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  1. It seems you removed progress indicator when you kill the hound. No more murr murr after the kill :(
  2. Unable to log in, as game believes there is newer version of the launcher, which there isn't.
  3. It seems forum software picks up locale incorrectly. I'm in UK, have nothing to do with Russia. Before I logged in to the forums with my username, I clicked on PC-Bugs section and everything went Russian. Note that main forum page was in English. Once logged in, I get English everywhere.
  4. Hound's ability to "borrow" enemies bubbles need some work. I find myself shooting at my hound's erected ice bubble over and over instead of the enemies. And Hound's bubble is so small, that you have to be on top of it in order to be inside of it. Maybe let us shoot through hound's bubble? And yet another gem with your RNG. Just done 30mins of Kuva Survival. 6 times I get to roll you magical cube of crap, you call RNG. I used various requiem relics to spice things up. 1st roll - Parazon (yay!!) 2nd to 6th roll - 1200 of Kuva x5. How is this RANDOM? This is not the first time I am noticing your RNG engine fixing itself to last rolled award, especially this is evident when you are using same relic one after another. RNG remembers its last roll, and then sticks with it until I rage quit the activity or I change the damn relic. The former happens more often than latter.
  5. Velocipods when being extracted now knock your warframe down doing a lot of damage. If you subdue velocipod on one of the streams, it follows the supposed flow of the stream, and if you are in a way, again you gonna get knocked down with a lot of damage done to your warframe
  6. What is the point of Secondary weapon mod called Creeping Bullseye? We can't use it next to Primed Pistol Gambit. Who in their right mind will ever choose Creeping Bullseye over Primed or non Primed Pistol Gambit? New players get Pistol Gambit waaaaaaaay before Creeping Bullseye, so again, what is the point of that mod?
  7. Hang on hang on. I am sure this News was not visible in the orbiter 2 days ago, not even 1 day ago. I think News/Community console in orbiter is malfunctioning a little bit
  8. Is there some sort of jamming mechanism in Diplos? It sometimes stops the automatic fire for a split second and only does single fire
  9. That little widget next to star chart with News and Community tab is crap, there is no way about it. Community tab is limited to 3 entries. What if I quickly want to report on recent patch's bug, but after the release notes there were few other posts posted in Community tab. So Patch note "news" is bumped out of the view, so now we have to go through backside on a round trip in order to find the thread discussing latest patch in order to report a bug. Is there a reason Community tab is limited to 3 entries? Are you guys Blizzard and assume we have phones and play on them? Second thing: Arum Spinosa silent kills, you know from behind where you have to click E keyboard key to do it, instead of attack, yeah, that one (Finisher, remembered), it disables Rubico primes manual reload. I cannot reload primary weapon (Rubico Prime in this instance) after several Finishers with Arum Spinosa (it might be other Melee finishers as well). I have to swap to secondary and back to primary in order to do manual reload
  10. Can we do something about constant stutter when opening doors to new sections of the map? My FPS are pinned to 144. But every time I go through any of the doors to new sections of the map I get 1fps dip, (who knows maybe it just shows up as 1fps dip) and and there is a micro pause in the game as if game is cacheing next map section. This is extremely annoying. It is unlike in GPU limited scenarios where you have FPS drop, this is something else. Seems to be game engine side. This can be easily replicated even in orbiter. Get into the game, go up to the star chart, enter the star chart, exit it, turn around for that ramp door to open, during that moment you will experience the stutter. I am on ultra high end system and this should not be happening. Ryzen 5950x Sapphire 6900xt (driver 20.3.2) 32Gb of 3600Mhz c16 dual rank memory Game is installed in Intel 750 series PCI-e SSD OS is installed in Samsung 970 EVO nvme SSD Win 10 with latest updates. I'm running DX12 enhanced game mode with everything at high. Just to inform you guys, going from dx11 to dx12 in this game does not give any performance improvement in CPU bound scenarios, like Cetus market during Busy hours or Isolation Vault runs during heavy fights with full squad, during which AMD Ryzen 3900x is too slow, and game demands 5000 series CPU. DX12 brings proper multithreading support, maybe it would be good idea to start using it? Maybe preload the whole map textures into VRAM in systems which have modern GPUs with crap tonne of VRAM? I mean even low/mid range now comes with 8GB of VRAM. If Plains of Eidolon and Valis pushes VRAM usage to 2.5 or so GB, loading all the map in shouldn't be a problem. Also draw distance in Plains of Eidolon is kinda lame. We have some challenges which ask us to make a headshot from 100m away. Your game engine only loads enemies at 130m plus minus 10m. And at these distances those enemies are static and not moving, which makes headshot from 100m+ challenge a bit of a joke, since we spend more time trying to spawn enemies instead of aiming a headshot. Overall game runs relatively smooth and is enjoyable, however these small archaic issues ruins the fluid game play. Oh, and if I update my GPU drivers, and launch the game, I have to suffer macro stutter for like half an hour until majority of game textures are re-cached again, even inside of the orbiter.
  11. The hound which spawns with the sister, can we please keep it without disappearing once sister de-spawns after my unsuccessful try to kill her?
  12. So is encountering 3 sister mech dogs per mission considered average, or was I a bit unlucky? I kinda thought, that when DE said they reduced murmur grinding by few missions, that they did not mean they reduced sister mech dog spawn to a minimum... And boy, those dogs are vicious if you are not equipped with the right damage type weapon. I can only imagine what the sister fight would look like if she appeared when you are not ready
  13. So, we released a new Warframe. But hey, you can't really play it straight away... ok, so a day or two for crafting parts and stuff, yes? No, stupid, 4-5 days to even get parts' blueprints, and then another 2-3-4 days for crafting them. so minimum a week to be able to play released content? :D :D :D I'm not the one to cry about the time gated part crafting system, but this is beyond idiotic :D I mean, hey I will have my holidays to play new content. nope, you will have new content available to you after your holidays, by the time you craft everything needed...
  14. So, let me get this straight: You pick up vent kids challenge from ventkids in fortuna. The injured Roky is in the vent in Fortuna. You complete 1 set of challenges, and instead of going back to the vent, where Roky is laying, you have to go to your Orbiter (wait for the loading time), go to your console, and listen Boon read to Roky. Then go to Valis, complete another set of challenges, and then again, instead of going to vent to listen to Boon reading to Roky, you again have to wait for loading times to Orbiter, rinse and repeat till last challenge. You complete that, and instead of uncovering last picture in Fortuna, you again have to waste time going to your Orbiter. And funniest thing happened once in Orbiter, you go to console, and it Boon does not read anything, it just shows you last picture with FIN at the bottom, you come out of the console and it sends you back to Fortuna, to vents to I guess complete the quest. I mean, are you guys kidding me????? WTF is this logic? Who came up with this unbelievably stupid idea of us yoyoing back and forth????? Was it impossible to incorporate the picture reading in vents, seeing how vents' walls are already covered with various wallpapers and artwork. Would have been nice smooth segway to uncovering new pictures and Boon reading them to Roky there and then, without us wasting our time loading to orbiter and back. Oh, and nice one in regards to new Arcanes, pushing us to Steel path nonsense. I already completed steel path, thank you very much, I have no desire of playing it. Or Granum Void.
  15. Simple, you have to have weapon adapter in order to make weapon adapter. So easy... :D
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