like it's anything else but you guys not liking him, If I would have not mentioned him but instead just brought up some of the topics he covered and asked if they would be discussed that too would be deleted. You guys like deleting stuff; flexing your MR 31 rank. You forma'd you're ban hammer and NO ONE will ever nerf it. The game may have it's problems but I would be the last one to complain about it. It's mostly a fun game and that's why I play it. What I don't like is enjoying the game so much that I want to tune in to the official Warframe streams; only to find out that the content is 5 people discussing: baking, knitting, twilight, dreams they had last night, kirby and zelda. These topics do not interest me and it seems like they seldom talk about WF. In fact 3 of them seem like they never play the game and that it doesn't appeal to them. What I don't understand is that if you dare to have any interest in the game and decide to go ANYWHERE to discuss it you are met with power flexing totalitarians and shadowy censorship. Warframe, it's a big club and you aren't in it. Go to Discord, Reddit, Region chat, or here on the forums and try and discuss the game in a mature and constructive way and watch all the agents spring into action. The game is great, the people who play it are great, the people who govern it are driving it into the ground.
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