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  1. RailJack Void Storms randomly connect to normal RailJack missions. Is there any more ways to waste our time?
  2. Railjack is as broken as it ever was might be even more!!! To get to the Drydock takes ages without ability to ESC and quit the damn thing. Then when host decides to leave during the mission, mouse sensitivity goes over 9000 without ability to ESC into menu to re-adjust it. Is there a chance that this crap will ever be fixed to the point where one can enjoy few games after work without any random stuff breaking? I know I know this kind of critique is not constructive, since it does not provide you guys with ways to reproduce the issues. I disagree. Play RailJack yourselves
  3. Railjack: if host sets destination to DryDock and decides to be an idiot and leaves, the rest of us are stuck forever in the loading animation with only option left to Abandon Mission and lose all the items collected during it. How many years this game exists on top of the Host system? Why is this kind of crap a thing?
  4. In defence mission with moving defence target, if Host leaves the mission, after mission resumes defensive target does not show up in minimap anymore (the shield icon)
  5. With Inaros Prime if I use 3rd ability (the tornado thingy) just before we jump to the Drydock, Inaros keeps spinning non stop without the tornado effect in Drydocks without any way to stop
  6. Was something changed in Stealth Kill bonus? I do not see anything activate on stealth kill and there is no xp bonus stack up to 500% anymore
  7. After railjack mess came Deimos mess. So no, all the admissions on live streams mean absolutely nothing. And we are not even mentioning decades old game bugs, and gameplay choices.
  8. Ayatan Kitha Sculpture does not mark itself as Owned after you buy it
  9. Can we get guaranteed spawn of Kuva Lich on a first mission after we uncover all the requiems? It is beyond stupid to be playing pointless super high level missions and not get it to spawn at all. And then when it spawns, and you defeat it, but don't have requiems in correct order, you end up wasting hours just to do simple completion of Kuva Lich endeavour. Also, Stats button at the end of the mission doesn't show up all the time, and for a second or two right after you finish the mission and are loaded back to your orbiter and regain mouse control, mouse is invisible for a while
  10. DX12 mode is still a complete stutterfest. Even in orbiter going between the rooms the stutter is really bad. 6900xt 5950x (PBO) 16GB 3466Mhz C16 RAM Intel 750 Series NVMe (game install)
  11. Performance hit in Deimos volts with a lot of enemies is huge on Enhanced (dx11). I don't know what hardware you guys are targeting, but ultra high end hardware is kinda "struggling" with it. ~70fps from 144fps (capped) 6900xt 5950x (PBO enabled) watercooled 16GB 3466Mhz c14 RAM Samsung nvme SSD (OS)/Intel 750 Series pcie nvme SSD (game install)
  12. In Orb Vallis there is short stutter every 5 seconds. FPS drops from 144(capped) to 120 or so. This is on Enhanced graphics settings DX11 mode, since dx12 mode is still stutter fest. Borderless full screen at 1440p, freesync enabled 5950x 63C full load, 50C while gaming 6900xt no resizable bar enabled 16GB 3466Mhz c14 RAM Samsung nvme SSD (OS)/Intel 750 series pcie SSD (Game install) Win 10 latest patches
  13. Rhino's drop from very high has very low quality effect
  14. Changing from Classic to Enhanced Graphics on DX12 mode is a pure stutter fest until all the textures are loaded into VRAM (I guess). Every time I enter new compartment in my spacecraft, I have massive frame drops, and after 10 seconds of looking around, everything start running as it supposed to. in missions, however its a different matter, since every newly generated room on the map is new textures and it is kinda impossible to play. Once all the textures are loaded in the area, I still get occasional frame drop with a stutter. System: Ryzen 5950x Radeon 6900xt 16gb VRAM
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