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  1. Is there a reason that Sortie assassination missions do not drop usual assassination warframe parts anymore? People who do not have much time for fun and games in real life, like to play Warframe as efficiently as possible, so if there is Assassination mission in Sortie, would be great if it also dropped warframe parts for Helminth. I mean, after long day at work, who wants to start Warframe to play some normal Assassination missions for some lottery spin of the parts? Are you really trying to push away casual players?
  2. With changed orbiter dimensions, majority of decorations are misplaced or in the wall. Spent hours aligning those. Articula's still take 100 points of the available space. I repeat this is like chopping off the branch which you are sitting on: stupid. You have articulas with 10s of various positions available. These alone at 100 points can take all available decoration space. So how do you want me to fit another 16 of those plaks I just received for my mastery levels? What is the point of any decorative rewards we get???
  3. So all these boosters we buy or get as rewards, they go to sh*ts when we are not playing. Why are they not set up to last for our playing time not when we are not playing? Why is this crap still a thing? I have several minutes left on my booster, but hey I have to download 10 hotfixes tonight, so those last several minutes are gone. Or is DE expecting us to play the game 24/7? Where is the logic in that?
  4. Can someone explain to me why some of the corrupted are so bright? Also, that bright flash in the beginning of almost all missions is starting to burn my eyeballs P.S. What have you done to mastery signs? My mastery rank sign looks similar to that dead tree in the background in the screenshot above :(
  5. That Bat Ephemera, which you can now get after a single quick bounty, is it the same one for which some of us spent days grinding and failing to get during last year's Halloween event? If yes, then I pitty those who actually spent so much time last year to get it :D
  6. I just swapped my fishing spears around, and Gear circle item count was slashed in half. So we still have Gear circle losing stuff on it :(
  7. The first issue I encountered yesterday for the first time myself. That might have been introduced with the latest bug patch, sorry, patch. I know that jumping on k-drive and off of it fixes archwing issue, but that is not a solution, and its time consuming, AND have they actually fixed the bug where you would fall through the map when jumping on k-drive? If that's still a thing, kinda risky solution for the problem :D Ever since that bug, I avoid k-drive on Drift, especially with map so uneven and not ideal for k-drive Leaving the squad has potential to get this absolutely stupid ho
  8. When Nechramech is destroyed, you end up getting stuck in operator mode and nothing works, except you can look around with the mouse. Not even ESC, chat, nothing at all, until operator is killed, and then you can again function as normal with Warframe. Also, when using Nechramech in and out within longer mission, eventually you cannot launch Archwing, it just beeps as if launch location is not valid, even though I am in the middle of the air ready to fly off. Can we get extract button when 3/4 players are waiting for last dumba** to reach extraction point? It seems especially in Deim
  9. This "augment" system still exists. All of the archguns are growing from the warframe.
  10. vacuum mod still broken after I use necramech, then jump out of it. And new graphic engine is a bit intensive. Now can we please concentrate on sound engine?
  11. That would for sure ruin the motto of the game, I mean, it will be too easy, and Loid will be less useless, won't he. We don't want that. After you buy all the mods, you won't play Deimos again, you know the same 5 bounties over and over again with bunch of afk people. Why would devs want players to actually have fun instead of playing Euro million every day? Also, can we have a massive Unstuck button added to our GUI somewhere in the corner, you know for those "very unlikely" occasions someone gets stuck under the Deimos map. It only happens 5 times per bounty, Unstuck button woul
  12. After my Nechramech is destroyed, my Warframe's companion Vacuum ability does not work anymore. Also, if I jump out from Nechramech between different bounty missions to get to next mission point, occasionally Archwing launcher does not work. Obviously mentioning bugged Archgun launcher is not necessary, and you will have a fix in next patch for us to be able to equip archgun from first attempt. Thank you for swift actions /s
  13. So I need to forma it once more? I'll pass, not gonna waste a forma just to be able to fit Focus lens, which will be replaced by another one in a while. great system, by the way :D
  14. Yesterday you had your update, and at the same time Razer had their synapse update. Now I do not have low freq tones in my Nari Ultimate when set on Game settings. I am forced to use Synapse setting which is honestly very bad when there are a lot going on (boss fights, etc), since headphones seem to get overwhelmed. On Synapse setting I get full range of tones (High, mid, low). When I exit the game, I have no issues with sound. Other games have no issues as well. Seeing how you guys are working relatively close with Razer, and have profiles to choose from, I find sound quality appalling o
  15. To be perfectly honest I do not mind if I only needed one spear on the Gear circle and once selected I could then choose which spear/rod I need from that smaller menu which shows up on the right hand side where with 2 you choose bait, 3 - dye. That would be improvement. Single spear system with add-ons would work as well. In addition to these ideas my main question was why the fish was Basic only, even though visually majority were bigger than Basic. If they wanted to tell me that that particular spear is not suited for those fish, then it could require several throws, or something. I be
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