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  1. RNG implemented right now in the game is outright idiotic and a waste of time. I for one have yet to kill my first Lich, because multilayer RNG just doesn't drop one of the mods I need to kill the Lich. I wouldn't be so mad if every time you do certain task chances increase to receive items not received before. Now if you have theoretical 1 in 70 chance to receive the item every time you do the task its always 1 in 70 chance, even if you do 70 times the same task, you might be unlucky to not get that item. They need to seriously redesign that system. It used to be frustrating few years ago, and it hasn't changed. RNG is still a serious contender for top spot to ruin Warframe experience
  2. I hope next few months will be dedicated to fix the bugs from not only this update but from previous ones as well. New content looks great on front page, but I'm getting sick and tired of countless bugs left from all the previous updates. PLEASE concentrate on improving your game and then start churning out new content. By the way, I still haven't killed my very first liche yet (that's not complaint, just a fact that some of us do have lives beyond Warframe 😉 )
  3. I have to ask, why are affinity, resource boosters times counted in real life hours? Let's say I get 22hours of affinity boost. This 22 hours are in real life hours. So, I come back from work to have a chance to play 2 hours. Upon log in I get 22hour bonus. I play those two hours and go to sleep, so the rest of 20 hours of that bonus is wasted. Who came up with this idea? I understand when you have bonus event weekends that different matter. But when you get a bonus counting in real life hours it's outright robbery and mockery of common sense. There are many occasions that on the final mission of the evening I come across those super resource boxes which give out bonuses. So I receive 3 hours bonus when I'm about to log out and never use it again since it expires. What kind of logic is this???? Or, upon log in I get the bonus of 22 hours but I can only play 2-3 hours a night, and during that session the game has Sorties which I can complete, and has some other activity which does not use the bonus. So now my bonus is completely useless, because some smartass decided to count bonus duration in real life hours. Can someone look into this and change the system. I do not expect to get 22hours of gameplay time of bonus, no. It can be rebalanced, but you have to admit, using real time for in-game bonus is stupid. Second thing. Is there good reason why relics reactant is invisible when we open the relic with 10 reactants? Why hide it? Most of the time our kills are from great distance and I assume we do not pick up all dropped reactants since they are invisible. Or does the invisible reactant is collected automatically after relic is cracked open?
  4. Orb Vallis is a bit screwed up. Moas sinking into the ground, them transport circles doing circles and getting stuck instead of riding along the road like before, enemies not spawning when you have to protect the drone. Also introducing new mining material while we have millions of millions other materials in our inventory is silly thing. What is the point of the new material when its gonna be again forgotten after everyone builds the docks. While warframe is on that surf board there is no damage effect on the screen if someone is shooting at me. I see shield dropping, but there is no effects indicating that I am being attacked. If I use surf board with Rhino armor (skin), and that armor gets damaged while I'm surfing, when I jump down, armor visuals are still visible even though there is no protection. During Orb Vallis 1 star bounty that circle transport got stuck a mile away from excavator which I have to protect. It shoots that white beam and is doing great amount of damage from very far to the excavator, and since that transport is stuck so far away, I have no choice but leave the excavator and go deal with transport, that exposes excavator to enemies nearby. This issue might be very serious for new players. If I hadn't had fully modded frame and weapons, I would have failed easily that mission. I completed it with excavator having just 30% of health left
  5. First of all I appreciate the activity of devs towards this game, BUT I do not understand the scheduling of these updates. We just received new content in regards to Liches. And now before you guys even managed to iron out all the bugs and balance regarding that update now you have new one with plethora of new bugs and inbalances. Me, as a casual player who does not force himself towards new content and does not take day offs everytime something new is released, am still trying to get mods for my very first Lich. yes, very first. I see people complaining they done 20+ liches, I'm still struggling to get your damned RNG system to drop Requiem Relics, and when I finally get one by a miracle, all I get from them is everything BUT requiem mods. OR if I manage to get a mod, that's the one I do not require for my FIRST lich. Enough of this several layer RNG for Tenno's sake. If you do this mission (of which only several exist during single day), there is a chance you gonna get the a relic, which in turn will give you smallest of the small chance to get the mod. Its similar if you wanted to buy a lottery for a chance to win. But this time you might be allowed to buy the ticket, but you might not, in order to get a chance to play lottery. Note, I do not need Kuvia, as I already have enough of it for several lifetimes, so those Kuvia Syphon missions have single purpose in them. Yes resources and credits, blah blah blah, but my Lich nicks most of it anyways since I can't roll the mods to get rid of that damn thing /rant By the way, Stealth kills are still broken Sawgaws still have no hitboxes Melee ground slam is another lottery Sound effect positioning is all over the place FPS lock does not work Amber Star reward in Requiem relics is the GREATEST reward in history of rewards <---- this was supposed to be sarcasm, not struck out
  6. Stealth Kills are still broken Amber Star from Requem Relic is a pure slap in a face and waste of time, since we can get amber stars randomly from simple containers all over the system. Kubrodon Incarnadine which is supposed to be the rarest of the beasts appear much more frequently than more common Vallis Kubrodon. Sawgaws are still missing their hitboxes. IF I manage to kill it eventually, I cannot scan downed bird with the scanner. Kuva syphon alerts of kuva cloud too late, when its coupld of meter away from the syphon
  7. This excavator ran out of power Find new power cell for this excavator We need more power for this excavator ^^These are becoming a complete joke like that PS3 game Godzilla We are wasting time, and not playing excavation. Standing around waiting for enemy with power cell to spawn or get unstuck from somewhere on the map
  8. In-game FPS limiter has been randomly breaking down recently. It resets itself to max monitor capable hz/fps limit, instead of what you set it to be. I have it set to 120fps and game randomly from time to time resets it back to 144fps, even though in settings it still says 120fps. (I have to set it to 144fps, confirm the changes and set it back to 120fps to change it) My monitor is Freesync capable so it is capable of 144hz. The reason I do not have it set to 144fps in the game because in the past in-game limiter at frequent occasions would spike through 144fps limit to 145/146fps, thus creating small stutters. I remember there was a post on these forums from one of your devs, who was working on this issue as a past time hobby. Unfortunately issue is still present, and limiter cannot prevent the spikes. So I set the limiter to 120fps, that if there is a spike in fps above the limiter, it is still within 144fps which is comfortable for my monitor, so I do not see any stutters. To be fair game limiter is miles better than what AMD has in their drivers. Also, not pre-generating the whole map at the beginning of the missions is a pain, since every time you enter new section of the map it feels like it is generating new sections for a split second and sometimes (not always for some reason) game stutters when you are going through the doors to new areas. It would be great if maps were generated fully at the beginning of the mission that we don't have these stutters happening. My system is: Ryzen 9 3900x 16Gb of 3600mhz low latency RAM Vega 7 with 16Gb VRAM Samsung NVMe EVO pro SSD for system Intel 750 series pci-e NVMe game drive 80mbit download 20mbit upload Thanks
  9. Stealth kills and bonus are still broken. On a separate note, are you guys working on sound fixes. Not the sound effects (they are great) but more on spacial positioning. I have so many occasions when I kill grinder in one corner and it's death cry is heard from opposite side or different room completely. It would be nice to have sound system reworked. Also Condroc when killed make kill sound after 10 seconds
  10. How to switch to melee mode? There is nothing in regards to this in Controls rebind options. It used to be F by default, but since I rebind it to another action, I'm now at a loss. If I want to do heavy melee attack I have to do quick attack in order to switch to melee weapon and then do heavy attack. What's going on? Also, stealth kills are broken completely. None of the silent attacks register as stealth kill, and finisher was stealthily changed to different key, "nice" work. I have to say for melee rework update, there are fundamental things broken in it. To add to that Kuva syphon when it starts making noise to alert about approaching kuva cloud, it does that when cloud is like a meter away from the syphon. How am I to react to this????? Amber Star from the relic? Are you kidding me???? Oh, and last thing: this random to random to random thing is idiotic. Getting random item, from random person in random mission is waste of time.
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