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  1. Railjack avionics section is a total mess. Not only it fails to show warn and show you that item you are about to scrap is actually equipped, but overall it takes half an hour to go through everything you collected in couple of railjack missions. Why not give an option to either swap for another piece or upgrade the avionics when you hover over it. Now you click on an avionics item and are give all the available avionics to swap to. And what's with all the numbers under them? 13 with 7 dots, 3 of them are not filled and number 6 at the bottom. Also, when exiting the about to explode crewship there are instances when crewship blows up, the whole screen goes dark, as if I have shades on in the dark. I have to somehow find railjack to board and then it resets. There were instances when exiting railjack screen is completely black. All you can do is wait for you to be killed and upon resurrection you regain the vision. And blink randomly disables itself, so you have to fly to objective like an idiot in space, is there a fuel limit to this thing or something?
  2. When trying to unlock Exilus slot with the Exilus Adapter there is no warning if you don't have Exilus Adapter in your inventory. The pop up message just asks if you want to buy Exilus Adapter for 20 platinum. Since none of us ever read these pop up windows, I just wonder how much platinum have I been tricked out of? Could we have some sort of warning message telling us we do not have Exilus Adapter, and if I want to buy it, and instead of clicking OK to buy it, why not send to market to buy it?
  3. Nightwave crafted weapon skin rewards do not get hidden if I select Hide owned. I bought some of them again (by mistake) even though I already had them crafted, and now they are stuck in the foundry. I cannot build them, or delete them. The whole Foundry filtering system is a complete mess. We have to scroll through countless useless crap sitting in the foundry. Why not make a separate tab where we put important stuff for us to see and craft, and the rest of the crap keep it hidden?
  4. Who in their right mind decided that putting all the gathered materials in the middle of your screen when you return to your railjack from outside? I mean I am coming back to my ship as it was boarded by enemies, and upon entry, I am greeted with the frikkin slideshow right across all the screen. So instead of looking for enemies on my railjack I have to run around like a blind man. This is not the first time where some stupid materials (of which we already have thousands and thousands) are being shoved right in our field of view. How hard is it to design minimalistic reward HUD on the side of the screen? Same with mining minerals in planes and orb valis. While I am mining I get attacked and instead of fending off the enemy I have to watch a slideshow of my found mineral in the middle of the screen
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