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  1. In Orb Valid, when doing lvl1 or 2 bounties, I get teleported back to where I picked the bounty from when searching the dead agents for information. It doesn't happen all the time but had 2 instances of it. It happens when I approach and search the first agent's body. I just get teleported to the spot where I picked the bounty. Good thing I did not pick the bounties from inside of Fortuna, I wonder if I would get teleported there. That would be kinda disastrous, no? Also, whenever I try accessing Gear item in the gear circle for the first time in the mission, I get this short slowdown as if the game is grabbing the assets of the item from SSD or something. So let's say I enter Plains Of Eidolon, want to tranquilize condrod. I pick the tranquilizer and game freezes for a second. I would imagine the freeze is much more distinct for people with slower SSDs, or HDDs.
  2. Wait, there are custom rewards involved. Last I checked it showed usual bounty rewards, or am I mixing things up?
  3. Ivar's Prowl is broken. In Plains of Eidolon, when Prowl is active and you switch to Operator mode and switch back to Prowl'ed Ivara it becomes visible to enemies and it's animation is half visible half invisible. That invisibility glow is present but body is visible. And enemies react to it as well. When in this state you approach the gates to Cetus (where all the abilities are disabled) there is this sound effect as if Ivara came out of Prowl.
  4. Dread arrows now suspend hit and killed enemies or their parts in the air in the place where arrows hit them. This might have something to do with Dread arrows physics when it hits enemy pushes it towards the wall and hangs the dead body on itself when hit the wall. So the bug causes arrows to not proceed towards the wall but just stop at the place of impact and hang the body in the air.
  5. In plains of eidolon, them 3 birds which you can kill and gather whatever they drop, when you kill them they have 10 second delay on their death sound. So basically you shoot them down, go past them and after 10 seconds you hear that the sound effect. This has been like that since I remember Thanks
  6. I vote for return of quick melee. Current system is awkward. Oh, and would you guys consider moving the mining result icons to the side of the screen. It's so annoying when you want toninė quickly something while under attack, and you have icons popping up to the center of the screen of what you just mined. You want to target the enemy, but hey there is mineral icon right in your face. I wonder whose idea was to put them right in the middle anyway?
  7. Archwing mission enemies now are moving at speed of sound it appears, they are getting stuck in the walls, or appearing out of nowhere. Their movement in return is very jittery. It's kinda impossible now to even target them
  8. Oh, this is awesome. I have Freesync 144hz monitor and have frames capped at 144fps. But occasionally I would get some stutters to see that FPS counter went to 145fps, that's when freesync disables itself as frame count goes above my monitors freesync range of 45-144hz. I updated to latest patch but had no time to play under it, so this evening I will be keeping close eye on this. Great stuff. Thanks
  9. Saw no dips with my Vega 64 and freesync 1440p and 5930k. Though at 4k you might be impacted more than me
  10. Nice one. Though the mechanical enemies when killed are still break dancing for quite some time in the area they were killed. While it's entertaining and nice to see them having so much joy in the dance routine it's kinda distracting us from more pressing issues :)
  11. Void fissure excavation and survival are a complete waste due to enemies not spawning at all. On survival it is impossible to gather void thingies, always come up short by 3-4 bits, thus wasting void relic for that duration. During excavation, you are just waiting for battery dude to spawn which is once every 5 minutes or so. So most of the time you are just standing around doing nothing because the field is completely empty and excavator is out of power. Forget about running 2 or more of those, they all be out of power all the time. Also Murkray bait attracts 1-2 fish before running out. When listening for fish to spawn the bubbly noises are still coming from withing the rocks and land.
  12. Thanks, that's not a big deal, as I like the challenge of no reticle :D
  13. In plains I don't have aim reticle (at least on Grakata) from time to time. And while on k-drive, whatever you collect does not end up saving in your inventory. It shows up as picked up from the ground, but when you come back to the main gates to Cetus and are shown the summary, those items are not included. Goopola instead of Large shows up as Small. Kontor still not detonating on contact with enemies
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